Pokemon Jukebox is a niche music app seemingly hated by all

Pokemon is a franchise that will usually guarantee success, unless you do something really stupid with it. You may have guessed where this article is going, but allow us to state the facts. The Pokemon Company – partly-owned by Nintendo – very recently launched their first ever Android app in the form of a niche music app called Pokémon Jukebox. The idea is that with this app, you can listen to hundreds of tracks from Pokémon games. But why is there so much vitriol for this app?

Keep in touch with other gamer friends with Curse messaging app

Hello gamers, you are not forgotten. In fact, most developers have you in mind because they know they can earn a lot of money from you. But this isn't about making more money. There's a new app released by the Curse developers. No, they're not placing a curse on anyone especially not you but they've just launched the Curse app.

Ticklr lets you switch from heads-up to ticker notifications

Despite the generally positive reviews of Android Lollipop and its Material Design, one feature that hasn't been that well-received by Android users is the heads-up notification, which can be at times annoying and eats up space and time dismissing them. But it seems that Google is having none of it, and will most likely still be in the next major update, Android M. Good thing there are apps out there that can help solve this problem for you, like Ticklr - ticker notification app.

Fight almost real naval battles in WARSHIP BATTLE: 3D World War II

If you’re a fan of Gunship Battle and any other similar action games, you’ll definitely enjoy this WARSHIP BATTLE: 3D World War II. Our generation as the fruits of the generation that lived through the World War I and II may never know the real pain but with games like this, we can have an idea what it was like back in the day.

Instagram updated with new Explore page, improved search

The popular photo-sharing app, everyone's favorite Instagram has just been updated. Well, some of you may disagree that it's a fave but we can't contest the fact that the app is still one of the top social networks today even after so many years. The Instagram team has just announced two big updates to the app. One is the improved search and the all-new Explore page.

New BBC Newsbeat app designed for the millenials

Reading the news and current affairs is important. You need to be well-informed of what’s going on not only in your city but the rest of the world. This way, you can make informed decisions that will benefit you and the people around you. While there are numerous news websites that can be trusted, most people now prefer to read news and stories straight from a mobile app.

Save humans with your sniping skills in Dawn of the Sniper

If you're bothered to play a game that would require you to shoot people from a distance and that will reward you for great headshots, don't worry, with this game, you have a noble cause. You need to protect the surviving humans from a wave of zombie attackers and to ensure that you also don't get your brains eaten, you need to become the best sniper you can be. Welcome to the world of the Dawn of the Sniper, now available on Android devices.

D-Touch Doom emulator now available on Amazon Appstore

Doom is officially coming to Android. But even before it happens, someone was able to make an emulator to port the game into any Android device. The idea of Beloko Games' Doom emulator is for players who wish to port their copies to another device. It was pulled out from the Google Play Store for obvious reasons but it has already found its way to the Amazon Appstore. That's not surprising but there is a huge chance it will be pulled out as well.