Race with your favorite Cartoon Network star in Formula Cartoon All-Stars

You can't really be that innovative or grounbreaking anymore when it comes to mobile racing games. But what you can do is make it as enjoyable as possible and put in many cool features that will make you stand out among the pack. It also wouldn't hurt if you had beloved cartoon characters as race car drivers right? This is the idea behind Formula Cartoon All-Stars from Cartoon Network, which lets your favorite "stars" take the wheel in this racing game.

Bring out your inner vigilante in Hotline Miami now on Android

"Do you like hurting other people?" That's the question that will be posed to you once you start playing this new Android game called Hotline Miami. And no, this is not an S&M sort of game, although it sounds like it. But it still falls under the category of "not safe for kids" as this ultra violent action game deals with murder, criminals, gore and a late 80s Miami setting, so you know what to expect.

Tap your way to victory in Tap Titans, now available on Android

A few decades ago, the term "tapping" might mean illegally listening in to people's telephone conversations or a kind of dance involving really noisy shoes. But in the age of mobile devices, tapping is one of the ways we interact with our smartphones and tablets (and even netbooks or laptops). One of the newest games available on Android tests your tapping skills by making it your only weapon against evil Titans. Welcome to the world of Tap Titans (of course).

Become the “World’s Most Determined Stuntman” in Joe Danger

Becoming a stuntman may be the secret dream of a lot of people, but even if it isn't yours, you'd still enjoy playing a game like this. Joe Danger is a multi-award winning side-scrolling, racing and platforming game that was first available in the Sony Playstation back in 2010. But now, it has arrived on your Android mobile device, giving you the freedom to play it on your smartphone or tablet.

Google Play hosts 3rd Birthday Sale

Someone...err, something is turning a year older. It's Google Play's 3rd birthday and Google wants us to join the celebration by holding a special sale for all the Android lovers. Google has recently marked down prices on a few movies, apps, games, music, books, and TV shows on Play Store. Most premium apps are now available for as low as $0.10. The Internet giant definitely knows that Android fans are suckers for free or discounted apps and other stuff so it's hosting this special sale.

Google Inbox to dabble with Google Apps for Work users

Google introduced "Inbox" back in October 2014, and it has been chugging along nicely since then, with those who have been using it generally giving favorable reviews. As promised when Google first introduced it, Inbox takes one's email to the next level, and soon it'll be doing that for business users, as well. The Internet giant recently announced that it'll be rolling out Inbox for a limited number of Google Apps users, and though it plans to keep a tight grip on things for now, Google promises to open up Inbox to a wider array of users "in the coming months".