Plex updated to v4.5, adds voice search using Google Voice

This is the second time this month that we’re getting a version upgrade for Plex. The upgrade to version 4.4 was exciting, bringing fixes for Plex interfacing with Android TV and the addition of channel support. Now we go to version 4.5, where you can now launch Plex from the device’s launcher using a voice prompt through Google Voice.

Bing Rewards update brings new look, suggested rewards

If you didn't know it yet, Microsoft actually rewards you for using its own Bing and lure you away from your default search engine. While obviously they have no problems when it comes to Windows-based devices, it becomes a little tricky when it comes to Android, since more likely, users will use Google. But they're hoping that this latest update to the Bing Rewards app will attract even those who are loyal to Google to try and expand their digital wings.

Chevy’s RemoteLink updated with Proactive Alerts, Theft Alarm Notification

The RemoteLink app by Chevrolet has been a useful car app companion to drivers. It has received a lot of updates since it was launched and another round of updates has just been released by Chevrolet including Theft Alarm Notification. This new feature allows the system to send the owner notification if the vehicle is broken into or if there was any attempt to open or steal the car.

Undo Send option now available for Inbox, Gmail (web only)

We've all been there. You've crafted a painstaking email to a colleague, explaining why you hate your boss, only to accidentally add your boss to the thread. Or you've written a flirty message to a guy you're dating, then mistakenly sent it to your dad because they have the same first name. (Now as to you dating a man with the same name as your father, that's a whole other discussion). But now, you will be able to retrieve those embarrassing emails, whether you're using Inbox or the Gmail app.

Medium full version app now out on Android

For bloggers and readers who were pretty excited about having the long-form blog Medium available on their Android devices, the wait is over. Just mere weeks after they were calling for testers for the beta version, the developers have now announced that the full version is available for everyone that has a smartphone or tablet running on Android. They have finally "released it into the wild" after extensive beta testing and is now ready to be consumed by those eager to post their stories or to read about other people's words.

Sign up for Messenger even without a Facebook account

Not everyone who wants to use Messenger necessarily wants to be on Facebook as well. Apparently, this is one of the learnings that the social media giant has received, or so we assume, as they are now allowing non-Facebook users to sign up for the stand-alone messaging app, as long as they have a mobile number. Although this is now limited to just four countries, we can expect this to rollout in other countries as well, sooner rather than later.

Pokemon Jukebox is a niche music app seemingly hated by all

Pokemon is a franchise that will usually guarantee success, unless you do something really stupid with it. You may have guessed where this article is going, but allow us to state the facts. The Pokemon Company – partly-owned by Nintendo – very recently launched their first ever Android app in the form of a niche music app called Pokémon Jukebox. The idea is that with this app, you can listen to hundreds of tracks from Pokémon games. But why is there so much vitriol for this app?
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