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SwiftKey 3 available for 50% off for Black Friday

Black Friday is a day dedicated to deals. Shoppers wander around in a turkey induced stupor looking to grab insane deals for themselves and loved ones. Well, you can actually get some good savings without walking out of your house and braving the crowds thanks to generous app creators on Google Play. The popular keyboard application known as SwiftKey 3 is available for 50% off for Black Friday. Who doesn't love saving money and getting an awesome application at the same time?

Duke Nukem 3D is free for two days, still isn’t really free

When Duke Nukem 3D burst onto the Android Market back in November, fans of classic shoot-em-up gameplay couldn't be happier. At least until they actually installed the game, and learned that you had to buy parts two and three separately, instantly turning a 99¢ game into a $2.99 one. Three bucks isn't unreasonable for an Android game, but for a title that's over fifteen years old, many users found the roundabout payment model a little sketchy. The fact that it also displayed ads (later removed) offended the sensibilities of the Android crowd, who are happy to either pay or deal with ads, but not both.