Help this Dodo bird glide, jump, and run endlessly in Cartoon Survivor

The prehistoric era has always been interesting but you know we can never go back to that period in time. Read all the books you want on the subject or visit museums to learn more but honestly, those ain't fun. For the geeky gamers, here's Cartoon Survivor--a new 3D adventure runner game that combines a little bit of Temple Run, some Minecraft, and a some Minecraft style. and yeah, maybe some history too. And as for the background music? Oh you'll remember a lot of Angry Birds.

Drivemode app offers a “no look” navigation while driving

Android Auto is slowly being integrated in the latest vehicles today. It has Apple's CarPlay as direct rival and we're interested to know how the automotive industry will support each platform. We know Android Auto will be available in new cars, most of which are 2016 models. And since not everyone can buy a new car, we're looking for alternatives to these digital dashboard systems and one app that fits the bill is Drivemode.

Fly with the birds in this musical adventure game “Gathering Sky”

There may be hundreds of thousands of adventure games available on Android but only a few really catch my attention. Of course, after playing and reviewing a lot of games, one can get uninterested in the new titles that are being introduced each day. Not this 'Gathering Sky' as the game trailer alone made me listen to the background music before actually playing it.

Turn the kitty back to a prince in Kittenball Prince

If you spend a significant amount of minutes (and by minutes we mean hours) on the Internet just looking at pictures and videos of cats doing cute, cat-like stuff, then you probably would scream “Kitty!” when you see a mobile game that stars a cute and cuddly kitten with a toy ball. Kittenball Prince is one such game, although there is a fairy-tale like backstory as you try and rescue a princess while helping a prince turn back to his original form.

Go on a tank warfare with Tank Hit, available worldwide on Android

When you think of warfare, you don’t really imagine yourself going to battle riding on a tank right? But with this new game available on Android, that’s exactly what you will do. Instead of the classic kind of tanks that you usually see in games like this, Tank Hit will actually put you on a futuristic tank warfare and allow you to customize your own weapon, which is basically your tank.

Blackview packaging turns into a Google Cardboard VR viewer

We haven't heard of the Blackview brand before but the Alife P1 Pro definitely got our attention because of its very unique packaging. Why, the cardboard box that houses the Android phone can be converted into a Google Cardboard. This is one ingenious design that we can consider as geeky green because aside from carrying a phone inside, you can use the packing as another techie device. It's giving the box another use aside from just being well, the box.

High performance SHIELD games get SHIELD Android TV compatibility

Don’t you just hate it when NVIDIA plainly tells you that your device is not good enough for a specific game? And no, we don’t mean that in a relational/metaphysical way – a device’s feelings is tough enough for that (haha) – we mean that in a “your specs are not robust enough” for this game way. There are several games out there that are playable only on an NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet with its Tegra K chip and 256-core GPU. But rejoice now, because if you bought that (relatively) affordable NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV console, some of these games are now available for you. Click on the link titles to download.

Become a hero and conquer the world in Vikings: War of Clans

If you’re familiar with the historical Vikings (or even just watch the TV series on History Channel), then you’d basically know what to expect when a video game is named after and based on them. Yes, you have battles, conquests, power, fear, violence, drama, and all that comes in a neat little mobile game package with Vikings: War of Clans, now available on Android devices. Awesome realistic graphics plus engaging gameplay might make this your new favorite game.

‘1849: Gold Edition’ brings you to the old California Gold Rush era

Ever wondered what really happened during the Gold Rush Era? There are numerous books and materials on the subject but it's really different when you actually get to experience living in that period. Well, you know that's never going to happen now. It's been centuries since our ancestors have lived in the California Gold Rush but with this new mobile game called '1849', you see for yourself this side of America where gold-seekers are running about town.

NASA asking people to design smartwatch app for astronauts 

With renewed interest in space activities due to the drive-by near Pluto and all sorts of meteor showers, moon-related activities, and all, NASA is looking once again to involve the public, specifically the more tech-inclined people. They posted on a contest and challenge for people to design a smartwatch app that astronauts can use while in space. And it’s not just a matter of getting your design picked. You even get cash reward if you do win the competition.