AOL OnePoint Mobile helps keep online identity protected

With so many websites that require registrations and logging in, you are bound to have numerous usernames and passwords. That's okay because because people are assured of secure transactions most of the time but remembering all those online passwords can be quite a challenge. Honestly, I don't write down my passwords. I just try to store them in my memory. If I have no choice and am given a difficult to remember code, I write it on Notepad. Not a good idea I know but it's the most convenient way for me.

Screen Backlight Off app saves your battery

If you like to use an app that throws your video to a different device for mirroring or listen to the audio on YouTube music videos, you may like the idea of being able to turn off the screen backlight to save power. When you turn off the screen backlight many video players stop playback. A new app has launched for rooted devices called Screen Backlight Off.

Type 2 Kill lets you blast tanks by simply hitting on keys

So you're an avid mobile gamer. Did you know there's an arcade game that helps improve typing skills? That sounds very geeky but that's the effect of Type 2 Kill. Judging from the name of the game, you only need to type certain letters to kill the enemies. Your typing skills will be put to a test with this game that also boasts of great visual effects and HD graphics.

SBK14 is the official Superbike game app, now available at Google Play

There’s a big market for sports game apps in the Android ecosystem – and with a little imagination and some intuitive game mechanics, it could be a recipe for great marketing and awareness of any specific sport. A racing sport like the Superbike World Championship has a lot of reasons why it should get into the Android market – maybe that’s why it has now released SBK14, the official Superbike game app, via the Google Play Store.

Save the world through platformer game Almightree

What if one day, you realized that the world around you was starting to literally fall apart (ground shaking, buildings falling, the works) and you have been tasked to help save the world by going out there while everything is unstable, trying to find the only solution to this world-crumbling problem? Well, if one day, that will actually happen, you can start practicing now with this new Android game called Almightree.

Marvel Might Heroes co-op game inbound, pre-registration live

Marvel is once again coming out with a new brawling mobile game, but it will be doing things quite differently this time. It has found a new game developer partner in DeNA and this time, you won't be bashing heads alone. Marvel Mighty Heroes is primarily a cooperative multiplayer game, though there is said to be a single player campaign also. And unlike Kabam's Contest of Champions, this DeNA game features a distinct artistic style that may not appeal to every true believers.

AMT releases long-awaited sequel in Epic War TD 2

A tower defense game doesn’t have a lot of elements – this is why as relatively easy as it is to get it right, there are also a lot of opportunities to get it wrong. Epic War TD was a great tower defense game and a lot of people enjoyed that – so it was of utmost importance that gaming outfit AMT get the sequel right. They took two years to do it, and now we have Epic War TD 2.

Ginger Keyboard update brings new Smart Bar feature

Ginger Keyboard is one of the more famous keyboard replacement apps for Android, and it’s come up with a recent update that brings a new feature to the keyboard. The new Smart Bar feature basically allows users to create shortcuts of apps which require the use of the keyboard on the smart bar, giving you easier access from one app to another.

Palabre: RSS reader with Material design, customizable options

With all the websites that you monitor, the social media accounts that you follow and the articles that come across your feed, sometimes, it's just hard to keep up with all of them. That's why you have your RSS readers and news aggregator apps to help you make sense of all of these. A new kid on the block called Palabre is now available for your devices, and its Material Design and features makes it a must have for Android users.
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