Gmail app improved once again, IMAP support now more reliable

There will never be an end to Google updating its native mail app. Gmail has been one of the top favorites of not just Android fans but also those using other mobile platforms because you can easily organize mails, search the inbox, and the tons of space that come with it. Only a couple of months after the last update of viewing all inboxes in one place, the app has just received another set of few improvements which include support for non-Gmail addresses (IMAP) being more reliable than ever.

Escape from the angry, exotic birds in Cooped Up for Android

If you think the angry birds are already crazy, they have nothing on these exotic birds that have been cooped up for far too long. The game is appropriately titled Cooped Up, and you need to make your escape before you yourself turn cuckoo. The game is a cross between the aforementioned Angry Birds and the endless runner Crossy Road with all the silly fun from the same creators of the Silly Sausage game released a few months ago.

Become a shooting hero in sequel to AstroWings2 Android game

Some say that not everyone is destined to be a hero in real life. But the great thing about the prevalence of mobile games is that at least, you can become one there, in virtual life. That is your main goal in the sequel to the popular game AstroWings, called, what else, AstroWings2: Legend of Heroes. The dynamic shooter game is back in all its 3D glory, and you get to face more monsters, mutants, and bosses now than ever before.

Livescribe+ goes out of Preview and is now live for Android devices

Just a few days after it went on Preview mode in the Google Play Store, the Livescribe apps are finally live for Android devices. This means that those who have Livescribe 3 will finally be able to do more with their pen and their gadgets, transforming analog into digital easily. Both apps, the Livescribe+ and the Livescribe Link will now be fully functional, making it easier to manage your smartpen and all the materials you create from it.

Bleep leaves alpha phase, now available across all platforms

A few months after their alpha release, this messaging service from BitTorrent is now ready to take on the world. Bleep is now publicly available on the Google Play Store and in other platforms. The newest version of the app also brings new features and additional improvements, trying to convince you to switch from your current messaging service to the supposedly more secure newest kid on the market.

Mad Men retrospective brought to you by Lionsgate and Google Play

It's less than a week until one of the most critically-acclaimed dramas on network television finally comes to an end after seven seasons on air, and to commemorate it, Lionsgate and Google Play have teamed up to bring you the ultimate Mad Men digital retrospective. It contains a lot of never-before seen materials, as well as the ultimate multi-media stuff to prepare you for the series finale airing this Sunday on AMC.