HBO NOW already on Android, Amazon Fire devices

Network and cable TV entities have already accepted the reality that consumers are now more likely to watch their favorite programs not on standard TV sets but rather whenever they want to and wherever they are. So instead of lamenting the death of TV (which is actually a fallacy), they are now scrambling to be where the people are. HBO NOW, the cable network’s Internet only service, will now be available for Android devices and Amazon Fire tablets, and soon, for Chromecast, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV stick as well.

Defend your HQ, destroy enemy bases in ‘Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation’

Even before Tom Cruise's next Mission Impossible movie is released, the Android geeks are getting an early treat with the launch of the "Mission Impossible RogueNation" game. Here's another mission so impossible to resist I'm sure you're going to accept it. As with most action games, this one will get your adrenaline rushing as you take on the challenge to eliminate those high-profile targets, confront the Syndicate across the globe, and perform lethal strikes.

Free on Google Play Family this week: Sago Mini Space Explorer

Finding a game that is cute, interesting, safe, easy to play, and most of all, free, for your toddler is not that easy if you really think about it. That is why parents should be grateful that Google started offering up a free app every week from Google Play Family, which means you get a brand new game every week that should fit the criteria stated above. This week, go on a doggie space exploration with Sago Mini Space Explorer.

Remake of the Man from U.N.C.L.E now also a game on Android

These days, whenever a big budget fantasy, sci-fi, or action movie gets released on the big screen, we more or less expect a game to come out of it sooner or later. Now whether the game is a good companion for the movie or if it’s just another way for producers to cash in on anything connected to the franchise, that remains to be scene. Not getting left out of the gaming trend is the latest remake to hit your movie screen, The Man from U.N.C.L.E starring Superman himself and the Winklevoss twins.

Get in shape with a little “moevation” in Burn Your Fat With Me

Have you ever fancied yourself the romantic lead in a manga love story but can’t be bothered to get up from your couch? Well, what if we told you that you can become the former if you would do the latter? That is the genius behind this unique app, which of course could only come from Japan, that combines storytelling, a fitness regimen, and gamification all in just one app. If you’re a manga fan, then Burn Your Fat With Me will be your new best friend.

Journey through weapons history in Redden, now on Android

Do you know that scene in Toy Story when the toys were reminiscing about when they were still useful and important? Well replace the toys with deadly weapons, and you have the premise of Redden, a new game you can play on Android devices. What starts out as a night time story turns into a bloody history lesson as you go back in time and control the weapons and help them meet their targets, whether it be an animal or a human being, or entire armies.

Escape the police running after you in Hools Run

You've always been a troublemaker. I still have hope that your life will turn around. But for now, you need to get out of this mess you created. As a hooligan, the police are chasing you once again and you need to run away from them as fast as you can or else you'll stay in prison for the nth time.

TextGrabber + Translator app converts captured image into digitized info

Ever had those times when you just want to grab your camera and take an image of the stuff you're reading? I always do that and I'd wish that my phone could automatically translate or copy the text for me. My idea is for an app to work something like a scanner. I know there are scanner-like programs already but this TextGrabber + Translator app doesn't just grab an image. It also converts image into real text that you can easily edit and send as an SMS or email.

Find open hotspots with WifiMapper wherever you are in the world

I've always wanted something like this but maybe because there are just too many games and cool apps to feature, I haven't had the chance to look for one. This 'WifiMapper - Free Wifi Map' is one useful app that will help you find free WiFi hotspots all over the world. It's a database of open WiFi zones so you can be connected to the Internet all the time at no cost.

Gameloft’s Heroes of Order & Chaos MOBA to be updated

MOBA games kinda lose their luster when you translate them for mobile platforms. The execution of the game on mobile should be just right, the controls intuitive, the gaming experience flowing – for any gamer to enjoy playing MOBA games on mobile. One title that seems to have a good following is Gameloft’s “Heroes of Order and Chaos”, a game that’s now set to be updated big time with new game modes and new heroes.