123D Sculpt+ helps you become a 3D expert on your mobile device

When you say 3D sculpting, you don't automatically think of using your smartphone or tablet because of their obvious limitations for a complicated process like that. But wouldn't it be really fun to try a mobile version of a 3D modeling program? Well, Autodesk, a company that is more or less an expert on 3D graphics animation, certainly thought so, and they're bringing 123D Sculpt+ to your mobile device.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 gets new Frostbite Caves level

Plants vs. Zombies is one of the most popular games on the Android platform with as many as 50 million installs since the game launched. The PvZ 2 game was updated this week and the update brings with it a new level and several new plants and zombies.

Mold On Pizza is a tower ‘offense’ game, with weird ingredients

In every slice of pizza, a microscopic battle rages on far from your sight – mold tries to take over the pizza slice while preservatives try to wipe the mold out. At least, that’s what Korean-based gaming outfit BTNcafe wants you to imagine. Imagine a tower defense game, but this time you get to be the one on attacking the towers. If you can imagine that, you’re on your way.

HTC Internet browser app arrives at the Google Play Store

This new HTC app that recently debuted at the Google Play Store is actually the HTC Sense built-in internet browser, just that it is now being made available for download via Android’s favorite virtual app market. If you have an HTC smartphone, you can easily grab the app now, which goes by the name “HTC Internet”.

Minima brings live Material Design wallpapers to your phone

As Android 5.0 Lollipop continues to roll out to various devices, our smartphones and tablets have been "transformed" to the Material Design visual guidelines that Google has strongly suggested to OEMs and app developers. Even your devices apps have to keep up with this style guide in order to fit in with the new UI and look once you've been upgraded and there are several apps out there to give your gadget a fresh new and live look.

Google Play Store growth significant in 2014

A recent report on the growth of app stores was recently released by Appfigures. Numbers in 2014 were explored and analyzed to identify which among the app stores grew in number of apps. The Amazon Appstore, Google Play Store, and the iOS App Store were identified to be the top three app stores in the mobile world today. (Sorry Windows Phone users, Windows Phone Store not included here.)

Google Translate update for Android brings Word Lens

It can be difficult to visit a foreign land if you don't speak the language. Not only can you not talk to the locals to ask for directions, but you can’t read the street signs to figure out where you are and find where you are going. Google has updated the Translate app for Android users with a new feature called Word Lens.

WearResponses lets you reply to SMS with canned messages

Smartwatches have become more than just notification centers, particularly those running on the Android Wear platform. Aside from the health and tracking features, your wearable, with the assist of some apps, have made it possible for you to reply (within limited range) to text messages sent to your phone. One such app is WearResponse and it brings you more than just the standard responses available.

Stunt Rush 3D Buggy Racing Game lets you steer in air, jump off ramps

Any new arcade racing game is more than welcome. People will never get tired of playing with racing games because each gives a different challenge to the players. The latest to be added to the hundreds probably thousands of racing games on the Play Store is Stunt Rush. It's a 3D racing game that requires survival action skills. Drive several buggy cars and see if you're really a good driver.