Boomerang brings location-based reminders for emails

Location, location, location. That is not just the rallying cry for new businesses anymore, but more and more develioers are realizing that it is also important to add features in their apps that take advantage of the users' location. Email client Boomerang is the latest to join the trend as they add location-based features for pushing emails to your device.

Camera51 app lets you take photos like a pro

With the thousands of camera apps out there, it can be quite a pain to choose just one favorite. For the sociable ones, there’s Instagram as top choice because you can easily edit photos with the filters and share with the rest of mankind. For those who are more into serious mobile photography, there are apps that support actual compact cameras like Sony’s PlayMemories mobile app for the QX1 and QX30 lens cameras. For the latest Xperia X3, Sony also revealed a slew of fun camera apps.

Activision brings the Skylanders Trap Team to Android tablets

The popular game on consoles, Skylanders, now has an Android version. Activision is finally giving fans of the game another way to play by bringing the Skylanders Trap Team to Android. For now, only tablets are supported. Actually, that’s only a few tablets because it’s specified on the Play Store that the game requires the Nexus 7 and Galaxy tablets like the Galaxy Note 10.1, Galaxy Tab Pros 8.4, 10.1, 12.2, Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 , and the 8.4 and 10.5 Galaxy Tab S. The said tablets must have 3GB of minimum storage, WiFi, and at least Android 4.3.

Logitech Arx control brings PC gaming info to Android

Logitech has been making gaming keyboards for PC gamers for years that have screens that show data from compatible games right on the keyboard. That data included things like ammo and other details of the game. The screen could also be used to show PC performance information like CPU usage and more.

Dropbox now allows exporting of files to SD card

If you use more than one Android device, there are times when you wish that cloud services give you the option to export important files not just to your smartphone or tablet's internal storage, but to an SD card. Well, Dropbox has probably heard of that need and is now allowing you to do so with their newest update.

Wunderlist’s new update brings Dropbox integration

Haven't you ever wished that two of your favorite apps would just talk to each other to make your life easier? Well, two of the most popular productivity apps in the market have done just that as Wunderlist announced their first integration, and it is with cloud storage heavyweight Dropbox. We can just hear the collective happy sigh of productivity junkies out there.

Fleksy arrives on Amazon, Samsung app stores, adds 2 languages

Virtual keyboard Fleksy has announced that they are coming to a couple more app stores as they continue to expand their presence in the Android Community. Now you can get the app through Amazon and Samsung's own appstores. They've also added a few new languages and brought a major update to its Android Wear app to celebrate a milestone for downloads for the wearables.

LEGO Creator Islands lets you build all things awesome

Addicted to Minecraft? Consider a new strategy game called the LEGO Creator Islands. That’s right—it’s LEGO. This new app for Android lets you build your own island complete with Minifigures living and defending and rebuilding it.

Pushbullet app updated, subscribing to Channels now possible

Just when you thought that RSS readers are dying, no thanks to Google Reader’s demise, here comes an app that sends notification feeds of things you are subscribed to. The newly updated Pushbullet brings notification feeds that can be subscribed to and notifications from your phone to your desktop so you won’t have to miss another text message or phone call.

Path Talk now allows you to message businesses in new update

Messaging apps are a dime a dozen right now with LINE, Viber, Kakao Talk, Hangouts, FB Messenger, etc. But Path Talk has found a way to stand out from among their competitors by offering something that most people will find very much useful: sending messages to places of business and acting like your very own personal virtual assistant.