Verizon Introduces VCAST Messages SMS Application

Let's face it, Verizon's VCAST apps are not usually ground breaking. Only offering up some core services that are attached to Verizon's music and location services, they are usually overlooked. However, this time, Verizon has gone and released their own texting application, and it's pretty decent. On track to compete with Handcent and Chomp the Verizon VCAST Messenger allows users to send text messages, and the software isn't actually terrible. There is an option for sending texts to recent calls so you can easily notify someone about your status if you just missed their call, as well as location based messaging and a group conversation feature. Currently available for the original Droid, Droid 2, Droid X, LG Ally, Eris, Incredible and Fascinate, it may be a nice way to change things up a bit. QR Code: [Download Link] [Via DroidLife]

VEVO Now On the Android Market

VEVO has just published their official Android application to the Android Market. Bringing in more than 25,000 music videos from major labels from over 7,500 artists, the new application is just what music fans have been looking for.

RunKeeper Pro Free Until the End Of January

Another year has passed, and with a new year starting, we all have some resolutions. And by far the most popular New Year's Resolution is, of course, getting in shape. Living in the technology age we do today, we have many options to help us with this ever popular goal. A great application to help us is Run Keeper, which is by far the best mobile fitness tracking app to date, and to make things even better, it's now free through the end of January.

PacMap Location-Based Game Updated

PacMap is proving to be an interesting location-based game for the Android platform. Essentially it's a real-time PacMan game that uses your GPS as the method of control.

AppsFire Adds Video Previews for Applications, Coming to Android Market Soon?

Google has been busy updating the Android Market over the last few weeks. Several changes, especially one major overhaul to the User Interface for the Market itself, have lead many to believe that even more changes are in store soon into the New Year. For AppsFire, a portal that allows users to find new and interesting applications, they've tapped into a change in API settings that now allows for developers to add video demonstrations of apps.

Dungeon Defenders, the First Unreal Engine Based Game, Available Now

It's no surprise that gaming has made a huge shift from dedicated devices such as the Nintendo DS and PSP to mobile phones. As phones becoming more and more powerful gaming becomes more of an option as they are made able to run intensive graphics. A perfect example of this is the first Unreal Engine game for Android, Dungeon Defenders, which is now available. Dungeon Defenders is a new 3D game that's mixes tower defense gameplay with some RPG elements. It's graphics are incredibly impressive for a mobile phone game and it's definitely worth checking out. You can see a the launch trailer (iOS) below which will give you a good idea of what gameplay will be like: [youtube]njKRC51s4qc[/youtube] The game is available for only $2.99 which is well worth it and it's worth noting that because it comes in at over 600 MB it will take you longer than the 15 minute refund window to download it, so make sure you really want it - who wouldn't - and that your device is suggested which is detailed below: Suggested Devices: Best: All Tegra 2 Based Devices High-End: Nexus S, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung Galaxy S phones Mid-Range: T-Mobile G2, Droid X, Droid 2 Minimum Requirements: 512 MB RAM (256 free at runtime) GPU capable of OpenGL ES 2.0 Android 2.1 800 Mhz CPU or greater recommended SD card with at least 600 MB free storage [Via Android And Me]

GO Launcher for Android Updated

XDA member ch213q has posted an update to GO Launcher, the home replacement for your Android device. The release version (v 1.22) brings in some very impressive features. Some features include extremely smooth scrolling, convenient icon pop-menu and gesture support screen and are now even more customizable. The latest verison 1.22 even includes a Christmas theme. Originally posted by ch213q [APP] GO Launcher v1.22 released Go Launcher is an amazing home replacement app for Android . -Extremely smooth scrolling -Convenient icon pop-menu -Gesture supported -Useful app drawer to uninstall apps and kill tasks -Removable screen previews (Up to 30 screens) Supported android versions: 2.0 and above GO Launcher V1.22 update: -New Christmas theme -Supported long press search button response -Fixed customized icons turn to default after reboot -Fixed crash problem of memory overflow For more information on GO launcher, check out the application thread. [Via XDA]

Touiteur Officially Becomes Known as Plume

Last week, we told you that because of a request from Twitter higher-ups, the Twitter application for Android called Touiteur would have to change their name. In reponse, Level Up Studio decided to turn to the users out there, and let them help in the decision. They provided a big list of potential names, and let those who cared enough to vote on what the next name for the popular client would be. The vote has come to a close, and a new name has been selected.

Firefox 4 Beta Now Available in the Android Market

It's been quite the journey for the Firefox (originally Fennec) Mobile Browser for Android. It has been in beta and available for direct download from Mozilla for a few months now, but, to make things easier, it is now available in the Android Market along with some improvements.
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