Android Community Nightly: December 18th, 2012

Welcome to another edition of the Android Community Nightly. Today was hot with Android news from multiple hardware manufacturers, a few awesome new apps were released, and as usual Samsung had multiple announcements and details put forth to us readers. We'll start off with the big news, that being NVIDIA's Tegra 4 details were leaked -- and it sounds amazing. More news from today is all below for your enjoyment.

Applorer gets updated with social features – helps find great Android games

With hundreds of thousands of apps and games in the Google Play Store finding new and fresh content can sometimes be a challenge. While we're sure many of you have dug around looking for a new game, the developers from Stream Media have updated their popular 'recommendation app" to make finding games and apps even easier. If you've never tried Applorer before, today's update is certainly another reason to check it out.

Cheezburger Network comes to Android with official app

Most of us are probably guilty of browsing sites like Cheezburger when we should be working, but now you can waste time on Cheezburger anytime, anywhere. That's thanks to the Cheezburger Network's new Android app, which went live on the Google Play Store today. With this app, you can check out those silly meme images the Internet has grown to love anytime the mood strikes. What more could one want?

BitTorrent’s collection of Android apps hit 10 million downloads

We already know that BitTorrent is pretty popular with the Internet using masses, but as it turns out, it's proving to be quite popular with Android users as well. There are four different BitTorrent apps available for Android devices - BitTorrent beta and µTorrent beta, along with remote apps for both BitTorrent and µTorrent - and collectively they've been downloaded 10 million times. Not bad for a group of apps that only started becoming available just over a year ago.

Snapseed for Android Review

Editing photos on the go can not only be a headache, but it can also be expensive. There is no lack of photo editing apps on the Google Play Store, but some of them require an upfront payment while others aren't exactly easy to use. Arriving today on the Google Play Store is Snapseed, which not only lets you edit and apply filters to your photos, but it also lets you do it all for free.

MediaMonkey launches Android beta

We already had a smattering of Spotify news today, but now we've going to shift gears and look at an entirely different music player. The makers of MediaMonkey have launched an Android beta, so if you're a MediaMonkey user, you can now test it out on your Android device. There are few reasons to use MediaMonkey over the competition, as the player's tagging and syncing features allow for some deep organization.

Just 25 app developers took in 50% of revenue in November

As much as we hate to say it, we've got some bad news for aspiring app developers: there may be 1.4 million apps between the App Store and the Google Play Store, but according to independent analyst firm Canalys, only a select few developers are truly making bank. According to a Canalys study, which took place over the first 20 days in November, just 25 developers pulled in 50% of app revenue between the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Etsy launches Android app, get ready to shop

It isn't exactly a secret that Etsy has caught on in a big way, and it's quickly become the first stop for a lot of people looking for handmade products. Given the popularity of the service, many users have been wondering when the company was going to launch a mobile app. Wonder no longer folks, because the day has arrived at last - Etsy's official Android app has gone up on the Google Play Store.