Google’s “Bouncer” may not protect us from all Android malware

We're not going to lie, when Google introduced its "Bouncer" solution to the malware problem evident in the Android Market - it was comforting to know they would take antivirus protection into their own hands. Well, it seems that may not make a lick of difference for some rare cases. Professor Xuxian Jiang at North Carolina State University have recently found a new form of malware threatening Android's security.

Comodo Mobile Security now available in Android Market

There's a lot of growth in the anti-malware space for Android at the moment, and yet another well-known company is joining the fray. Comodo, maker of the well-known Comodo Firewall and other security software for Windows, has published Comodo Mobile Security  Free AV in the Android Market. The app includes a standard antivirus function and process manager, as well as call and SMS blocking and locking functions for individual apps. Surprisingly, all this functionality is included for free.

Report: most free anti-malware apps are almost useless

Malware is a growing problem for Android, both within the Android Market and without. But when it comes to free applications, it looks like users aren't getting a lot of help. According to a security report from AVTest in Germany, nearly all the free anti-malware apps are almost completely useless, with many failing to detect even a single threat in a test environment. Their results after testing seven popular free apps are below - it looks like users are getting exactly what they pay for.

Avast! Anti-Virus for Android in the works, Rooted users will get extra funtions

Avast! one of the most popular and widely used anti-malware program for Windows will be releasing for Android soon. This app will help secure your device safely and if you’re a rooted user, you’ll be granted extra features. Avast recently announced that the app for Android was in the works but the surprise is they will be allowing those extra features for those that root.

McAfee and NTT DOCOMO extend partnership for securing Android devices

The number of hacks and malicious software that is aimed at Android users its constantly growing. Android users that have no virus and malware protection can find themselves in trouble with a compromised device that could result in stolen content or fraudulent charges on their bill. To help protect NTT DOCOMO customers the partnership between it and McAfee has been expanded.

Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 supports Android

The number of Trojans and malware aimed at the Android mobile platform is growing every day. The only way to be sure that your device is protected is to install some sort of security software on the device. Kaspersky has announced that its Mobile Security 9 platform is now available for the Android platform.

DroidSecurity offers Android security service

Many people who are militant about security on the computers don’t think much about security when surfing the net or checking email on their smartphone. A new company called DroidSecurity is offering software for Android devices that will protect users while they are online. The app costs $5 for a year of service and is a Java-bases antivirus scanner. The application also has a service built-in to help the user find a lost or stolen phone called trace lost. A phone that is turned off will yield the last known location and one that is on will give the real time location.
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