Wine on Android demoed, development still in early stages

Linux and Unix users might be pleased to know that work on an Android port of Wine has started. Those who were attending the Free and Open Source Software Developers European Meeting (FOSDEM) in Brussels had the opportunity to see Wine on Android in action, despite the fact that the port is still in the very early stages of development. How early are we talking? To give you an idea, today we were shown Wine running on an emulated version of Android.

ARM Development Studio 5 toolkit launches to public

ARM has released an update to their development toolkit that claims an increase in Java performance by up to four times. Yes, this software is free and DS-5 CE (Community Edition) and some major enhancements from the previous version. The main difference is the including of ARM Streamline Performance Analyzer; this little tool helps developers keep an eye on how efficient their code is as it's executed, what more could a dev ask for?

AMD Roadmap Leaked “DESNA” Tablets Detailed

If you'll remember back a few weeks we had a post up on AMD and their possible move to make chips that'd make some tablet-consumers very happy. Now there's been one big massive leak of a multi-page roadmap for AMD floating around and what do you know? Tablets are here! The current arena of AMD's chips contains AMD C-30 and C-50 chips that are straight up aimed at Intel's Atom chips for notebooks. These new C-series chips include an iterated AMD Radeon graphics core that's capable of handling 3D graphics acceleration and 1080p video playback. Sounds like its tablet party time.

Ramos W15, W12 and W10 tablets teased ahead of CES 2011

Ramos has teased three new tablets set to make their debut at CES 2011 next week, one of which will use Rockchip's new RK2918 SoC which we saw benchmarked earlier this week. The Ramos W15 has an 8-inch "high resolution" 16:9 aspect display and the new RK2918 ARM Cortex-A8 based processor, while the Ramos W12 makes do with the Cortex-A9 SoC and Mali 400 GPU, and has a 4:3 aspect 8-inch capacitive touchscreen. Finally, there's the Ramos W10, with the same Cortex-A9 as the W12, paired with 512MB of RAM and ROM, WiFi, Bluetooth, a gravity sensor and Android 2.2. No word on pricing at this stage. [gallery] [via MP4 Nation]

Google planning Android “Ice Cream” tips ARM president

Google's nomenclature for their version of Android after Gingerbread and Honeycomb has been leaked, with ARM president Tudor Brown telling Forbes it would be known as "Ice Cream".  The move keeps with Google's traditional of alphabetically naming successive versions of Android. Gingerbread is being tipped as Android 3.0, while Honeycomb - which will presumably follow on in 2011 - is said to be Android 3.5.  Forbes - or Brown - suggests Ice Cream will be Android 4.0, though Google itself isn't saying anything and it's possible the names could refer to more incremental version numbers.

2GHz Motorola Android smartphone tipped for 2010

Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha has revealed his ambitions to produce a 2GHz Android smartphone, with the outspoken exec claiming such a handset would be on the market by the end of 2010.  Jha didn't specify which processor he had in mind; as far as we've heard, Qualcomm's Snapdragon line - which has become popular among Android devices - will only reach 1.5GHz this year. However, there's some talk of a 2GHz NVIDIA Tegra chipset being used, though more likely perhaps is some form of ARM's dual-core Cortex A9, announced late last year.  Other sources suggest that Motorola is looking to "incorporate everything that is technologically possible in a smartphone today," which has a pretty broad scope.  We're guessing a hefty camera, HD video and more.
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