Android Auto messaging features helps you stay connected but focused

These car accessories and digital car modules have helped a lot of drivers stay connected, but it is still pretty much dangerous, as you can get easily distracted with other screens in front of you. But the recently-released Android Auto platform says that it can help users still stay focused while driving, while letting you still be connected to your messages, emails, and other important things you need to take care off while you're on your way somewhere.

Web Browser for Android TV works ala Chrome but not quite

Android TV is one platform that has yet to be the standard in smart TVs but it's exciting to think about the future of television. TV-watching (couch potatoing?)  has changed in the past decade, thanks to the introduction of the Internet, mobile apps, and the more hi-tech TV models. There are only a few Android TV devices in the market but the platform is what makes them more attractive to use. Apps are still limited though. You'd think a web browser would be easy to develop since Google already has Chrome but there's no official web browser app yet.

You can make faster Hangouts voice calls when new update rolls out

If you're not satisfied with just chatting with colleagues or friends over Hangouts and have been dependent on making voice calls through the app and/or desktop, chances are you've noticed that it's not as fast as it should be. Don't worry, it's not just your carrier's fault, but it's the connection speed within some of Google's apps like Gmail and Inbox where you can also make the voice calls. But a new update to the apps and to the desktop will solve that problem and allow you to make faster calls.

Eternal Fate now available in its full MMORPG glory for Android devices

If you're a huge fan of MMROPG (massive multiplayer online role-playing game for the uninitiated) but you're kind of sick and tired of Clash of Clans or any game that has the word clash or clans in it, you might want to try out a new game. Eternal Fate has been around for some time now but on beta mode. This time, you can experience the full version as it's now available for real, for Android smartphones and tablets.

Mailbox for Android receives Material Design update

Long before there was Inbox by Gmail, the whole app that started us going for a zero inbox as one of our digital goals was Dropbox' own Mailbox. When it finally arrived on Android devices, we were quite pleased that getting rid of those 2,000+ emails was going to be easier now while using our mobile gadgets. The latest update to the app now makes it look like a true-blue Google app, at least in certain aspects.

Orgzly note-taking app allows multiple notebooks, Dropbox sync

Orgzly is yet another app for your tasks, notes, and to-do lists but it's more than just that. It's an outliner that helps you do a number of things in the most convenient way. You can use multiple digital notebooks and access them on Orgzly. Feel free to make new notes and add tasks, schedule tasks, set deadlines, and set priorities and tags. Once you're done writing down on your notebooks, you can can synchronize them with your Dropbox account.

Smart Notify app lets you know what you want to know

Almost everything on your phone can be organized. You can set up notifications for most of your favorite apps for easier access the moment you turn on your phone. And with Android Lollipop and Material Design elements, your mobile life will be better with Smart Notify, a special advanced SMS and calls manager app for Android. With this program, you can set a popup window notification to show missed calls, SMS, MMS, and more.

You can now send photos through BitTorrent’s Bleep messaging app

A few months after BitTorrent launched the Alpha version of their messaging app Bleep, we're finally getting an update. If before you can only send messages and make voice calls to the app, now as promised, you can add exchanging pictures into the equation. There are also a few minor tweaks added, but the app is still in the Alpha mode, although they are already laying the groundwork for the beta version soon.

SNK Playmore brings Fatal Fury Special to Android

SNK brings another one of its classic franchises into Android by porting Fatal Fury Special into an app via the Google Play Store. Most of SNK Playmore’s games – if you check their app line-up – will either be related to the King of Fighters or Metal Slug line of games. But at least we’re getting one not just for variation’s sake, but a total classic of a fighting game as well.