BitTorrent launches paid file sharing app, platform agnostic

So you’re at your friend’s wedding, happily snapping pictures and candid memories on your new LG G4 with the very nice camera. After the wedding, your friend asks if she could have a copy of your pictures, as their photographer forgot to take candid shots of the guests – and you have a lot of those, hundreds of photographs. Aside from remembering not to hire this particular wedding photographer, what do you do? How do you quickly and securely transfer hundreds of high resolution photos to your friend’s phone, which is unfortunately an iPhone 6? BitTorrent thinks it has the answer to these situations with the BitTorrent Shoot app.

Samsung phones vulnerable to keyboard app hack, 600M affected

If you bought a Samsung phone within the last 2 or 3 years, chances are you need Samsung to plug a vulnerability found within the pre-installed keyboard from 3rd party developer SwiftKey. With this pre-installed keyboard found in almost all Samsung devices produced between 2012 and now, the number of phones with this vulnerability is expected to be around 600 million units. Yes, it’s that bad.

Defy gravity and be the best slasher in Tower Slash, now on Android

Have you ever had that dream where you seem to keep on running endlessly and you're already so tired but you seem to have no choice but to go on running? Well, basically, we relive that dream over and over when we play endless runner games. If that kind of game appeals to you, then you'd like this new one available on Android devices. Hopefully, Tower Slash doesn't stress you out too much but instead, you'll have fun in trying to become the best slasher ever.

Fly up to the mountain top with Amigo Pancho

Hello, amigo! Amigo Pancho has finally landed on Google Play after three years of being exclusive to the rival platform. Be ready to take on new adventures as Pancho needs to get on to the top of the mountains. He's always like that--going to the highest places anywhere in the world so be ready to fly away.

Make the Terminator give you directions in new special Waze feature

One of the best things about Waze, aside from helping you navigate through traffic and round blockage, is the fact that you can also be entertained by the voice options that are available on the app. To celebrate the imminent release of the new Terminator Genisys movie, starring a whole new cast except for a certain former California governor, you can now use Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger himself as your voice navigation to get you psyched for when the movie comes out this July 1.

Portal app allows wireless file transfer from PC to phone

Charging wirelessly is now possible so I don't see any reason why we should not be living a cable-less life. That may be not be a reality anytime soon but we're in the initial stages of becoming totally cable-free. When it comes to transferring files from a computer to a mobile device, it's now possible to drag and drop everything as if you're just moving from one window to another.

Fly a plane, virtually of course, with Aerofly 2 Flight Simulation

Some games are meant to create a fantasy world where everything is disconnected from reality while some games are meant to be simulations of reality. If it's your dream to fly a plane someday, you will probably go for the first kind of game so that you'll get to "experience" what it is to make fantastic flights across the earth or maybe even the universe. But what if you have a game like the latter, where you actually get to experience what it is to be behind the cockpit? Here comes Aerofly 2 Flight Simulation.

Addappt for Android updated, full group support added

Addappt for Android just received a big update from its developers. It's said to be the biggest release yet so we can expect major changes and new features from this version. One notable improvement is the full group support. It's something that Android Lollipop users have been missing. You see, such support is important for anyone who wants to connect and be part of a social group.