Snapseed (finally) gets an update: more editing tools, more options

In the world of apps, not getting an update for two years is almost like a death sentence. Well, not really, (especially if you're owned by Google), but it also means that you might not get any new downloaders, or that people already using your app might find some other alternative, one that brings new features every few months or so. So it's with a sigh of relief that finally, after two years, Snapseed has received an update, bringing with it new tools and more options to use.

Dragon Hills lets the princess destroy the knights

In Dragon Hills, the princess isn't waiting for a brave knight to save her, she is using a dragon to destroy the castle and kill the knights. The game is an action adventure app that follows the princess as she seeks revenge by sliding down hills and jumping in and out of the ground on the back of a dragon.

Tiltagon will make you tilt endlessly and fall off to frustration

Noodlecake Studios is known for really fun and challenging games. No wonder Humble Bundle always adds games from this developer. Here's another game that will definitely make you scream not out of excitement but because you're annoyed you can't finish a level. I tried playing this game and asked people to play the game and we all have the same frustrated reactions. It looks easy but really, this is one hard arcade game by developers Jyri & Piia Kilpeläinen.

Servicely kills services automatically to save battery life

I'm sure we have all downloaded some cool apps before only to find that they have services that run in the background constantly and run your battery down. If you want to keep those cool apps, but kill the services to save your battery, Servicely may be the app for you. One big downside to the app for some users is that it requires root access to your device.

Sunrise adds Basecamp, Meetup in latest Android update

Because of the glut of useful (and sometimes not so useful) apps nowadays, we normally would use different ones to organize our lives, increase productivity, and even just to socialize with online and offline friends. So when these apps come together, it's a good thing for both the brands and the users. Sunrise, one of the more popular productivity apps in the market, has now added two apps to be integrated into their calendar: Basecamp and Meetup in their latest update.

Control your presentations, documents, with Microsoft Office Remote

There are some apps available out there, if you look hard enough, that will help you remotely control your PowerPoint when you're presenting. But to have the actual makers of PowerPoint create an official app to do that for you and so much more is another (hopefully great) thing. Microsoft has just released their Office Remote app, which does exactly what its name says, remotely control your Office documents and presentations.

Be a micro organism tug boat in KromacelliK Android game

You wouldn't think that a game featuring 8 bit retro-style graphics with microbes and cells would necessarily appeal to a large group pf people right? But you don't really have to be a microbiologist to be able to appreciate and understand this weird game. KromacelliK, now available for Android devices, is weird, challenging, a little hard to understand, but ultimately satisfying once you've figured out what it is you're supposed to be doing.

Football Manager Classic 2015 now available for high-end Android tablets

Frustrated football fans make the best football managers. Well, we don't have any real evidence to back that up yet, except for the number of people who go on to play Football Manager whenever their team suffers a huge loss and they blame the manager. Now one of the best and biggest football mobile games is back, better than ever, and it now has support for high-end Android tablets. Welcome to the world of Football Manager Classic 2015.