[Deal] Archos 70 Android 2.2 8GB Tablet $199 at Newegg!

The popular Android tablet maker Archos have a pretty stellar deal going on right now over at The Archos 70 is a 7" Android 2.2 Tablet and it retails for $279 but this weekend only Newegg has it for the low price of $199. It may not be the best tablet around but for the price and specs it is hard to beat. The deal wont last long so you better hurry. Details and code below.

Archos G9 101 Tablet shown off on video, Has great viewing angles [video]

If you are all as excited as us about the Android Honeycomb tablets coming from Archos this video should make you drool. For those that remember the last tablets they released the viewing angles were terrible and probably the biggest con the devices had. I personally sold mine because the viewing angles just weren't up to par for day to day use. It looks like Archos went back to the drawing board and these new G9 tablets are looking better and better.

Archos 35 Home Connect Android Radio Specs Revealed, Looks Kinda Neat

Our good pals at Archos have really tossed the basketball at the tower of wine glasses today with news of their brand new Android lineup. They did SORT OF the same thing back in the day when they revealed the first Android tablet - turned out that wasn't so great - but this time it might be a set of winners. We've seen an Android landline phone, we've seen a couple of what might be magnificently powerful tablets, and now we've got some details on an Android radio. Wait, you say, isn't an Android handset all of these things, why separate? You shall see, young padawan.

Archos 35 Smart Home Phone Announced as Android Landline

Just when you thought the home phone was dead and gone for so long that it'd never come back, Archos hits you in the face with a new release. Android for your home. That's what they're saying this device is, and with a 3.5-inch touchscreen and a dock that you'll be proud to put in the sun-faded spot where your landline phone used to be. This device also has a wireless receiver separate from the dock and is compatible with all ADSL boxes, phone lines, and uses standard DECT protocols so you'll be rolling out fine with your everyday DECT bases you already own. You already own one, right? Of course you do.

Archos 80 G9 and 101 G9 Honeycomb Tablets Revealed, 250GB Hard Drives, Android Market in Tow

Well would you look at that, a couple o' Android tablets for you to be glancing at. These tablets were foretold back on the 1st of this month and foreseen for months. What we've got here is two tablets, one of them an 8-inch tablet by the name of 80 G9, the other a 10-inch tablet by the name of 101 G0. Both of these tablets have Android 3.1, both of them have the Android Market inside out of the box, and both have the option to work with a 250GB hard drive.

Archos announcing new generation of Honeycomb Tablets June 23rd

Archos who was one of the first to start making and selling Android tablets back in the Android 1.5 days are about to unleash some information on the next generation of Archos Tablets in Paris come June 23rd. They've had some success with Android tablets even though they have not shipped with Google's blessing and set of special Google Apps such as the Android Market, Gmail, Google Maps and more. Archos has done a pretty good job making older android versions run well on tablets like the Archos 101 and 70.

Archos partners with Alcatel for Phone/Tablet bundle

Alcatel One is pairing up with tablet maker Archos to bundle  Android smartphones with their Android based tablet computers.  The offer will be available to all telecom operators in the US and Europe. Utilizing Alcatel's "One Touch Connect" feature that takes advantage of what looks to be a trend of offering a single subscription to cover both devices, One Touch Connect allows users to share the 3G connection under the WiFi hotspot feature in Android 2.2 (Froyo).

Archos 5 Tablet Only $240 Today on Amazon

Looking for an Android tablet for half off? Today is your lucky day as Amazon has just cut the price of the Archos 5 500 GB Android tablet to $239.99. For the new price tag you will be getting an Android tablet, and although it's a bit behind the times and lacking main features, it's a decent option for anyone just looking for a browsing device. The Archos 5 includes a 500 GB internal hard drive, 5-inch 800x480 resolution screen and a 800MHz processor. Shipping with Android 1.6 Donut (we know, it's old), the device will be able to handle most multi-media needs. However, it's worth noting that the device doesn't ship with Google's standard suite of applications, so if you're looking for the Android Market, Gmail, or Google Maps you will have to use alternative methods to get them on your device. The sale is today only and the 32GB flash storage model has also been cut to $290 fro $380. [Via AndroidCentral]

ARCHOS Presents 28 and 32, Two New Android Based MP3 Players – Internet Access, Napster, and 3D Gaming!

Behold! The Android music player revolution has begun, and it's on ARCHOS. Here they present ARCHOS 28 and ARCHOS 32, both of them internet tablets that they say will revolutionize the world of MP3 and MP4 playing. Both of them have 8GB of storage (space for over 4,000 songs,) access to chat, games, and social networking, all of this in two convenient sizes. Firs there's the 28 internet tablet measuring 3.9” x 2.1” x 0.35”, then there's the 32 internet tablet measuring in at 4.1” x 2.1” x 0.3”. The smaller of the two costs $99.99 MSRP, the larger being right around $149.99 MSRP.
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