Make 3D models with VoxelMaker, add shadows and lighting for more drama

Tell me that I’m only getting old but I still don’t understand what’s so fun and exciting about Minecraft. I find the pixel art and graphics cute and interesting but not the fact that I have to create my own world before playing. I don’t find it adventurous but I guess the young geeks would know and could explain to me the what makes it popular among the young generation of geeks and gamers.

Turbo Editor update brings ad free version

Anyone looking for an open source text editor that will run on Android devices may want to check out Turbo Editor. The app has recently been updated and added in some new features that make it more usable. The update brings the app to version 2.0.1.

Meerkat is now officially out of beta for Android

We still haven't heard a peep from Twitter's Periscope since they said they're working on it (that was last month), but its arch rival Meerkat is several steps ahead of them in the Android market. Just a few hours ago, they announced that the live video streaming app is finally out of beta and is officially live on the Google Play Store. The developers have been pretty fast in moving the app from the testing stage to beta and out of it in just a span of a few weeks.

Twin Runners 2 is arcade game, impossible to beat but you can try

There’s something about wonderfully simple but addictive games that really catches your attention and holds it there. Add another element – maybe being difficult to beat – and you will draw in a whole new crowd of competitive gamers. That’s what it’s like to get sucked in to Just4Fun’s new game called “Twin Runners 2”.

Practice world domination with Evil Genius now on Android

Some people dream of being heroes. Some dream of changing the world for good. Some however, secretly wish they could take over the world. If you belong to the third group, then you better start practicing your world domination skills with Evil Genius Online. The popular Facebook game is now available for Android devices and this will give you all the help you need to become the evil genius you're truly meant to be.

Snake updated for the smartphone era, available for Android devices

If you grew up on the old school Nokia phones, you probably sent countless hours hooked on the only game worth playing there, which is of course, Snake. We were easy to please back then, and the minimalist but challenging approach of the game was enough to engage us during our free time (and sometimes, even during school and work). Or maybe it's because we had no other choice then. Whatever the reason, you'd be pleased to know that the makers of the game have now released a new and updated version for your smartphone.