Intel launches Remote Keyboard app for NUC, Compute Stick

If you’ve been watching the mobile device landscape in the past year, you will see that chipmakers Intel have been more active than in the years before. This is an intentional move for Intel to break into the mobile space, primarily with their processors in mobile devices. The Intel NUC and Compute Stick products are also Intel platforms geared towards the mobile space, and Intel is launching a companion keyboard app just for both products.

Cook your way to stardom in newest Cooking Dash Android game

If you're familiar with the slew of dash games that became famous a few years ago, then you know how addictive those games could be. And if you put it together with the heady promise of fame and fortune, even if it is the virtual kind, then you are probably rushing to your mobile device now to download the newest version of this popular game. Cooking Dash 2016 lets you play a celebrity chef and cook your way to even more stardom.

Organize your electronic research papers with Mendeley app

There are a lot of book and reading apps out there, but most of them are meant for fiction and non-fiction but non-academic books. What if you're doing research for university or for a business paper, and what you need is an app that has more than just what these reading apps are offering? What if you have a lot of PDF files for research and need a way to organize, catalogue and actually read them in a user-friendly way. Mendeley is an app that claims can help you in these circumstances.

Bomgar now allows remote screen sharing for non-Samsung devices

If you haven't tried Bomgar Remote Screen Sharing for Android, now is the best time because the program has just been updated. Bombar has expanded the feature to all other sweet Android 5.0 Lollipop-running devices. This means anyone who uses Bomgar can remotely control Android phones or tablets even those non-Samsung devices.

Space Galaga Int’l Edition brings the game to a new generation

If you were a fan of the simple but highly addictive static shooting game Galaga in the 80s and 90s, then of course you'd want to play this on your mobile device in whatever form it takes. Bandai Namco, the creators of the original game, is bringing you Space Galaga International Edition, which brings a game both familiar and vastly different from the one you grew up with, and introducing this still entertaining game to a whole new generation of gamers.

Be a true firefighting hero in “RESCUE: Heroes in Action”

Firefighting missions are always challenging but if you're a true hero, you will embrace every mission even if it means having to face death. Your duty as a firefighter is to face danger all the time. In this game "RESCUE: Heroes in Action", you will know what it means to be a real hero in action.

Prison Escape Puzzle will test your escaping skills

If you find yourself in prison, I'm sorry but there's nothing we can do to help. You're on your own now but you have the power to escape from prison by finding some items and solving the puzzles in this game called Prison Escape Puzzle. It's another addictive and fun puzzle game that will challenge your wits and skills.

Burner update: Material Design, Android Wear support, unified inbox

One app that truly lives up to its name is Burner. No, it's not an app to turn your smartphone or tablet into a flame thrower, but it does create throwaway phone numbers (US and Canada only) that you can use for one purpose or another and then dispose of when they have served their use. A new update for the app, which brings it to Version 3.0, is their biggest design update so far, bringing Material Design, a unified inbox, and support for Android Wear devices.

View your EPIX movies, videos on your Android TV in new app

There will really come a day (or maybe it's already here?) when we will watch our favorite videos like movies, TV shows, concerts, not on an actual TV screen anymore, but on our mobile devices, whenever we want. But there is still a certain that would prefer to do so on bigger screens than their smartphones or tablets, but still whenever they want and not on network or cable TV but on demand. EPIX says it is the first premium network to be on Android TV and this might start a trend.

New AirDroid update brings Telegram, Kik message reply support

Remember the AirDroid v3.1.3 update released last week? That version has a quick follow-up, adding support to Telegram and Kik when it comes to message reply. Sand Studio, the developer behind the app, has been working on message reply support for several instant messaging apps as requested by the avid users. The developers did their best but encountered some issues while working on Hangouts, Viber, and Line.