Instagram boasts a million users, Android App is coming

Instagram is only a few months old and it has already reached over a million users. The popular quick photo sharing application has been a huge hit on the iOS platform, so popular that it is boasting about 100,000 new users a week. Now, in an effort to further expand the application, they have announced that they do in fact have plans for an Android version.

Notion Ink Demos Adam’s custom Mail’d App [Video]

Notion Ink has released another video demoing their much anticipated Adam tablet, this time it's their custom email client. The "Mail'd" app is said to be one of the fastest around and includes some useful features such as the ability to recall messages that you didn't mean to send.

Trillian Multi-Protocol Chat Now Available in the Android Market

If you are like most people you have a wide array of IM accounts and social networks you like to use to chat with friends, and it's hard to manage them and stay constantly connected. Now there is a great looking and impressive option for you in the form of Trillian that was just released out of beta.

fring Sees Staggering Revenue from fringOut

Two months ago, Fring decided to give something back to its users. While it is already used as one of the premiere applications for video calling on the Android platform, they decided to make it possible for users to make outbound calls at a dirt cheap price. Since they released fringOut two months ago, it looks like the company has made quite a big impact within the Android Market, and seen some great revenue from it.

Posterous Micro Blogging Service Introduces Android App

If blogging is the "new thing," then Tumblr and Posterous is the new blogging. Posterous is a micro-blogging service that allows users to post their thoughts in longer blurbs than twitter, but shorter than would appear on a full blog. Users of Posterous now can update their site with the newly announced Android app.

Facebook for Android Updated, Push and Chat included

We all know Facebook for Android is lacking, especially when comparing it to the iOS version. It started to catch up with the implementation of places a few weeks back but since then it seems development has been frozen. Worry no more, Facebook for Android finally has been updated, this time bringing in the much needed features.

Words with Friends Port for Android Coming Soon

Words with Friends is the insanely popular multiplayer Scrabble-like game for the iOS platform. Chances are if you know anyone with an iOS device, this isn't the first time you have heard of the game. Word from the development team is that a group of developers has been made responsible of porting the game to Android.

Madden 2011 Demo Upgrade is $9.99, Coming to the Android Market Q1 2011

We first heard about Madden 2011 when it was included, in demo form, in the DROID X 2.2.1 update earlier this week. The game loaded will give you a basic feel for the way it's played but as far as full gameplay it will not be offering what you'd expect. However, we are now sure that the full version is here, and carries a $9.99 price tag.

Official Google Reader App Comes to Android

We all love Google Reader, providing an easy glimpse at our favorite articles around the net it's a great tool for quick information at a glance. However, we have been waiting for Google Reader to come to our mobile devices for quite some time now. No need to wait any longer as Google has just released its official Google Reader for Android app.
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