140-character limit on Twitter DM is now officially gone

Last June, Twitter announced that they are removing the 140-character limit on Direct Messages as part of their continuing improvement to that private aspect of the micro-blogging network. Initially, this was supposed to have materialized last month, but for one reason or another, it never did push through. But now, they have officially announced that the character limit has indeed been removed so now you can have long conversations with your friends or even just people you met over Twitter.

Google launches Android Experiments, a showcase of creative Android apps

After being rocked by that Alphabet news recently – which means Google is now a subsidiary of Alphabet (who woulda thunk it?) – the mothership seems to be taking time to focus on its core products, which includes Android, Google Search, and YouTube. Today we see what seems to be an invitation for creativity with Android, as Google launches “Android Experiments”, a website that compiles open source app development projects and showcases what is cool about the mobile platform.

Facebook to offer apps their video ad auto-play tech

If you’re one of those people who can’t stand the auto-play (although thankfully muted) video ads on your Facebook timeline, you might want to brace yourself and consider yourself warned. The social media giant will be opening up the tech that they use to other apps, or rather publishers who are using the Menlo Park Audience Network for their own in-app adds. Monetizing apps is the probably key to survival for tech start-ups, and this is one way to get sustaining income.

Why Noodlecake Studios pirated, released its own game on torrent sites

What to do when a game you put up with a premium price isn't selling? Most developers would just offer a discount or lower the price but Noodlecake Studios has done something different. This time, the company decided to pirate it's own game. By piracy we mean uploading a copy of the game to several torrent sites. Yup, the devs have decided to join the pirates in hopes that more people might be interested in the title and actually pay for it.

Parallels Access now allows new file sharing service in any size

The Parallels Access app recently received an update to allow large file sharing even without any cloud service. This also improves uploading time of different files, big or small in size. With the app, you can easily manage your files right from the desktop agent, as well as, use easy native touch gestures on mobile devices. With Parallels Access, remote connection to your home or work computer is made faster and easier from wherever you are.

QKSMS premium features now available for free 

If you get easily bored with apps, especially the simple and straightforward ones, then you probably are looking for an alternative to your smartphone’s default SMS app. There are a lot of alternative ones out there, but some of them require you to pay a bit for more premium features. One of these apps, QKSMS, has had a change of heart and is now offering its entire app, including the ones you had to pay for before, for free.

Google Creative Lab releases three new imaging-related apps

If Microsoft has the Garage Project, Google has its own Google Creative Lab that churns out cool apps for Android. Not that Google still needs to make more many and get more people to like Android, but it can be fun for developers to have another outlet to explore and execute their more creative side. After the Alphabet initiative, Google through the lab has just released three apps that take advantage of a mobile device's sensors and camera in new and unique ways: Tunnel Vision, Landmarker, and Lip Swap.

Evernote Premium not “unlimited” anymore; gives 10GB/month for users

When Evernote started offering “unlimited monthly uploads” for its Premium users a few months ago, little did they know that people would start signing up and then using their service as a sort of extended hard drive or cloud service. Or they should have seen that coming, given consumer behavior when offered something “unlimited”. So now, the note taking app has come up with a new policy, removing the word and concept of unlimited in order to properly manage avoid deterioration of service.

OneNote Floatie saves notes wherever you are in your smartphone

Have you ever had a sudden burst of idea while you’re doing something on your device, whether browsing your Facebook timeline or chatting with an officemate. But going out of the current app you’re using, opening your note-taking app, and then writing that thought down sometimes takes forever? Sounds like we’re just being lazy, but really, all we want is to conserve a few seconds and a few steps so we can do other things. That’s what OneNote believes, and so they’re now bringing us the Floatie button.

Pushbullet now supports end-to-end encryption for various features

In an age where hacked accounts and leaked messages are a common occurrence, encryption support is all the more important, not because you have anything to hide (well, unless you do, but that’s your business) but because we all have a right to privacy. It’s also hard to trust software and apps that you know are vulnerable to such attacks and yet don’t offer encryption. Notification mirroring app Pushbullet wants you to trust them as they are now offering end-to-end encryption support for users and the messages sent to and from their devices.