Amazon Appstore free app of the day hurts devs more than it helps?

A very interesting story has surfaced at ShiftyJelly about what it means to a developer who gets their app featured as the Amazon Appstore Free App of the Day. Clearly, the free app of the day is a move by Amazon to increase the traffic to the Appstore in hopes of selling other apps as well. You might expect that the developer that offers the app for free gets some payment out of the deal, but that would not be correct.

Amazon Appstore saved from Apple injunction attack

Apple's demands to have Amazon barred from describing its Android software download store as an "app store" have been rejected, with courts throwing out an injunction request this week. While US District Judge Phyllis Hamilton didn't necessarily agree with Amazon's claims that the term had become generic, Reuters reports, she nonetheless felt that Apple had failed to establish the necessary "likelihood of confusion" required for an injunction to be the appropriate response. The decision falls in line with predictions late last month, where Judge Hamilton warned Apple that their case had likely been insufficient. She had said she was "troubled" by what Apple had brought before her, however, with the Cupertino company's approach being that Amazon's use of "app store" could "confuse and mislead customers." With a quick fix no longer possible, it now looks like Apple and Amazon's legal battle will end up going through the courts properly. A trial date of October 2012 has been set.

Android Market 15-Minute Refund Window is Unlawful in Taiwan, Google Pulls Paid Apps

I must say this news is some interesting news that is for sure. Apparently more than a few people are upset with Google and their 15-Minute refund policy window in the Android Market (us included). According to the Taipei Times, the Taipei City Government recently learned of Google’s Android Market return policies -- policies that violate Taiwanese consumer protection laws that require any product bought over the internet to have at least a 7-day "trial period." This being a law throughout Taiwan it is causing a few problems for mobile markets like the Android Market and the Apple App Store.

Super Why! kid’s app hits Android as Amazon Appstore exclusive

If you have kids, I bet your Android device has more than a few apps on it just for your kids to play. I know when my kids were younger they watched a lot of PBS Kids cartoons. One of the ones that my daughter liked was Super Why. Parents that are looking for a new app that kids will have fun playing that is also educational will want to give the new PBS Kids Super Why app a look. The app is an Amazon Appstore for Android exclusive.

U.S. Army to launch custom app store for the Military

The U.S. Army has launched an official app store tailed specifically for Military and other Army personnel. It is going to be filled with Android and iOS apps that will benefit members of the Military. We are also hearing soldiers will be able to request apps that they need but aren't there yet. This is not officially been released on Android or iOS yet, but they plan to shortly.

Game industry body IGDA warns Android devs about Amazon Appstore terms

Android developers that are selling their games on's new Android Appstore have cause to be worried according to games industry body IGDA. The problem that IGDA has with the Appstore terms is that they allow Amazon to change pricing on apps without the developer's permission among other things. The clause in the agreement with devs that causes concern gives Amazon a choice on how to pay the developer.

Glu Mobile Games on the Amazon Appstore now

Yesterday marked the launch of the Amazon appstore for Android phones with lots of games and other apps. The app store launched with the support of several major game publishers including Glu Mobile. Glu has announced that its games are official on the Appstore right now for Android fans to buy.

Amazon Appstore launching with 3,800 apps today

According to the geeks over at AllThingsD today is the big day for the Android Appstore coming out party. This is despite the fact that Apple has filed a trademark infringement suit against Amazon over their treading on Apple's App Store trademark. The official link for the new Amazon Appstore will be
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