uBlock update now brings Firefox support

As long as companies still believe in the power of old-school online display advertising (irregardless if they seem spammy or something), getting rid of those pesky ads on your browser and free apps will always be a struggle. Luckily, there are some adblocker apps out there that can help you out. uBlock is one of them, and the latest update to the browser extension brings support to Firefox for mobile, as well as support for additional languages.

Buddhify aims to help you meditate

A new app has landed on Google Play that promises to help you meditate and get in the right mindset for just about anything you do. The app is called Buddhify and it has a wheel that lets you choose what you want to do. You can choose sleep, work break, walking, feeling stressed, or a number of other options.

New Mortal Kombat X gameplay video out, we have no words

We were kinda excited when we heard that NetherRealm was bringing Mortal Kombat back to life again, but we were not expecting this! Mortal Kombat X is the new version of the fighting game staple that has entranced fighting game fans throughout the past generations, and with this new gameplay, it might just steal this generation’s hearts (literally) as well.

Chainfire announces root access to T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S6

Well that was quick. Chainfire, probably considered an Android coding legend at this point in time, has announced that his team has achieved root access to Samsung’s newest flagship, the Galaxy S6. The new flagship smartphone was launched recently at the MWC 2015, and it’s a bit of a surprise – well, the good kind – that root access has been achieved so quickly.

Tap your way into the islands with Pocket Mine 2

If you enjoyed the original game and if you like tapping away endlessly on your smartphone, this sequel should make you tap happy. Pocket Mine 2, is obviously, the sequel to the popular arcade game from a few years back. This time you get more explosions, more items to collect, more adventures, and of course more tapping action as you try to make yourself rich through mining as much resources as you can.

Nintendo and DeNA to make Games for Mobile Platforms

Fans of Nintendo have been clamoring for a long time for Nintendo to bring its iconic game characters and properties to mobile devices. Just about every fan of Mario or Zelda would love to see those games come to smartphones and tablets to play on the go. Nintendo hasn’t developed games in the past for mobile platforms other than its own Nintendo DS and 3DS platforms.

Motorola Gallery update: Material Design, UI tweaks, camera roll options

For Motorola smartphone owners, the Motorola Gallery app can be a great way to organize and edit the photos you take, especially if you're a mobile photo taker (aren't we all?). The latest update to the app brings a brand new look based of course on Google's Material Design, better options for camera roll sorting and UI improvements for the Highlight Reel.

Star Walk 2: for astronomy buffs and wanna-be stargazers

Some people say that we spend too much time looking at our screens and not enough time observing the things around us, like nature, the flowers, the stars, etc. But what if you could combine both (well, at least the stars part)? What if your screen, in this case your smartphone or tablet, can actually help you appreciate the skies more? This is precisely what the Star Walk 2 app is trying to do, both for the seasoned astronomers and for newbies who want to learn more about the skies at night.

Invite your loved ones to go out through Swarm’s private messaging

Have you ever wanted to send an invite to a group of friends to eat out in this new restaurant, but didn't want to broadcast it to your whole social network? Well, yes, there are a ton of group messaging services out there, but what if you didn't want to go out of the app you're currently on, and what if that app was called Swarm? Well, now you have a solution to that if your answer to both questions is yes.