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Android Community App of the Week: Nova Launcher Beta

There's a lot of options out there when it comes to third-party Android launchers, AKA homescreens. But when making the jump to Ice Cream Sandwich (whether through a new device or an updated ROM) all of them seem to leave something to be desired. I've tried out all my favorites on my Galaxy Nexus over the last two months, and the one I keep coming back to is Nova Launcher. It's not that other launcher's don't work - it's that Nova Launcher works better. This modified version of the open-source stock launcher comes from a familiar face: TeslaCoil Software, maker of the popular lock screen replacement Widget Locker.

Android Community App of the Week: DSP Manager

There's nothing more annoying than a smartphone with a weak speaker. Whenever I'm reviewing a new Android phone, I always check the external speaker volume, because it's become an essential buying point for many readers. If you're stuck with a phone that has a tiny, weak speaker, (like most of Samsung's phones, unfortunately) you're not out of luck. DSP Manager is a non-Market app that allows you to set up a custom equalizer setting, and with the right tweaks, raise your speaker volume to almost twice its normal output.

Android Community App of the Week: MiniSquadron!

Recall, if you will, the glorious top-down shooters of yesteryear, like 1942. (If you can't recall, stop reading this - it's past your bedtime, kid.) Now shift the perspective by 90 degrees and add a considerable amount of crazy, and you get Gray Fin Studios' MiniSquadron. It's a charming, addictive little game, and our App of the Week, considering that we'll need lots of airport distractions on the way to CES 2012.

Android Community App of the Week: Android Pro Widgets

Every week we like to slow things down a little to highlight an app that's proven itself to be useful, fun, or just plain cool. There's plenty of new stuff coming out that'll rock your socks, like the sweet 3D New Year Live Wallpaper, but the App of the Week is our way to show off some of the lesser-known apps that deserve your attention. This week, it's social and PIM widget collection extraordinaire, Android Pro Widgets.

Android Community App of the Week: Android 4.0 web browser

In my tenure here at Android Community, I haven't been shy about my love for Dolphin Browser HD. It's one of those apps that I immediately download on every phone and tablet I review, simply because I've grown to depend on its features and expandability. But after a week with the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich, I've found to my amazement that I just don't need it any more. The default browser that comes with Android 4.0 incorporates all of the features that made Dolphin a must-have, and it's faster and more stable to boot.

Android Community App of the Week: Craigslist HD for Tablets

Welcome to Android Community's App of the Week, where we highlight an outstanding app that you should know about, but probably don't. There were a lot of solid new apps this week, and of course the conclusion of Google's 10 Billion Apps promotion. But one app that I've been relying on heavily for a while and which deserves your attention is Craigslist HD for Tablets. If you've got a Honeycomb tablet and a nearby Craigslist hub, you owe it to yourself to check this one out.

Android Community App of the Week: Brightness Rocker Pro

Every week we bring you news about big apps, flashy apps, important apps. This week's most notable addition to the Android Market is certainly Google Currents, and it's definitely worth checking out (and adding Android Community via the Search function). But smaller apps that work great deserve at least as much attention, so we're featuring Brightness Rocker Pro as our App of the Week. It's a great little utility that grants you quick and unobtrusive access to your Android phone or tablet's screen brightness.

Android Community App of the Week: TweetCaster HD for Honeycomb

I must say that ever since I got my Motorola Xoom I've been wishing for a good Twitter client on honeycomb. TweetComb first came out and we did a mini review on that. Later it went from being a paid app to free for all. Personally it is nice but it is too similar to Tweetdeck for PC and I didn't like the small size and having all three panels always open. TweetCaster has came to the rescue for all us android tablet users and so far I love it.

Android Community App of the Week: Bang Bang Racing THD

Behold NVIDIA's newest collaboration, this time with the developer team at Playbox for a rock and roll racing game by the name of Bang Bang Racing! This is certainly the most unique racing-type game to come to Android yet, with an overhead birds-eye view of your progress on the track and controls consisting of the tip of your index finger. While using the game on a smaller device such as the G2x didn't work out too much to our liking, the tablet experience can't be beat. Unique controls and fabulous graphics ahoy!
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