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Google dropping the “Display All Images” option in Gmail

If you have used Gmail for any length of time you likely remember the options about displaying images. At present Gmail on the desktop lists the option as "display images below" and on a mobile device you see "show pictures." But regardless of platform, the need to tap that link will soon be going away. This change will first be arriving on the desktop, and then later on Android devices.

Google Maps 7.5 update brings Gmail integration

Google has recently begun rolling out a new version of Maps. This one bumps the version from 7.4 to 7.5 and it looks like it has brought Gmail integration. While Google has yet to offer a full changelog for this update, reports are beginning to surface. To that point, the mention of Gmail integration comes by way of the folks at Android Police who have offered a bit on how it all works.

Gmail update adds vacation responders, print support and more

The latest Gmail app update has arrived in the Play Store this afternoon. This update brings the Gmail app to version 4.7, but perhaps more important is the bit about the update adding a few new features. The Gmail app gains support for vacation responders, printing and also saw some additional support in terms of attachments.

Motorola Active Display update brings speed improvement

Motorola has rolled out the latest update for Active Display. The update is live in the Play Store and while this isn't a huge update with tons of new features, it does bring one important important change -- a speed improvement. According to details coming from Motorola, this one is just about saving the user a few extra seconds.