NCAA March Madness app gets official – live streaming all 67 games included

In case you haven't heard CBS or the NCAA announce their new Android application we have all the details. With March Madness officially kicking off tomorrow it's time we all get prepared for the onslaught of close games, 3 pointers, and nail biting finishes that are surely coming soon. The NCAA has just released their official March Madness app for Android and it's quite awesome.

Bank of America transfers Android app to a tablet experience

Oh man, sadly I have to admit I've been waiting for this to arrive for some time now. Bank of America has just released their new Android application for Android 3.0+ tablets and it is available today in the new Google Play Store (previously the Android Market). Bringing their full mobile banking solution to the big screen and tablets. More details after the break.

Google Play apps updated in Android Market

Google has just taken the wraps off of Google Play, the replacement for the Android Market, Google Music and everything else from the search giant. The new Google Play went live earlier this morning and we are already starting to receive updates for their suite of apps. Google Music and Books have both been updated today in the Android Market -- err Google Play to support the new "Play" branding.

Android Market app size limit pushed to 4GB from 50MB

Prior to now, Android applications have been limited to 50MB, and developers have had to trim down their work to fit that criteria. The new maximum application size of 4GB doesn't necessarily mean the size of the APK will be increased, but rather the Android Market will host the application's expansion files. This will help the Google keep a closer eye on when a user completely finishes the download of a large application to properly start the refund period.

SlashGear v2.0 App for Android available now! [Video]

Good news folks, just in time for Mobile World Congress our sister site SlashGear has just launched their all new SlashGear v2.0 app for Android smartphones. If you head over to the Android Market today you'll find a brand new SlashGear App for Android. They are completely dedicated to all things gadgets, and should be your number one stop to feed that gadget and tech obsession. For the latest gadget news they have you covered, and we've taken a first hand look at the all new Android app.

Box for Android updated, gives all new users 50GB free cloud storage

The popular cloud storage option for Android has just been updated in the Android Market. Along with tons of awesome features, improvements and bug fixes they also have something else very exciting -- free storage! I've been a long time user of apps like Box or Dropbox but most don't offer this much storage. is now giving all new users 50 GB of storage completely free.