Netflix for Android finally released for certain HTC phones and Nexus S

Well, what do we have here. It looks like the LG Revolution wont be getting Netflix for Android first after all. Even though it is the featured phone on the Netflix websites Android section. Today Netflix has announced that they are now offering Netflix for Android coming to select HTC phones, as well as the popular Nexus S. I'm sure they've worked with Google so the S should have been in the list to begin with.

Google calls out CNN, claims Facial Recognition story is bogus

Earlier today we posted a small story regarding a new Mobile application being made by Google that will do a little facial recognition and then send the user info such as contact information, name, email address and more. This was simply a story we saw and thought was interesting on CNN. Apparently this story was a complete fabrication and very inaccurate. Google calls out CNN, says story about facial recognition app is not only inaccurate, but completely bogus.

Action Snap for Android Released

Phones are quickly replacing cameras in day-to-day life. Sure, they're not the optimal quality, but when life throws something at you, more than likely you'll have your mobile phone ready to take some quick photos. Action Snap is here to further improve that user experience with a whole new take on a mobile phone camera application.

SIM Unlock Your Galaxy S With One Application

Unlocking is a process wanted by many and dreaded by most. Luckily we have helroz, from XDA, who has developed an application that will unlock your device for you in just a few easy steps that do not require extensive coding. The application will work with Galaxy S devices that shipped with Android 2.1 and has been throughly tested and confirmed working with these phones. In order to run the app, you will need to be both rooted with BusyBox and have an active internet connection. The process is simple, you just follow the 3 step process and watch as the phone will automatically unlock itself. If you would like detailed instructions as well as support check out the XDA Application Thread. [Via XDA]

Newegg Goes Mobile With New Android App

If you're into anything technology, then chances are you've heard of Newegg. Newegg is one of the top online retailers for PC accessories, components, smartphones, software and entertainment media, and now they have hit the Android Market with their new mobile application.
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