Samsung and MTV Team Up for Exclusive Application

Samsung, the name behind the brand new Galaxy Tab tablet device that's popping up all over the globe, has just announced an exclusive partnership with MTV. With it, the Galaxy Tab will be the lone device to feature a brand new MTV-exclusive application. But, if you're hoping its a great way to watch new music videos whenever you want, sadly that's not the case. Not even close, actually. No, instead you'll get to watch Jersey Shore whenever you want. And other shows, too, but who cares about that, right?

HTC Sync Windows Application gets Updated to 3.0

HTC Windows syncing application "Sync" has now been officially updated to version 3.0 bringing in an array of new features. This software is available for the following devices : HTC Desire, DROID ERIS, DROID INCREDIBLE, HTC Aria, HTC EVO, myTouch 3G Slide.

Dell’s Stage User Interface Now Available for Devices with Android 2.2

One of the better aspects of Android, at least in a few people's eyes, is that there's a different user experience from handset manufacturer to handset manufacturer. And, if you happen to really like one, there's a chance that it may just appear on your device some day in the future. In the case of Dell's Stage User Interface, if you've got yourself an Android 2.2-based device, it looks like you will only have to do a few tweaks to get this new User Interface on your handset.

Android FaceBook Application getting a refresh – Places and Groups coming

Live at the Facebook app we discovered that because there hasn't been a full team on board for the Android App, and that is has been "behind" it's iOS counterpart. Some of the changes coming to the Android Facebook application will 'Places' and 'Groups' integration. This will finally bring the Android application somewhat up to par with the iOS version of the application. They also stated that they are not developing a phone. They are simply a social company and instead of focusing on getting hardware to the market, they will be focusing on updating their application to make more devices more social. [Update: Available Now - thanks Simms22!]

DX/D2 Overclocker brings simple Droid X and Droid 2 Overclocking to the Android Market

Early this week we saw the Droid 2 and Droid X get overclocked bringing insane speeds to the device. Many wanted to try this themselves however, it was not just an easy process. Requiring multiple steps all with the possibility of causing extreme damage, many users strayed away from the hack. Well now you can enjoy these super clocked speeds with little to no work. From the same app developers that brought us Easy Root, we now have available some minor overclocking with a few simple taps. DX/D2 Overclocker is available now in the Android Market for $.99 PR Code: [Download] [Via Droid-Life]

Yahoo Fantasy Basketball and Hockey Applications available now

Marking Yahoo!'s further entrance into the Android Market they have now released applications just in time for the opening of the NHL and NBA. Fantasy Basketball and Hockey are available now on the Android Market and offer an unique optimized interface that will keep you up-to-date on all the latest happenings in the sports market.

YouTube Lands in the Android Market

We had heard grumblings through the last couple of months that the official YouTube application would be finding its way into the Android Market some time before the end of 2010. And, sure enough, it's just become available for your downloading pleasure.

Verizon Field Force Manager Business App for Android Available Now

Business has not been a key focus for the Android platform, although that’s changing slowly with each release of Android, many carriers and phone manufacturers are taking into their own hands to release options to keep busy customers on their network. Verizon today announced a new version of it’s Field Force Manager application that allows business to locate, monitor, and communicate to it’s workers not in the office.
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