Nokia rumored to be selling off maps business

While the navigation app HERE has been a pretty popular alternative to those who aren't fond of Google Maps or Apple's Maps, rumors are swirling about that its parent company Nokia is looking at selling off the business. The Finnish OEM has been in the red for sometime and they need the funds that will be gotten from the sale in order to reduce their debt and get away from their "junk status" rating.

LastPass password management app gets a Material Design update

So how was your weekend? Did you spend it trying out your new Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 edge. And if you've installed and update your favorite apps, I'm sure by now you've seen the new LastPass for Android. It now has a redesigned interface which was actually expected since Android 5.0 Lollipop and Material Design were introduced last year. This means a better user experience for users of this password management service.

Kindle for Android adds Word Wise, flash cards, popular highlights

There may be a lot of new players cropping up in the market, but for a lot of ebook readers, Amazon's Kindle is still their first love. The new update to the reading app for the Android platform brings more features like Word Wise (a popular feature on their ebook reader), flash cards (important for students), plus a host of other additions that would make reading (or planning to read) even easier and more enjoyable.

League of Angels – Fire Raiders hands-on

Android is not bereft of games spanning almost all genres thinkable, and some unthinkable ones. Perhaps, there might even be too much for comfort. Some of them have their origins right here on the mobile platform but others hearken back from the days when Facebook was the name of the game, quite literally. League of Angels - Fire Raiders is one of those one hit wonders on the social network that is now trying its hand at a smartphone version. But does it have the right ingredients to bring that success to mobile as well? Read on to find out.

Sky Punks dares you to race endlessly in the mysterious Neo Terra

Rovio has always been known as the Finnish development studio that made millions (probably billions) with the Angry Birds franchise. There are several Angry Birds version already: Stella, Transformers, Rio, Star Wars, and more. We've lost count of how many epic versions are available on the Play Store but Rovio isn't done yet. Rovio Stars, the new mobile game publishing program from Rovio Entertainment, now has a new bestseller in Sky Punks. 

Aviary design and UI overhauled using Material Design

Mobile photo editing apps are pretty convenient, but can also be tricky since retouching photos by touching is a touch and go situation. But there are apps who seem to have gotten it mostly right, and one of those is Aviary (which was bought last year by Adobe). The latest update to the editing app brings with it Google's Material Design visual guidelines, and it has also brought improvements to the UI and to the over-all user experience, making it even easier for you to edit your photos on the go.

Dungeon Highway Adventures offers nostalgia throughout the game

Dungeons. Dragons. Monsters. Towers. Princesses. These are just some of the themes of games that have become so popular among gamers. While most of them compete when it comes to graphics, the Dungeon Highway Adventures is different. Why, you won’t see any action in Full HD but rather in its own cute, pixelated glory. You see, this retro 8-bit style is really becoming a trend.

Driver Speedboat Paradise lets you in the world of high-speed water races

High-speed races are usually a part of the arsena of every mobile game player. You see a lot of car-racing games out there, all vying for the gamers' attention. But have you ever done a high-speed race using a speedboat? That's what makes this new Android game different, as you get to race on water and in different locations around the world (at least, virtually). Will Driver Speedboat Paradise be your new addiction?

Rescue “the Sounds” in new Android game, the Adventures of Poco Eco

Ask any mobile gamer worth his salt and they would tell you that the soundtrack or background music of the game they're playing has a huge effect and impact on the game. If the music is all over the place, then your gameplay will be scatterbrained as well. But give it a great soundtrack and the music will spur you on and inspire you to play and finish well. A new Android game is an audio-visual experience in itself and has managed to incorporate its awesome sound in the gameplay.

Snapseed (finally) gets an update: more editing tools, more options

In the world of apps, not getting an update for two years is almost like a death sentence. Well, not really, (especially if you're owned by Google), but it also means that you might not get any new downloaders, or that people already using your app might find some other alternative, one that brings new features every few months or so. So it's with a sigh of relief that finally, after two years, Snapseed has received an update, bringing with it new tools and more options to use.
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