Telegram messaging app now has Channels for public broadcasts

Some messages are meant for just one person, some are for your closest group of friends, and then there are some that are meant for public consumption. Yes, you may have your Facebooks and Twitters for such messages, but if you’ve reached your saturation point with social networks, you might want to try out messaging apps that have this function. The latest update to Telegram is introducing Channels, a new tool you can use to broadcast your messages.

Khan Academy now out of beta, available on Android devices

Just a few days ago, we told you about the beta version of online resource site Khan Academy. But now, it’s an actual live app that can give people all around the world access to "free, world-class education” through all their resources, and you can now take it anywhere with you on your mobile devices. The app has more than 10,000 videos on various subjects like math, science, history, economics, etc.

Send messages through your smartwatch with Messages for Android Wear

Even though your smartwatch is of course obviously smaller than your smartphone, that doesn’t stop app developers from actually creating programs that will make it function almost like a real phone. One such app is called Messages for Android Wear, and based on its name, you already know what its function mainly is. It comes complete with integrated keyboard, emoji support, pre-defined messages, and other functionalities that a usual messenger app has.

Gmail now has the block and unsubscribe option for better options

When you’re in the groove working or doing something really productive, the arrival of notifications saying you got Gmail from some annoying person who has been pestering you destroys that mood. Don’t you just wish you could block that person? Now your wish has come true as Gmail gives you more control over your Inbox with the introduction of the block and unsubscribe options, now on the web and soon on the Android mobile app.

Avoid the long lines at Starbucks with new Mobile Order & Pay 

If you’re always on the go and don’t have time to waste falling in line at your local Starbucks, but you still need your coffee fix or else you would function like a zombie, then this latest announcement from your favorite coffee chain should give you a shot straight to your vein. The Mobile Order & Pay feature is now ready for a national rollout after testing in selected areas. This means you can order and pay for your drink while you’re on your way to the nearest branch, then just swing on by to pick it up.

Mobile malware found in Braintest app on Google Play Store

Another week, another new malware deleted. And this time, it brings with it another level of “sophistication” according to Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention, which reported the mobile malware to Google earlier this month. It was packaged within an app called BrainTest and was even published twice on Google Play Store, with each having around 100,000 to 500,000 downloads and the aggregated infection rate reaching 200,000 to 1 million users.

Tangram browser lets you centralize all information in one place

Productivity apps are a dime a dozen but we need just a few to really help us accomplish a lot of tasks whether for work, school, business, or at home. Not many web browser apps offer optimum productivity especially on mobile but the 'Tangram' could be an efficient solution for all professionals.

Cally’s Caves is back for a third installment on your Android device

It’s already the third game in the series, and yet the villains still don’t get it that Cally doesn’t want to give up her caves. Sally’s Caves 3 is an even better version of its first two incarnations, but still maintaining the same retro animated look and feel that has made it a popular time-waster for mobile gamers. While the storyline remains basically the same, the challenges, the tools, the bonuses are all leveled-up and so if you’ve been enjoying the game series so far, then this is something you wouldn’t miss.
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