Google’s got jokes: their best April Fools day posts

You know what’s fun about Google? April Fool’s day. They like a good joke, and on days like today, create their own in celebration. The best part is, theirs are obvious, and usually really funny. We’ve gone ahead and rounded up Google’s better attempts at humor today, just for you, our adoring readers.

April Fools 2013: Round-Up from Android and the web

Google kicked off their usual array of April Fools jokes early on Saturday just for kicks, and now everyone else has joined in. It has officially begun today and we have a round-up of some of the best ones we've seen yet. For the next two days we won't believe anything we see or read, all while enjoying the pranks, gags, and rick-rolls. Check out the many that are already floating around this afternoon in our spoiler round-up.