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Twitter testing “Fave People” timeline with Android alpha users

Twitter takes part in the Play Store beta program, and they also have an alpha testing program. While both are open and available for Android users to take part in, we suspect many avoid both and try to stick with the regular stable releases. While the stability of the regular Play Store releases are a perk, those using the alpha and beta builds do get a bit of an advance look. In this case it seems the alpha users are getting something called "Fave People."

JuiceSSH app celebrates reaching the 500,000 user milestone

The JuiceSSH app has been touted as being the "best free SSH client" available in the Google Play Store. But while the developer has made a commitment to provide a solid free offering, they do have a paid version available. In this case we are referring to JuiceSSH Pro, which brings some extra features.

Minuum keyboard exits beta as v2.0, brings 30-day trial option

Keyboard options are one of the perks of using Android. There are numerous third party keyboard options available, some of which have proven easier to adopt. One of the slightly more difficult to initially grasp is Minuum, which at a quick glance -- looks rather different from the traditional QWERTY layout. Of course, it is really the regular layout, just minimized.
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