app update

Link Bubble gets an update and a promo sale

Chris Lacy, the same developer who has brought you Action Launcher, has been a very busy body. He has just released an updated version of his new Link Bubble app, sporting a slew of interesting features. And to celebrate the occasion, he is even throwing in a limited time discount for the pro version of the app.

Facebook update: like posts offline,untag photos on app

You’re browsing through your Facebook on your phone and see a great picture or post by your friend about something important. You want/need to like it at that very moment. Too bad you’re offline. Or you had a wild party the previous night and when you wake up, you saw that your friends tagged embarrassing photos of you. Too bad you’re on mobile and you can’t untag to save your online reputation.

Wikipedia Beta steps up its game on mobile

A lot of people use Wikipedia in web browsers, even on mobile, but it's a good bet that only a few of those are aware that Wikipedia has an official Android app. That could soon be changing however, with a new Wikipedia Beta that could very well make the app the first stop of those seeking treasure from the community-made online encyclopedia.
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