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Asus rebrands tablet line to ‘Transformer Pad’ and adds LTE

"Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime" - a bit of a mouthful, isn't it? Asus would seem to agree, since they're finally breaking their line of Android tablets away from the "Eee" branding that started the netbook craze way back in 2007. Now new members of the docking tablet family will simply be known as "Transformer Pad", plus a distinctive model number afterwards. That leaves the Transformer Prime as the last Asus tablet to be saddled with the Eee brand. Other tablet lines in Asus' hardware armada will be known by other names, like the Padfone or the smaller MeMO tablets.

ASUS: Transformer Android 4.0 ICS update being approved by Google

Last week at CES 2012 ASUS announced that the update for the new Transformer Prime was ready now and they surprised the crowd by announcing it was ready a few days early instead of January 12th like their initial announcement. That is all good and dandy news but many original Transformer owners weren't happy to hear and probably tossed their hands up with frustration. Today ASUS has updated their Facebook Page with some clarification.
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