Just Dance Now uses Android smartphone as a controller

Just Dance has proven to be a very popular game on a range of game consoles. The game has people dance to current pop music and scoring points for hitting the right moves. Just Dance has been updated recently for smartphone users and is available on Google Play now.

99 Problems will indeed give you problems (the good kind)

If you're tired of the usual endless runner games or the shoot-all-of-the-things-you-see-on-the-screen games that you usually play, then maybe it's time to give yourself some problems. 99 ones to be exact. A new game in the minimalist tradition is the latest in a slew of games that frustrate most mobile gamers with its difficulty but delight those who love tough challenges. And yes, the name of the game is 99 Problems.

Javelin Browser update hands-on: taking on the big boys

Browsers on the desktop have gravitated towards giant names, but the mobile space remains more or less uncharted territory that is open to many, sometimes even too many, alternatives to leave a mark. While there are countless browser apps we can list down, one of the most notable is Javelin Browser, which has just gotten even more notable with this latest version.

Star Wars Galactic Defense game coming soon to Android

Star Wars is one of the most popular science fiction franchises in the world. You would have to live under a rock to not know that a new film is in the works now that Disney owns the rights to the franchise. A new game is also in the works for mobile gamers called Star Wars Galactic Defense.

Circa News app updated with new Wire feature

How do you read the news? I used to use Google Reader but now that it’s done, I simply open my Facebook and read whatever is on my News Feed. Not a wise decision but most of my contacts like to share stuff so I just read whatever interesting stories catch my attention. But for those who really like to be informed of current events, there are many apps available on smartphones and tablets. One of the more popular news apps is Circa which was recently updated to include a new feature called Wire.

e-Cal update brings better features for task lists

If you've been using the e-Cal calendar as your productivity tool of choice, then this new update might make you a bit happier, if you've been wishing for more task list integration. And if you're searching for a calendar app to use instead of your device's built-in one, then you might want to consider e-Cal, given its simple but very useful features.

BlackBerry Blend app brings content from BB phone to tablet and computer

BlackBerry isn’t giving up anytime soon. Yep, the Canadian smartphone pioneer is still in the business. CEO John Chen is still confident that the company can still be relevant in the market today. Recently, it released a new model in the form of BlackBerry Paspport—a phone that combines touchscreen goodness with the familiar physical QWERTY keyboard.

WhoSampled music discovery app comes to Android

For true-blue music geeks, finding out the DNA or origin of songs is something that thrills them. After all, as filmmaker Kirby Ferguson says, Everything Is A Remix. But while Google (or Wikipedia) is always there if you want to research, it would be handy to have an app that has a wide database to do that for you. Award-winning app WhoSampled is now finally available on Android, and it is a music aficionado’s dream come true (well, if you’re into that sort of thing).