Verizon’s go90 video streaming app finally goes live on Android

Because video streaming is all the rage now with mobile devices, Verizon wanted to get in on the action. Just last month they announced that they were launching a free service pretty soon, and asked people to sign up if they were interested. Well that day has finally come as they announced the the go90 video app is now available for download and use for your Android smartphones or tablets. It’s open to even non-Verizon subscribers, but some content may be limited to their customers only.

Ride down the mountain with friendly animals in ‘Ski Safari 2’

If you haven't played Ski Safari, now is the time to download 'Ski Safari 2' and find out why this action mobile game has been downloaded more than 140 million times all over the world. You may not be a real skier and are more content with playing behind a screen but with this game, you can live your professional skier dreams. At least on a touchscreen device, you're fast, smooth, sporty, and simply awesome.

Chainfire relinquishes ownership of SuperSU app, will pursue other projects

As long as this writer has been writing about Android (a couple of years) and using Android devices (maybe even longer), SuperSU has been the standard app that one had to use if you want to enter the gateway into tweaking your device – which is to gain root access. Chainfire, the developer behind SuperSU, has been developing and improving the app for over 4 years now, and that will eventually come to an end as ownership is transferred to Coding Code Mobile Technology LLC (CCMT).

Need for Speed No Limits, now available for Android devices

If you’re a huge fan of the Need for Speed game series and spent countless hours just fantasizing you’re doing this in real life as you play on your game console, then you can fantasize even more as it makes its way into your mobile devices. Need for Speed No Limits is actually the first in the game series from EA that is made just for mobile, and it can now be played on your handy Android smartphones or tablets.

Samsung, Photobucket, team up for photos app to rival Google Photos

During its heyday, Photobucket was one of the most popular photos app out there, and was one of the best ways of organizing your images online. But suddenly, the competition got stiffer, and other better and more powerful photo organizing apps came our way and the website/service lost a bit of significance. Now, it’s back with a vengeance, at least for Samsung Galaxy devices, as it teams up with the Korean OEM to create an app that can go up against Google Photos.

Facebook makes improvements to mobile profiles, including video

Whether you were so looking forward to it or dreading it, we all knew that sooner or later this would happen. Facebook is now bringing video profiles to your mobile apps, because apparently, pictures aren’t enough. This is just one of the many improvements that the social networking giant is bringing to the app version, since apparently people visit FB profiles more than four billion times a day (we have that much time on our hands???) and we want our profile pages to look “nice” for these virtual visitors.

Rescue your digital brother in Freeze! 2 – Brothers, now on Android

If a mobile game gets a sequel, it’s either the first one was a critical or financial success (or both) or the developer just wants to keep on pushing the game until it gets popular. Based on the success of the first installment, we’re guessing the reason why we now have Freeze! 2 - Brothers is because of the first reason. This weird, unique, and at times difficult puzzler is now available for Android devices.

‘Dawn Of The Sniper 2’ brings bigger zombies to shoot

You may have never dreamed of becoming a sniper before but shooting zombies can be fun and fulfilling. Okay, that sounds really morbid but with 'Dawn Of The Sniper 2', you're challenged to not just escape the zombies but to actually fight them by shooting endlessly with new guns. You are free to collect more guns or buy upgrades just so can get all those achievements.
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