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ARM Development Studio 5 toolkit launches to public

ARM has released an update to their development toolkit that claims an increase in Java performance by up to four times. Yes, this software is free and DS-5 CE (Community Edition) and some major enhancements from the previous version. The main difference is the including of ARM Streamline Performance Analyzer; this little tool helps developers keep an eye on how efficient their code is as it's executed, what more could a dev ask for?

Honeycomb paid apps increase four-fold, says Google

At the Android Developer's Lab in London this morning, Google laid down this gem of a statistic: the number of paid apps being purchased on Honeycomb tablets has increased almost four times over in comparison to other versions of Android. You can see the (rough) growth in the presentation chart posted by Little Fluffy Toys. It claims that Honeycomb users install a much higher number of paid applications than any other section of Android users.

Adobe Offering 200,000 in Cash Prizes to Developers Using AIR

When Adobe AIr started showing up on Android everyone was excited to see what it would bring as far as rich applications and games. We have seen quite a bit but I honestly thought it would see more use. You can read more about Adobe AIR here. It has not had the most support latest and news regarding AIR has been few and far between, but this latest report should get developers rocking on Adobe AIR soon.

AT&T offers in-app local advertising for developers

AT&T is set to release tools for app developers which would allow them to use location based advertising. Up until now, app developers had to rely on national ad campaigns and often, those ads were of little value to users. With the new location based advertising, the in app ads suddenly become more viable to the app user and provider more income since companies tend to pay more for location based ads. It's a huge development which strikes right at the heart of Google's dominance with AdMob.

Android is a developers mess according to survey

According to a recent survey of 250 working Android app developers, the Google OS may be more of a bag of hurt than Google wants developers to believe. The survey, conducted by Baird's William Powers, found that 71% of respondents write apps for Android, while 62% wrote for iOS. The survey also found that device fragmentation on the Android platform is the must frustrating element of writing Apps for Android and represents a HUGE problem. But is that the only issue facing Android developers? Not by a long shot ...

Kyocera Echo needs App Developers

Just looking at the sweet dual screen design of the Kyocera Echo, it's easy to see the potential. More real estate means more capability for apps. And being a dual, split screen can also mean more specific development that needs to be done on Android apps it will use. Kyocera knows it, so they're enacting a program to entice more app developers to create content for the dual screen platform. Developers will have access to the Echo Software Development Kit and other tools which will enable them to optimize their apps for the dual screen platform.

For developers, Android platform looks to be most profitable

Since Android surpassed the iPhone to become the most popular smartphone in the market last year, it was only a matter of time before the Google OS would also become the most popular platform for developers. But not only that, app development on the Android is now the most profitable. To the point that developers are pulling advertising dollars out of iOS based apps and doubling down on the Bot.

Havok Game Tools will make for more Xperia Play games

The Game Developers Conference this week brought some good news for Sony Xperia Play fans as the new Havok Game Tools, optimized for the Xperia Play, was previewed. Game Developers can program to move via the arrow pads or the touchpad, and can interact with a game via the Xperia's touch screen. The Havoc behavior engine allows for smoother character interaction in the game as well. Developers will also be able to perform mesh generation and path-finding with real time playback. The Havok Cloth creates realistic character design with believable, physically based motion to character garments. While Havoc Destruction gives developers complete control of destructible events within the game and lessens rendering testing of those objects through Havoc Physics. This is certainly great news for developers who are already using Havoc to develop more than 270 games in the marketplace. The new tools mean greater detail and realism, richer, more cinematic experiences, and complete integration all the way up to Android Honeycomb. [youtube 3Ju9DzIdC_Q]

Paypal X Developer Challenge for Android offers $50,000 in Prizes

It's back again, the Paypal X Developer Challenge. This time it is targeting everyone's favorite mobile operating system, Android. The Paypal Developer Challenge is an event where they hold a contest for developers to build the best app that integrates Paypal secure payments into the mix. They have clearly noticed the extreme growth of Android over the past year or two and see a huge area to capitalize on.

Linux Foundation offers Android dev courses

If you really like Android and would like to make a career out of developing software for the platform, The Linux Foundation has announced that it is teaching new courses in Android development. Courses are also offered in MeeGo development as well.
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