AOL OnePoint Mobile helps keep online identity protected

With so many websites that require registrations and logging in, you are bound to have numerous usernames and passwords. That's okay because because people are assured of secure transactions most of the time but remembering all those online passwords can be quite a challenge. Honestly, I don't write down my passwords. I just try to store them in my memory. If I have no choice and am given a difficult to remember code, I write it on Notepad. Not a good idea I know but it's the most convenient way for me.

Palringo Group Messaging and Chat App Discovery Update Review [Video]

There is an app out there in the world that takes group messaging to another level, one where you can not only communicate with the people you know and love on a whole slew of 3rd party networks, but through geotagging allows you to get a handle on those around you who are about to become your brand new associates. Starting today, key features have been added to the already cross-platform ultra popular platform (10 billion messages a month and 300,000 groups for 11 million users) to a newly minted discovery-heavy person finder as well. What we've got for you below is a look at this app as it was, as it is, and as it will be from this point on.

AOL Play Music app hits Android

If you are a big music fan AOL has launched a new music app for Android users called Play. The app is free and is designed to help you find new music and listen to songs that you like and share those songs with others. AOL describes the app as a sort of music social network.

Behind Closed Doors, Verizon Tries Unlimited Text, Data, and Mobile-to-Mobile Calls for $69.99 a Month

Finally! That's what I say. Verizon has begun a promotional plan including 450 minutes call time, unlimited text and YES unlimited DATA starting at around $70 a month. You've got to have been sent a very special promotional email to receive access to the deal, however, so don't jump the gun quite yet. Check your inboxes. Also, apparently this deal doesn't ring up as a new plan in the computers at Verizon, instead running an combo of the groups's existing $60 Talk and Text plan plus $30 unlimited data plan with $20 credit tacked on to your bill each month.