Adobe AIR distribution ease demoed on video, Development to market in about 6 minutes

With Adobe AIR just being released we are now getting word on just how easy it is to push to the Android Market. How easy? Well, it took Adobe's Lee Brimelow just over 6 minutes to get a simple test app on the Market. This is just an early example of it’s ease of use, not to mention the ability to push this test application to devices running iOS, and computers running Windows, Mac, and Linux based operating systems. The flood gates have been opened, expect many applications hitting the Android Market via Adobe AIR in the coming weeks. Check out the video at GoToAndLearn.

Google’s Car Home Application Updated, Now Features Customization

Google has announced that they've updated their Car Home for Android application, and now it boasts customization features. Available now in the Android Market for easy download, it's currently only supported on two devices: the Nexus One by HTC, and the Motorola Droid. Users of the application will now be able to customize the icons that are displayed in the app, utilizing the new shortcuts to access information and other applications. You can now access the Car Home application by setting the device into the car dock for each of the smartphones, or by pairing a Bluetooth headset.

Activate the Droid 2’s FM radio! Yes, It has one

Did you know that the Droid 2 has an built in FM Radio like the Droid X? Well it was news to us when we stumbled across the XDA Developers forums as well. It appears that forum user slayher has found a way to unlock the use of the FM Radio by porting the Droid X Radio App to the Droid 2. Now although this requires root, for now, the official update may be coming soon.
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