UK, Germany retailers release pricing of Huwaei watch

Huawei is an unlikely OEM to release a luxury smartwatch, but as we saw at the recently World Mobile Congress, it's something that's not just possible but something they did well. The Huwaei Watch became one of the most talked-about new devices, but people were speculating about how much it would cost because it looked and seemed expensive. While there is no official price or release date in the US, some Europe-based retailers can give us an idea of its price range.

Evernote update: sleeker Material Design, enhanced collaborative design

The Material Design visual guidelines strongly suggested by Google has probably affected almost all apps that are found on Android devices. Some adapt it totally, while some who are more concerned with their app's aesthetics have managed to give their own take on the design, without necessarily aiming to look like all of the other ones who've adapted it. Evernote's latest update certainly incorporates Material Design and at the same time made way for some user-suggested changes and adjustments.

Be updated with global weather conditions with Weatheroux⁺ and Weatheroux²

Monitoring the weather in various places is sometimes a necessity for some people like frequent travelers, people who have clients all over the world, or those that have loved ones scattered all over the globe. Yes, you can always check it on Google or your smartphone's native weather app, but you'd like to have an easier, not to mention more visually pleasing, way to do that right? Two weather apps, companions actually, can do that for you.

Widget RPG now lets you tap on Android Wear to level up

There are loads of RPGs on Android, from JRPGs to old school pixelated retro ones to brainless money-sucking ones. Out of all of those, Widget RPG stands alone in a class of its own. Why? Because the game, if you could call it that, is both insanely easy to play and insane in itself. All you need to do is tap on the homescreen widget, where the game takes its name, to gain experience. And now you can do that even on your smartwatch too.

Opera browser update: sync mobile and desktop

While most people use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (and hey, some are still loyal to Internet Explorer!) as their default browser for both mobile and desktop, there are also some out there that have a small but loyal following. Opera is one of those secondary apps which started out as a mobile alternative to the main browser powerhouses, but now has 300 million mobile users and 55 million desktop users. The latest update now gives you the ability to sync between devices.

Pocket Casts 5.0 gets new features, Material Design elements

The last we heard about Pocket Casts was a year ago when Chromecast support was added. Developer Shifty Jelly said it's been working on the update the past few months, adding suggestions from regular users of the app. As with most recent and similar app updates, this version brings Material Design elements to the experience. The interface is still familiar but you'll see more animations and bolder graphics.

Chainfire’s Recently gives more control to Lollipop recent apps list

When Lollipop became active, there was a big change to the devices “recents” list – which is Android parlance for your “overview” or “multitask” or “recent apps” list, whatever you may call it. Lollipop just lists every app you ever opened in no particular order, which is annoying to some people who need the recents list for effective multitasking. This is where Chainfire’s “Recently” app comes in.

OneSet is the Vine equivalent of fitness enthusiasts

Admit it. You've tried to search video social network app Vine for simple exercises you can follow, but somehow got sucked into the blackhole of looking through video after video of people making fools of themselves or animals being all cute. But if you're really serious about looking for fitspiration videos, or even just jumpstarting your fitness routine, then an app that says it's the Vine for fitness is just what you need.

Go on an app shopping spree in Amazon sweepstakes

Has it been your dream to go on a limitless shopping spree and buy whatever digital content you want for your Android smartphone or tablet? Well, it's not exactly limitless, but you'll get the chance to have an Amazon gift card (or cards?) with a value of $25,000. And if you just buy those apps that are at $0.99 each, man that means 25,000 different apps, in-app purchases for games, or even ebooks and music from the premiere online content retailer.