Find the missing tiles, finish every puzzle in Socioball

In the same fashion as the 3D model style of Monument Valley, the Socioball is another puzzle game that can take the wits out of you. Not all games are this interesting and addictive even if you know you can't easily finish some puzzles or levels. This Yellow Monkey Studios game is another free to play game that we can say is worth a few hours of your life.

Google Photos food trucks rolling out in major cities by July 29

The Google Photos Twitter account tweeted out a mysterious 9-second video showing waffles and the hashtag #PayWithAPhoto. People immediately started speculating that Google will be giving away free waffles or this is just a marketing stunt to save face for the Google+ Photos/Google Photos brouhaha earlier this week or it’s just a way of deliciously promoting their Google Photos. Well, there isn’t any official statement yet, but they did speak to a tech website and confirmed that Google Photo food trucks will be rolling out by July 29 in major US cities.

Plan traps and summon monsters in ‘Sybil: Castle of Death’

How many mobile games will make you fear the face of death? 'Sybil: Castle of Death' is no ordinary strategy game as the horror and black comedy theme will make you think twice if you really want to play it or not. If you're not used to such kind of dark strategy-tower defense game, don't play this or else you will have nightmares you won't forget. The graphics alone are enough to scare you.

‘Earthcore: Shattered Elements’ is one real dark fantasy card battle game

If you're an avid card battle gamer and want a new title to try, consider 'Earthcore: Shattered Elements'. The title itself gives us an idea that this one will use up your imagination, creativity, and strategizing skills. This game offers too many tactical opportunities that will really test your patience and intellect. To finish the game, you need to make sure that you're prepared by carefully thinking of a strategy in this complex yet fun collectible card game (CCG).

Seattle’s Space Needle launches virtual reality app

The Space Needle is one of – if not THE most iconic – landmark in the city of Seattle and has been what most people remember about the city (that and the rain, of course) since it was built in 1962 for the World’s Fair. In 2015, it’s still going strong, providing locals and tourists alike with magnificent views of the city, Puget Sound, and to wherever your eyes can reach. Today the management of the Space Needle jump on the virtual reality (VR) bandwagon by launching an app that will provide users with VR headsets to experience the Needle’s amazing views.

Microsoft Garage team releases Send app, Android version coming soon

With the numerous instant messaging and email inbox apps available, it can be difficult to choose just one that will help you with all your personal and professional messaging needs. When it comes to work and business, using a corporate email and a reliable inbox app is recommended. However, opening and loading messages on a native email client can take some time. It can be more convenient if one can just send a quick note or question to anyone. Sure, instant messaging apps can be enough but for work and school, there's the new Send app that allows fast communication between Office 365 business and school email account owners.

Opera Max update: design changes, more control over app management

Even the most practical of apps need a design makeover every once in a while. Data management and data saving app Opera Max has undergone one, and the latest update to the app brings improvements not just in the app management functionalities, but also the aesthetic and functional design as well. And all these changes come from user feedback or most requested features from users. It’s always a good thing when developers show their users that they actually listen to their suggestions and requests.

GoPro looking at releasing a mobile editing app later this year

While the GoPro product line has definitely captured the attention (and wallets) of the more adventurous type of mobile videographers, one problem that users have been facing is editing and sharing the videos without having to transfer it to a computer or laptop. The company president, Tony Bates, confirmed that they are actually this close to launching an app that will solve those problems and they plan to launch it by the end of the summer.

Here’s how to get that rare, Galaxy S6-exclusive Hearthstone card

More good news for you Hearthstone addicts out there. Aside from ‘The Grand Tournament’, the second expansion of the game coming really soon, you can now get the new rare card from Galaxy Gifts even if you're not a Samsung Galaxy S6 phone owner. You see, this particular card is hard to get so I'm pretty sure that fans like you are really bummed that it's kind of exclusive for Samsung device owners.
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