Google announces Best Android Games of 2014

The year is about to end and Google is busy wrapping up a lot of things. It already released the the Best Apps of 2014 list and now this: the Best Android Games of 2014. We still don’t know what was Google’s criteria in coming up with the ‘Best Games’ but we’re glad a number of our favorites made it to the list.

Wire: what Skype would have been like if built today

Skype co-founder Janus Friis has a new project afoot with Wire, a new communications platform that technically does not really rival his former company, but actually improves on it. Built for both mobile and desktops, it is a cross-platform tool for exchanging messages, pictures, HD audio and other rich media, with a more modern UI but a more solid infrastructure behind it.

Pandora app updated with a new user interface

The popular Internet radio app Pandora was recently updated with a redesigned interface. This fresh new mobile UI now comes with new functionalities and new station personalization features. This means avid Pandora users can customize their listening experience and they are allowed to discover more of their favorite music.

Ski Challenge 15 game gets new race modes

Fans of skiing or racing games that want to hit the virtual slopes can download a game called Ski Challenge 15 that is on Google Play right now. The game is available at no cost and includes ten downhill courses that are designed to be just like actual downhill courses.

Opera for Android gets bookmark sharing

One of the best features for anyone who uses multiple computers is the ability to share your bookmarks on several devices. This is one of the best features of desktop browsers like Chrome and others. Android users have the ability to share bookmarks with a new version of Opera for Android.

KEMCO’s Revenant Saga classic style RPG now out on Android

A lot of RPG fans are getting more and more attracted to games that emulate the classic pixel art style of the old Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda games that they used to play during their youth. Maybe that is why developers like KEMCO are putting out games like “Revenant Saga”, a new RPG game that tries to get the classic look while adding some new elements of their own.

Peggle Blast bursts with all colors, magic, and rainbows

Electronic Arts wants to bring us some holiday cheer by releasing the latest PopCap game called Peggle Blast. It's not a Christmas-focused game but the theme music reminds me of the season as it's a bit cheery and festive with bells ringing.

Twitter rolls out better picture filters for mobile app

Photo-sharing on social network sites have had to compete with mainly-photo apps like Instagram, Snapchat, etc who had a wider range of options when it comes to editing and adding filters to your precious mobile pics. And with the demise of Twitpic (whose domain and archives were bought by Twitter), sharing pictures on Twitter became a bit more simple but boring. Until now, that is, as the micro-blogging site introduces much better pic filters that of course looks a lot like Instagram.

Google names Best Android Apps of 2014

We still have a few more weeks before Year 2014 draws to a close but Google has already named the Best Android Apps for the past 12 months. Among the more than one million apps available for download from the Google Play Store, the Internet giant highlighted more than 70 apps from different categories: Productivity, Education, Entertainment, Travel, Social, Personalization, Shopping, Sports & Fitness, Photography, Music & Audio, and News.