LG G3 global rollout starts June 27 in Asia, EMEA in July

LG's premium flagship, which has unsurprisingly enjoyed popularity and good sales in Korea, will soon be launching in other parts of the globe. The LG G3 will first make its stop in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines starting this Friday, before heading out to the rest of Asia, Europe, and the Middle East sometime in July.

ASUS ZenFone series debuts in Southeast Asia

ASUS is finally bringing its new ZenFone smartphone series to the market, but it isn't doing it first in primary regions. These Intel-powered devices are first landing on the shelves of stores and retailers in Southeast Asia, specifically in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

HTC One M8 to take Asia by storm in May

HTC may have already started the slow roll out of the HTC One M8 in the US but those in Asia near the company's home will have to wait a bit longer. With the singular exception of Singapore, the rest of Asia will just have to twiddle their thumbs in anticipation for an early May launch.

LG G Pro 2 unleashed to conquer Asia

While we're still patiently waiting for LG's latest phablet to hit the US markets, the company has announced the retail availability of the LG G Pro 2 in select Asian markets. With a lethal combination of unique UX features, a spacious Full HD display, and the latest digital camera technology, LG expects its first 2014 flagship to take the region by storm.

Vivo Xplay smartphone detailed with 5.7″ 1080p display and built-in amp

Today we're getting additional details about a rather impressive sounding smartphone. This thing truly can compete with - and beat - nearly everything available today in terms of raw specs, design, and features. Vivo isn't a name we hear often, but their new Android 4.2 Jelly Bean 1080p powerhouse smartphone the Vivo Xplay is worthy of our attention.

HTC One XL Jelly Bean update rolling out now

Another Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update has started from those folks at HTC. Today it looks like they've initiated the rollout of Jelly Bean for their popular HTC One XL for all those lucky owners. For now it appears that multiple regions in Asia have begun receiving the OTA update, and others will follow shortly.

Report: Android replacing iOS as key platform for Asian devs

Android is gaining market share all over the world, as even the staunchest Apple fanboy will now admit - though they'd add that the smartphone market itself is growing so fast that both Android and iOS are making gains. One area that has so far vexed Android has been development, or at least, that part of development that's focused on making money. According to IT research firm Ovum, that's changing in the Asian market, where developers are shifting their focus onto Android at an alarming rate.

Huawei Honor ships to Asia in December, other markets to follow

Chinese manufacturer Huawei's got big plans for the smartphone sector, and a lot of them hinge on the Honor. And why not: it's a 4-inch Gingerbread phone with a zippy 1.4Ghz processor, and the last time we saw it, it was going for the equivalent of $300 without a contract. That's about half the price of similar unlocked phones. In a press release, Huawei said that the phone will be launching next month in Russia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and China, with other markets following after. In addition to Gingerbread, Huawei is including their differentiation skin, the "Huawei Android Platform 5.1". Multiple colors will be available, including Glossy Black, Textured Black, Elegant White, Vibrant Yellow, Cherry Blossom Pink and Burgundy, though the company notes that not all colors may be available in all markets. Huawei is marketing this under their own name, unlike a lot of their products that eventually make it to the United States and other markets, like the "T-Mobile" Springboard. Huawei is making some impressive in-roads into the smartphone market. According to the latest Gartner numbers, Huawei is in 9th place for total (smartphone and featurephone) shipments worldwide at 10.6 million phones shipped last quarter alone. With the smartphone market growing in leaps and bounds, Huawei is resting its hopes on Android, and they're expanding their efforts to include more mid-range phones, and extending to the high end. Customers and competitors would do well to keep an eye on their progress.
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