Amazon Free App of the Day: App 2 SD Pro

Today Amazon has another awesome app running for the excellent price of free. Today the Amazon "free app of the day" is App 2 SD Pro. If you have a slightly older Android device say around the Nexus One era this is the perfect application for you. When you install too many awesome games, or all three Angry Birds are taking up all that internal storage you can use this to move apps to the SD card rather than internal 512mb or whatever your specific device has.

Android Community Quick App Review: Racing Moto

I was browsing through the market recently and stumbled on this great time-waster and its called Racing Moto. I spotted it on the Honeycomb app list and quickly gave it a try on my Android tablet. While it works and plays great on Honeycomb the 10.1" display does make the graphics get a little degraded but it looks and plays very similar on a smartphone and is super addictive.

Amazon Free App of the Day: Flick Kick Football

Today Amazon is offering their usual and awesome "Free App of the Day" deal that has made them so popular as of late, although not with some developers. Today the free app is a fun and addicting game called Flick Kick Football (soccer in America). Flick Kick is a popular series from the developers Prodigy Design and they have like 4 great games available so check those all out.

GetJar Gold Will Provide Top Android Apps Totally Free

GetJar is now going to offer GetJar Gold where users can get top android applications "appsolutely" free. Basically this will be similar to the free app of the day that Amazon has been doing but instead gold members will have a list of top Android apps each week to choose from. I can't complain about free stuff, who would right?

Pogoplug Photo, Music, and Video Streaming App for Android Updated

Recently the Pogoplus app for Android received a large update that includes many new features and bug fixes. For those that don't know much about Pogoplus it's like Dropbox, or Google Music bundled into one. You can stream and share picture, movies, music and documents to everywhere from anywhere you'd like.

FriendCaster Hits Beta, A Facebook Honeycomb App

Oh yea it looks like Facebook finally has an official app for Honeycomb. While it isn't made by those dudes over at Facebook or anything this is the first official app for Android Honeycomb that is dedicated to Facebook (Meh). While the app looks amazing and seems pretty great for being in early stages of its beta period, I've been pretty busy over on Google+ personally. FriendCaster is available as a beta app in the Market now.

IMDb App Updated to Support Honeycomb Tablets and More

IMDb just released another update to the Android Market today and they have added support for Android 3.0+ Honeycomb tablets, as well as a few new improvements such as buying tickets right from your device and more. I powered up the Xoom and gave it a test and it looks great, runs smooth and previews look stellar on the high resolution 10" display on tablets. They make use of the added real-estate on a large screen.
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