PLEX version 4.2 comes out with fixes and interface updates

We’ve talked about the PLEX app a couple of times here before, and if you haven’t heard of this great media player suite before, we promise you – you could do worse. PLEX is one of the more solid server-caster-player apps out there, whether you just like to keep your media library in a nice order, or if you’re looking for an easy way to cast your content to either mobile or TV. The developers just came out with a new update, promising fixes and interface tweaks.

Emergency Red Cross app to help you cope during disasters

With disasters, both natural and man-made, becoming a common occurrence in our lives, and since we're glued to our gadgets even when there's an earthquake or hurricane, it should make sense that we have apps for disaster preparedness and disaster response as well. Who better to develop this app than the American Red Cross? They've come up with the Emergency app, containing all the information you would need for different kinds of disasters, as well as an update mechanism to warn or let loved ones know you're safe during times of crisis.

Social gaming now available on your Blackberry Messenger

While Blackberry has taken a huge fall in recent years and has earned a rep for being a poster boy for failing in the age of digital and gadgets, they have been slowly trying to reinvent themselves, focusing more on software technology rather than creating more hardware. Their latest move is to introduce social gaming to BBM users through the BBM Connect Games for Android. This is following in the footsteps of other messaging apps also integrating games onto your normal, everyday chats.

“Filter” your photos through geometrical shapes with Overam

With photo editing and filtering apps a dime a dozen, you need something different and special to stand out from the crowd. Overam seems to have achieved that by offering its users something unique. Instead of the usual vintage, sepia, hipster filters that you can apply to your photos to make them somewhat cooler, with this app you get to use geometrical shapes to enhance your mobile pictures. "Where geometry directs photography," is apparently their philosophy.

Twitter revises policies and procedures for abusive tweets/accounts

Social media is both a boon and a bane to humanity for so many reasons. And while it is indeed interesting and fun to go on Twitter, read updates and opinions, and start conversations, a lot of times we encounter abusive tweets and users, whether directed at us or those that we see thrown at other people. Twitter is now introducing new policies and procedures to curb abusive tweets and to punish those who are sending said tweets.

EA Sports UFC mobile game launches today, pricey IAPs

We were wondering when a developer would actually pick up on the boom of the popularity of UFC and mixed martial arts in general. That question is answered today, as EA Sports launches the “EA SPORTS UFC” game on Android (and iOS). The game has been a relative success during its soft-launch period, so let’s see if that would translate to the global market.

Explore an abandaoned asylum in Amazon Game’s Lost Within

If you like your mobile games with a little bit of the scare factor, but without demons or otherworldly evil creatures, then your best bet would be dealing with old, abandoned buildings or places. What better place to set up a game than in an abandoned asylum with a checkered past? That is the premise of the new game Lost Within, now available for your Fire devices from the Amazon Game Studios.

Google intros haptic feedback-friendly ‘Games You Can Feel’

A responsive touchscreen display isn't just enough for a more enjoyable and uninterrupted mobile gaming. Soon, geeks and gamers will demand for haptic feedback technology to arrive on their games and gadgets. Going ahead of other names in the industry, Google has just introduced a new category on Google Play for special haptic feedback-friendly games. Once inside the Google Play Store, you'll see a small collection of games of this sort.
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