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Consumer Reports: iPhone 5s and 5c put against Verizon DROID lineup

There are plenty of available options in terms of device research these days. But that being said, Consumer Reports is one of the more respected names and they have recently published a report on the iPhone 5s and 5c. And for a bit of detail that will make some of the Android faithful smile, they placed those up against the Verizon Motorola DROID lineup -- with the Apple devices falling short in a few categories.

Awful Android Running iPhone Rip-Off Now at Sears

Love Android, but want an iPhone too? Well here's your chance to get Android on a super awesome Apple design! Sears is now selling what is clearly a fake iPhone running Android 2.2. While it may have a shiny iDevice body on the outside its its guts that really make this thing shine!

Android App coming to control your home

It's not news that Crestron home automation users use their iOS based smartphones and tablets to control their system.  It saves them thousands over proprietary hand programmed remotes and offers flexibility as well.  But what IS news today is that Crestron has announced that Android users will now be able to join in the savings as well.

Mobile Phone Physical Modding Ups Game with Clear Case

And it's on an iPhone 4, snap! We need to step up with Android and crack down if we're gonna catch up with this fantastic modification. Closest thing I've seen to this on an Android phone as of late was someone scratching the black coating off of their speaker so that it'd be chrome instead. Wild.

Sprint Event Promises Industry First [4G iPhone?] with David Blaine(?!)

Uh... so this is weird. Invites have just gone out to publishers for an event hosted by Sprint at which we'll all "See what Sprint has up it's Sleeve." It'll be invitation only (like these things usually are,) and will showcase "yet another industry first." And David Blaine will be there. Uh... neat? Chances are it WONT be an iPhone unless Sprint has some magical way to integrate 4G connectiveness without changing the iPhone hardware (that was the holdback for Verizon yesterday), it'll be more than likely some other kind of wackiness.

Cooliris Liveshare Application for Android Deployed Today, Special Events Around the Globe This Week

Today it's been announced that Android users will be able to enjoy Cooliris Liveshare 1.1, an app that allows users to post photos taken with their mobile phones live, in a real-time streaming environment, sharing them with friends via the Cooliris 3D Wall on Facebook, email, or their own personal website. A new version of the base Liveshare application will be available for Android, iOS, on the web at, the people at Cooliris focused on events in the San Francisco Bay Area and events around the globe, accessable through Liveshare event-specific streams for sharing!

Gingerbread Confirmed Today, working on Nexus S, as Presented by Google CEO Eric Schmidt at Web 2.0

So if you were watching a live stream of (or were AT) the Web 2.0 Conference 2010 listening to Google CEO Eric Schmidt, you saw him whip out not only the new legendary super secret phone, but Android 2.3 Gingerbread as well. Amongst the new features included in the Gingerbread update are support for NFC enhanced device interaction and RFID tags. Buying things with your phone, attempting (without saying it,) to get to that point before Apple fully arrives. Schmidt noted that this technology (using NFC and RFID to pay for everything) will eventually replace the credit card. Gingerbread, Schmidt says, will be rolling out in the next few weeks.

Beta Release of Google Instant for Mobile

As you know, Google Instant is basically what happens now when you're on and you search - poof! It's there. You type in what you want and there's no need to press the search button. One small step for my day, one giant leap for me if you could all the clicks I'm saving over my whole lifetime. This functionality was announced for mobile devices in September, and now there's a Beta release.

Unboxing and Overview of Powermat Wireless Charger for HTC EVO 4G

Welcome to the future, nice to have you back again! Powermat is a wireless charger, and that's awesome. It works for smartphone and other portable devices, and works by applying a custom battery door receiver, then placing that device on the Powermat pad. If you'll remember, this sort of thing has already existed in the original Palm Pre's Touchstone charging dock, but isn't quite to the greatness of mass application yet. You've just gotta get this one now, because, you know, how could anyone wait for such a lovely thang?
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