Foursquare brings back mayorship, but this time on Swarm

Have you missed being the digital mayor of your office or your favorite coffeeshop or bookshop back in the good ole days of the original Foursquare? Well, now you can go back to being your competitive self, at least when it comes to checking in at your favorite places. They're bringing back the mayorship of each place, but instead of being on the new Foursquare, you can now do it on Swarm, which replaced it as your official check-in app.

Be the king of Cartel Kings, now on Android mobile devices

Feel like doing something criminal right now? We all get the urge, but hopefully, we don't actually do something about it. Good thing there are now mobile games where you can just live up your illegal lifestyle without real-world consequences, just so you could virtually get it out of your system. So if you want to know what it feels like to be part of a cartel, then Cartel Kings may just be the game for you.

MRU Widget shows recently used apps, blacklist backup/restore added

From Now cards to notifications to launchers, there are still so many ways to personalize your Android phone experience. There seems to be a trend now to declutter one's home screen because really, it's just too difficult to have a disorganized screen. There are several apps and widgets that can help productivity and app management like viewing the most recent apps you've used. The MRU Widget is a special tool that lessens the need to create app shortcuts as all those recently used apps will simply show up on the MRU.

Kill them with fire in FireWhip, now available on Android

Sometimes, you really don't need a complicated back story, a cast of interesting characters, award-winning graphics and visuals, scintillating music or even highly-intelligent gameplay. There are days when all you want to do is play a game that is simple and yet fun, with gameplay that will challenge you, but at the same time, you can learn in just a few seconds of opening the game. And we're not talking about the sometimes repetitive match 3 or even endless runner games. FireWhip may have just achieved said requirement for your Android devices.

Fruit Ninja: Math Master joins kid-friendly Google Play initiative

With the hundreds of games and apps out there in the Google Play Store, it's hard to find and filter the ones that would be best for children. But Google Play has come out with a "family-friendly experience" that would make discoverability easier for parents looking for material that will not just entertain their children, but have a bit of learning and education on the side. One of the apps included in the launch is a new version of the best-selling game, Fruit Ninja, and this time you can become a Math Master.

Intel launches Remote Keyboard app for NUC, Compute Stick

If you’ve been watching the mobile device landscape in the past year, you will see that chipmakers Intel have been more active than in the years before. This is an intentional move for Intel to break into the mobile space, primarily with their processors in mobile devices. The Intel NUC and Compute Stick products are also Intel platforms geared towards the mobile space, and Intel is launching a companion keyboard app just for both products.

Cook your way to stardom in newest Cooking Dash Android game

If you're familiar with the slew of dash games that became famous a few years ago, then you know how addictive those games could be. And if you put it together with the heady promise of fame and fortune, even if it is the virtual kind, then you are probably rushing to your mobile device now to download the newest version of this popular game. Cooking Dash 2016 lets you play a celebrity chef and cook your way to even more stardom.

Organize your electronic research papers with Mendeley app

There are a lot of book and reading apps out there, but most of them are meant for fiction and non-fiction but non-academic books. What if you're doing research for university or for a business paper, and what you need is an app that has more than just what these reading apps are offering? What if you have a lot of PDF files for research and need a way to organize, catalogue and actually read them in a user-friendly way. Mendeley is an app that claims can help you in these circumstances.

Bomgar now allows remote screen sharing for non-Samsung devices

If you haven't tried Bomgar Remote Screen Sharing for Android, now is the best time because the program has just been updated. Bombar has expanded the feature to all other sweet Android 5.0 Lollipop-running devices. This means anyone who uses Bomgar can remotely control Android phones or tablets even those non-Samsung devices.

Space Galaga Int’l Edition brings the game to a new generation

If you were a fan of the simple but highly addictive static shooting game Galaga in the 80s and 90s, then of course you'd want to play this on your mobile device in whatever form it takes. Bandai Namco, the creators of the original game, is bringing you Space Galaga International Edition, which brings a game both familiar and vastly different from the one you grew up with, and introducing this still entertaining game to a whole new generation of gamers.