Hands-on with the Livescribe 3 Smartpen at CES 2015 [UPDATE]

Last year, the Livescribe 3 was launched – an interesting little toy that digitized your handwriting. One slight problem, the app and the smartpen was compatible only with iOS devices. Now CES 2015 comes rolling in and brings with it Android compatibility for the Livescribe 3, and we got some alone time with the gadget at the CES floor in Las Vegas.

Mizuu update 3.0: design overhaul, file name improvement, free

If you keep a lot of movies and tv shows on your Android device, having a pretty good media server app is a must have if you don't want to rely on your boring old built-in file explorer. One of the more popular apps of this kind is Mizuu, and the newest version, 3.0 and nicknamed "Black" brings a design overhaul, as well as a belated Christmas gift for new users.

Battery Percent Enabler App needs no root

Android users who would like to have a battery percentage rather than the less descriptive battery level on most Android devices may want to look at the new Battery Percent Enabler app. The app is designed to work with any Android 4.4 or higher device.

FolderSync updated, now supports Android 5.0 Material Design

FolderSync is one of the most popular file-syncing apps for mobile devices right now. The app allows syncing of files and folders from a mobile device to any cloud based storage like, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, SugarSync, Dump truck, Ubuntu One, Bitcasa, HiDrive, LiveDrive,, Amazon S3, NetDocuments, as well as, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, WebDAV or windows share (Samba/CIFS) accounts. That's one long list of platforms being supported but Tacit Dynamics, developer of FolderSync, is planning to add to the list and enable more people faster and more convenient syncing.

Enjoy virtual reality with Samsung’s Milk for its Gear VR

Virtual reality headsets may not have caught on yet in terms of wearable purchases, but it doesn't mean that we are any less fascinated by it. Samsung is banking on this interest by releasing the Milk VR app which gives access to 360-degree video files to users of their Gear VR. If rumors are to be believed, the video collection will also soon be available for other VR devices as well.

NovaKey wants to change the way you type

The premise of NovaKey – a new keyboard app – is that normal touchscreen keyboards still require you to look at the screen to make accurate taps on specific letters. By radically changing the orientation of the keyboard, NovaKey creates specific and unique “gestures” for each character – allowing for what they say is a more natural and fluid touchscreen typing process.

Drawtopia will have you drawing your journey to victory

Draw Something? There's something new exciting than that one. Instead of guessing what the other end has drawn, Drawtopia lets you draw your own way to victory. Your goal is to bring the white ball to exit by drawing lines and figures to help it out. This physics and drawing-based puzzle game features more than 40 unique levels with each one challenging your wits.

Shift app lets you create your own photo filters combo

There are hundreds perhaps thousands of photo and camera apps out there but most of the filters are already prepared for you. You just need to choose one to make a photo look as if it was taken by a professional photographer. That's the wonder of mobile photography. Point, shoot, and choose a filter for a pro-looking image you could probably submit to NatGeo. Up until today, there's not one app that allows you to make your own photo filter. But here comes the Shift, a new app that lets you create your own set of filters you can save for future use.