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Verizon’s VCast App Store Launching by the end of 2010

Last week we heard word that Verizon was planning on releasing their own app store to include on all Verizon Android devices. Verizon is now accepting submissions for apps running on Android 2.2, and stated that the Verizon App Store will be available by the end of this year. We still do not know the motivation in releasing their own App Store that will directly compete with the Android Market but Verizon is all about control and an App Store to host their own VCAST apps must make sense to them.

Verizon plans to introduce it’s own app store to compete with Android Market

Verizon is in the press again, the first time being their Bing ordeal last week, with another bold move. This time the popular wireless carrier is sending letters to developers stating that they are going to be releasing their own V Cast App Store on the Android Platform despite the fact that the Android Market features a V Cast Apps tab on Verizon devices.
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