Car Locator Android App Makes $13,000 a Month

Developer Edward Kim is undoubtedly pleased with his $13,000/month from the Car Locator app in the Android Market. He states that he made this app as a side project while vacationing with family. Not bad for a side project, this app finished third in Google's Android Developer Challenge 2.

blapkmarket: Gone for Now

Android app pirating legend Jesusxxx, has received a letter demanding him to shut down his repository of paid apps that he offers for free. This guy for has been providing apps that normally cost money for a total of zero dollars, he has a huge cult following of "cheapskates" that visit his site often.

Fully working Quake 2 and 3 ported to Droid

AndroidandMe, conducted Android bounty competition which they set some parameters for developers to go away and make some applications for Android. In return they would offer a developer $90 if they fulfilled the parameters and were the first to do so. The second set of parameters included porting Quake II to Android.

MWC 2010: Ericsson has the eStore

This is a very interesting move by Ericsson. They just announced a partnership with Opera to bring the eStore, this is a new way to buy apps other than the traditional Android Market or that other phones AppStore. This store will aim to take the way we buy apps to a different plateau.

Amazon UK MP3 store hits Android

Amazon's MP3 download store has been a feature of US Android devices since the beginning, but its taken until now for the on-device media store to hit the UK.  Fresh to the Android Market, the app allows users to search and browse Amazon's MP3 catalog and purchase DRM-free music for download to their smartphone. As well as manual searches, Amazon have provided shortcut links to the top 100 albums and top 100 songs, and they say any media you can access on the desktop version of the store should be accessible on the mobile client.  That means over 9m tracks, priced from £0.29 ($0.47) upwards. You can download the Amazon MP3 store from the Android Market now.

Appcelerator lets devs build for iPhone and Android on one platform

The Apple App store is by far the largest and most successful of the application stores offered for mobile phones. After the success of the Apple App store Nokia, Google, and Palm launched their own app stores. A new development platform called Appcelerator Titanium has been announced that will allow devs to design for the iPhone and Android on one platform. The Appcelerator Titanium platform is set to release soon and supports development of mobile, desktop and web applications. Using the software building an app on one platform will allow it to run on all other platforms supported.

Google I/O Contest Winners!

Congratulations to Fritz269, baolongnt and peted20! These users have been selected as the winners of our Google I/O Developers' Conference contest! Each will receive one registration code to register to attend the Google I/O contest in San Francisco, CA. They were picked because their favorite Android memory and their reasons for going to the conference stood out from the others.

DataViz Documents To Go, free RoadSync beta released

DataViz have launched a version of their Office file editing app Documents To Go for Android.  Promised back in December, Documents To Go can open Microsoft Word and Excel files and attachments, as well as allow editing and creating of them, up to and including Office 2007 files. Rich formatting is supported, such as bold, italics, underline, font color, alignment, bullets and numbered lists, together with tables, bookmarks and comments. Documents To Go will also display footnotes, endnotes and track-changes, while the Excel part of the app supports a full 111 functions, together with cell formatting, row and column preferences and auto-fit options. There's also integration with DataViz's new RoadSync Beta, which brings Exchange ActiveSync push email to the Android platform.  Currently a free beta in the Android Market, RoadSync supports both email and Exchange contacts.  It'll be free until May 31st; full pricing is yet to be announced, but as a guide RoadSync is priced at $29.99 for PalmOS and $49.99 for S60. As for Documents To Go, that's normally priced at $29.99 but, as a launch offer, it's just $19.99.
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