Microsoft adds multi-factor authentication support to Office 365 for tablets

Microsoft Office 365 was made available for Android last year and with it come security options for several accounts with multi-factor authentication. To be sure, users are asked to enter a password. That seems easy to do and anyone can access a document but there's a second level of security that requires you to respond to a phone notification, text message, or a phone call. This security feature has been working on smartphones and PCs but unfortunately, there was no support given for tablets.

Office Delve now available for Android users who use Office 365

If you're working on a project which deals with a lot of people and a lot of files that are constantly updated, then chances are you'd need a project management tool of some sort to keep everyone in line. While there are a lot of apps out there for this specific purpose, if your group uses Office 365, then this product from Microsoft now available for mobile Android devices, may be the perfect tool for you and your teammates, especially if a lot of you are mobile.

Qualcomm launches Trepn Profiler app for Android

Qualcomm has always been known for its powerful processors. Even if Samsung has changed its decision and now uses its own chipset for the latest flagship phones, Qualcomm still continues to develop reliable mobile solutions. The company’s development team just released the Trepn Profiler app for Android. The app basically profiles devices that are currently powered by Snapdragon processors.

Warhammer 40K: Space Wolf enters beta testing

Warhammer 40K: Space Wolf was a title reported as far back as 2013, which means it has been in development stage since that time. But these days, it seems that developer Herocraft is finally willing to take of the covers from the game and allow some people to play it, test it, wring it around like so by going into beta testing.

Are you ready for a Lara Croft endless running game?

Many of you Android gamers grew up dreaming of having Lara Croft as your girlfriend, and were rightly happy when Tomb Raider showed up in all its original glory on the Android platform. We all know Lara Croft from way back, and it seemed at one point that she was teetering on the edge of being forgotten. These days, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix are even plotting of launching an endless/adventure runner game featuring our tomb raiding gal. Are you ready for that?

Defeat evil once again in Narborion 2: The God of Orcs

If you're a fan of the "choose your own adventure" type of stories as well as turn-based battle games, then you probably played the first chapter of the Narborion Saga on your Android device. While you probably defeated the evil ones in that game (if you ever did finish it), there is a new god of orcs in town, and it's up to you, the hero in this saga, to stop the war once again. Welcome to Narborion 2: The God of Orcs, now available on Android smartphones and tablets.

Tilt lets you collect money for projects on your Android device

Collecting money from your friends for a project can sometimes be a pain. And a lot of times, you end up paying for the share of one of your delinquent contributors. But as with a lot of problems in our world now, there's finally an app for that. Tilt is now available for your Android smartphone, and you can use it to help manage and fund projects that need financial backing, from small group gifts to even those that require a crowd-funding aspect.

Slack brings all team communication in one place

There are a lot of instant messaging apps available for businesses today. It's not just Skype and Hangouts being used in the offices as there are other newer and better solutions ready for download on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone. One of those making the world smaller than ever is Slack. It's a new messaging program that is easily accessible from any device.