Mercedes says Android will be in their cars when Google has it ready

Google’s Open Automotive Alliance promises big things for your drive. In an attempt to make vehicle entertainment and navigation open source, Google wants to bring a little Android flair to the automobile. Mercedes, in announcing a rival OS for their new C-Class, had something to say about the OAA initiative.

Apple and Samsung CEOs reportedly meet, but come to no resolution

Apple and Samsung’s CEOs have reportedly failed to iron out their differences. Tim Cook and JK Shin are said to have met last week to discuss a possible settlement between the two companies. The sit-down is reported to have been the mediation discussions the two companies were to have before a February 19th deadline.

IDC: Android takes top honors for 2013 with a 78.6 percent market share

The latest market share report has been released by IDC. This report is offering a look at the numbers for the fourth quarter of 2013, and also for the year as a whole. Some of this, such as how the charts are being dominated by Android will come with little surprise. But there is also the other side of the chart to consider, the bottom, which details the further decline of BlackBerry.

Samsung denies asking Olympic athletes to cover up Apple logos

Did they, or didn't they? A report coming form the Olympics in Sochi put Samsung as having athletes cover up logos of a tech rival during the opening ceremony. The Swiss Olympic team reportedly said Samsung asked them to cover up any Apple logos, which Samsung now denies. The real damage may not be in whether they did or didn’t really ask that of Olympians, though.

Woz talks Apple, Samsung in latest interview

What more can you say about Steve Wozniak? Outspoken, frank, and usually right. This time around, Woz goes after Samsung, and even hints that Apple should stop doing — well, Apple. Though he makes some interesting arguments, his head is still in the clouds a bit.