Wikipedia for Android updated, relevant images made more prominent

The official Wikipedia app for Android was released on the Google Play Store more than three years ago and it has since received several updates. Another Beta version was released last June but this week, the Mobile Apps Team of Wikipedia is happy to bring a whole new mobile experience for the Wikipedia app for Android. The version on Google Play was developed ahead of iOS so Android users have an advantage to enjoy the new Wikipedia.

Parallels Access update: file manager, PC-to-PC remote access, S-Pen integration

For the average digital person, normally you work or study using not just one gadget, but most likely 3 (or more): a computer/laptop, a tablet and a smartphone. So cross-platform solutions are not just a want, but a must-have, if you work on various devices running on different platforms as well. One of those apps is Parallels Access, and the latest update will make it even easier to work and access files, wherever you may be, whatever gadget you may be working on.

Ustwo releases Monument Valley numbers in an infographic

For someone who loves the game very much, I'm happy to learn that Ustwo, maker of the popular and mind boggling geometric challenge Monument Valley, saw a lot of success with the game. The game developer recently published an infographic showing numbers of official sales, revenue, downloads, upgrades, development costs, most played chapters, and in-game camera usage. The Apple Design Award Winner in 2014 which was also tagged as Appstore's iPad Game of the Year first came to iOS but the beautiful, serene puzzle game quickly came to Android. After a few months, more chapters were added to Monument Valley in an update.

Adobe Lightroom now available for Android devices

Mobile photo editors are a dime a plenty, but if it comes from a developer that has made its brand name as a verb meaning you've retouched your photos, then you might want to pay attention to it. Adobe Lightroom is now available for Android, bringing their popular photo editor and its powerful tools to your smartphone. While it is of course a little lesser than its desktop app, it still is a pretty handy tool for mobile photographers as you edit on the go.

VLC preview app for Android TV now available

Probably one of the most popular video players on both the desktop and mobile platforms is VLC because it can play almost anything. With Android TV slowly gaining traction in the smart TV platform market (although it still has a long way to go), it isn't really surprising that the open source cross-platform multimedia player will eventually make its way there. The developers have released a preview version of the app, and despite the bugs and all, it looks pretty promising.

Drunk Locker blocks apps for you while you’re inebriated

There is nothing worse than waking up from a night of partying with a raging hangover, then checking your smartphone and finding out you have tons of notifications because you posted some pretty incriminating photos and messages on your social media accounts (that selfie while throwing up is pretty epic). Intoxicated blocker apps (yes, they're a thing apparently) are available for you to avoid that, and one of those available is the Drunk Locker App.

Google Maps update: shareable maps, search and improvements

Google Maps is one of those products that people eagerly await for updates, especially those who rely on the app when driving or traveling to unfamiliar areas (we're looking at you, people who don't like asking for directions). The newest features added to the navigation app will mostly benefit those who are meeting other people at a certain place or if you're tired of explaining how to get to your place.

Secret Files Sam Peters goes on a new adventure where mythology meets science

Game developer Deep Silver was quick to make a follow up to the Secret Files Tunguska. A new adventure game entitled "Secret Files Sam Peters" was recently launched offering an interactive mythology adventure game for Android. The short story Secret Files Sam Peters is optimized for a lot of Android-running tablets and smartphones so you don't have to worry if it will play nicely on your mobile device.

123D Sculpt+ helps you become a 3D expert on your mobile device

When you say 3D sculpting, you don't automatically think of using your smartphone or tablet because of their obvious limitations for a complicated process like that. But wouldn't it be really fun to try a mobile version of a 3D modeling program? Well, Autodesk, a company that is more or less an expert on 3D graphics animation, certainly thought so, and they're bringing 123D Sculpt+ to your mobile device.
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