LogDog  lets you know if someone’s hacking your online accounts

It’s true what they say, you won’t really care about hacking unless you yourself (or people really close to you) have been hacked. But you have to understand that this is such a common occurrence that protecting our online properties should be second nature to us. Sometimes though, you don’t know that you’ve been hacked or that someone is trying to hack you until it’s too late. A new app called LogDog not only protects you online but also serves as a hacking watchdog with an early warning system.

Rotary Home organizes apps and social media timeline on home screen

If you’re not familiar with the term “rotary phone”, then you’re probably too young. But if you like things a bit retro, then you will probably enjoy having this app on your smartphone, and that is just one of the reasons. Aside from the old school round interface, the app also helps organize your various social media feed and your numerous apps into a circular launcher accessible from your home screen.

Amazon Shopping updated with voice control, now available in Mexico

Amazon recently updated its Shopping app to well...make your shopping experience better. Those who regularly use the app to solve their shopaholic problems will be glad to know that there are new features and some major changes that will benefit them. For one, the app is now available in Mexico. If you're in that country, you are free to shop on the app to your heart's content.

Microsoft’s Hyperlapse now out of beta for Android devices

Hyperlapse is now out on Android devices! But before you get all excited, we need to tell you that we’re not talking about Instagram’s Hyperlapse, but the rather confusing app of the same name from Microsoft. But despite that, they do have the same function. And now that Microsoft’s version is now out of beta, you will be able to enjoy the features without signing up with any group or downloading anything other than the app itself.

Survive the apocalypse in Disaster Office, now on Android

If you work in an entry-level position at a huge office, you know that everyday is already a battle for survival in that corporate jungle out there. But what if you add even more impending disasters like erupting volcanoes, terrorist attacks, and even a zombie apocalypse? Well, then work will surely get more interesting. Disaster Office is now available for Android devices in all its 32-bit glory. If you enjoy retro-looking games with modern challenges, then you might want to try out this new one.

Zero Punctuation now brings you its own video game with Hatfall

The man that made his name reviewing video games through his online video series will now be on the other end of the spectrum. Zero Punctuation brought no holds barred yet hilarious commentary on current video games, so its creator, Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw knows what makes games click. So now he brings you Zero Punctuation: Hatfall, a game that seems so simple and yet is so frustratingly difficult at times, but always fun.

Get that goat up the mountain in Mountain Goat Mountain

“When the goating gets tough, you get boating!” This is what the developers of Mountain Goat Mountain wants to use as motivation for you as you scale the heights of the highest peaks and just get that goat up the mountain without falling to its death or without being crushed by whatever is falling from up there. This new arcade game now available on Android devices is simple but fun, which may be what you’re looking for to wile away the time.

Plex app receives a lot of Material Design goodness

We've lost count of how many Android apps have been updated with Material Design in mind but the number is probably a big percentage of the apps in Google Play Store already. One of the popular ones receiving a late makeover is Plex. The app regularly gets an update but it's only now that it's getting some Material Design love.

Inbox by Gmail lets you snooze email to relevant dates

If your email inbox is a hotbed of meetings, airplane tickets, hotel reservations, restaurant reservations, rental car reservations, and all other kinds of reservations, then your life would be so much easier if you used Inbox by Gmail (if you don’t have it yet). Especially now, since the latest update to the app lets you snooze specific emails to the time when they will be most relevant to you, instead of letting it drown with all the other emails in your inbox.