Google Messenger updated with stickers, location sharing

Google officially launched the Messenger last year but it's only now that the instant messaging app is getting a significant update. This new version now comes with new stickers and  location sharing features. This messaging app already boasts of a modern user interface but the addition of new features makes it more convenient, easier, and more fun to use.

TheoTown is another SimCity like city-building game

I told you. The pixel art style in mobile games is slowly becoming a trend. Instead of really stunning graphics and colors, such games will show more pixels (squares) in a retro kind of way. If you're a fan of SimCity, you'll be glad to know there's a new version that will probably bring you back to 1989 when SimCity was first released. In TheoTown, you can do anything you want. Build more houses, develop more buildings, schools, parks, and more. It's up to you how to make the town more enticing to live in.

Microsoft launches the Halo Network app on Google Play

If you really love Halo – as in, you can’t live without it – then you must be clapping as you read the headline. For us normal people, it’s Microsoft trying to extend the reach of its influence, even in gaming. For all of you who adore Cortana and know all there is to know about Master Chief, the Halo Channel app on Android will be a total feast. Well, maybe not that much.

Get ready for the new Star Wars movie with new official app

We still have half a year to go until the much-awaited release of the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens. But every new movie or merchandise related news has been met with a lot of interest and anticipation. Want to get even more excited? Disney has released a new app that can be your hub for anything about the galaxy far, far away, and it even includes a chance to get a selfie with your favorite Star Wars character.

Google Play brings minor tweaks to animation, what’s new section

The Google Play app may not be the most constantly updated of all the Google products, but it is actually one of our most opened apps, if you're always on the search for new apps on your Android devices. A Googler has recently revealed to an online site that there will be changes happening to the app as Google tries to continually improve all their products, even if it is through minor changes only.

Fleksy virtual keyboard will now be free forever

If you've always wanted to try out a virtual keyboard but didn't want to spend a buck (or even les than) on them, one of the more popular ones has recently announced big news. Fleksy will now be free for users on all platforms, and they promise it will be forever. Making it available for free will hopefully bring a bigger user base to the developers, and so they will be able to concentrate as well on creating more improvements and maybe additional products for that growing community.

Omni Swipe (ex Lazy Swipe) update: locked screen, better search, etc

The bigger our smartphone screens get, the harder it becomes to use it with just one hand. We told you about an app a few months ago that will help you with that problem. Back then, it was called Lazy Swipe, but since then, it has been renamed Omni Swipe (probably because not everyone who wants to use the app is actually lazy). The newest update to the app brings better search functionality, random wallpapers for your display, and other minor improvements as well.

Escape the war zone with style in Ramboat: Hero Shooting Game

If you're a fan of Sylvester Stallone's classic Rambo character, you've probably been wishing that someone would make a mobile action game based on the movie. The wait is almost over...that is, if you like your Rambo cute and caricaturish. A new game, which has been hailed by Time Magazine as one of the 5 best mobile games this year so far, is now available for Android devices. Let the Ramboat shooting games begin.

See the bird’s POV with Cardboard Flappy Android 3D game

The Flappy Bird craze may have already died, but given the chance to see the game from the bird's point of view, wouldn't you take it? This is the idea behind the new game Cardboard Flappy, but this time, instead of tapping the screen, now you get a literal bird's eye view as you fly through pipes. All you need is to have an Android smartphone, a Google Cardboard headset, and the ability to dodge those pipes in order to fly free.