Angry Birds

Angry Birds Christmas edition confirmed by Rovio

The twitter account for Rovio is a place where Angry Birds users like myself, can get useful information and news on new updates on the game. Their twitter account has just confirmed that the Angry Birds christmas photos that have been floating around the internet, are actually the next installment of Angry Birds.

Welcome to the Angry Birds Peace Summit

There has been alot of tension between these greedy, egg-stealing pigs and the Angry Birds, but it looks like the two are going to finally come together and form a peace treaty. The peace mediator is going to have his hands full for sure.

Lightweight Angry Birds version planned for low-power devices

The developer of Angry Birds, Rovio Mobile, has announced that it will be producing a second version of the madly popular game intended for low-power Android devices. According to the company's blog, some Android device owners are experiencing performance issues, with their handsets unable to cope with the game's processing requirements.
"We are aware that a number of our fans have had trouble running the game on their devices. For example, some older and lower performance Android devices are experiencing severe performance issues. We are preparing a new solution for the next update ... This does not mean lighter gameplay or a lesser amount of levels, but a game experience optimized for devices with less processing power." Rovio Mobile
As a result, there's a long list of devices not officially supported, and Rovio says anything running under Android 1.6 or on custom firmware is also not supported. We're guessing when they mention the HTC G2 in this list, they mean the G2 Magic not the more recent handset.
  • Droid Eris
  • HTC Dream
  • HTC Hero
  • HTC Magic/G2/Sapphire/Mytouch 3G
  • HTC Tattoo
  • HTC Wildfire
  • Huawei Ideos/U8150
  • LG Ally/Aloha/VS740
  • LG GW620/Eve
  • Motorola Backflip/MB300
  • Motorola Cliq/Dext
  • Samsung Acclaim
  • Samsung Moment/M900
  • Samsung Spica/i5700
  • Samsung Transform
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini
  • T-Mobile G1

Mobclix survey reveals demographics of Android users

Mobclix sent out a survey last month to its thousands of users, which revealed some pretty interesting info about Android users. One of the most interesting results was that Android users prefer a physical QWERTY keyboard. This is good news for the recently released Droid Pro, which features a full QWERTY keyboard. Check out the rest of the results after the break.

Angry Birds Update Gets Mod to Optimize Gameplay and Hide Ads

Hooray! All of you playing Angry Birds on your Android Device more than likely know about the update that came earlier this month giving you 45 extra levels and a big fat extra bird to work with. If you do, you know that this addition not only ads more advertisements to your game (in a really inappropriate place in the top right corner,) but the app is, for many players, choppier and more lagged than the pre-update version. Yuck! But you need your birds, you can't live without your birds, and you need to smash you some pigs! So what did XDA forum member theimpaler747 do? He made a mod!

Take a bite of this Angry Birds cake

I never thought that Angry Birds could look so delicious. As many of you know, I happen to love to play the game and also love any type of Angry Birds merchandise such as the Angry Birds plush toys that were available for purchase. This cake was created by Anya Richardson who could be the next cake genius if she could create a cake like this one.
"Had someone ask how much $ to order the Angry Birds cake. It'd take a miracle for me to ever attempt to make that one again. lol".
I fully understand where this creator is coming from; its a pretty detailed cake and very hard to recreate I'm sure. Not only is this cake a fine piece of artwork, but it also looks ridiculously delicious. This is definitely one level that I'm sure no one will have a hard time conquering. Via [pocket lint]

Fake Angry Birds Update Harvests Your Phone’s Innards

This lovely little app installs additional apps, tracks your phone, steals contact details, and more! Hooray! Security researchers Jon Oberheide and Zach Lanier plan to today have a talk at an Intel security conference in Hillsboro, Oregon about a bug they've found in Google's Android OS that allows legitimately downloaded apps do some evil things to your phone. According to these two researchers, this buy allows these legit apps download more apps to your phone secretly and invisibly, apps that can have "free reign" over your phone without your permission. Woopsie! That's not good.

Angry Birds gets 45 level update, QVGA support, more

Put down your work, close your laptop and lock the kids into the cupboard under the stairs: the newest version of Angry Birds is here, and it wants your complete and undivided attention. The update adds 45 new levels to the popular game, as well as QVGA support and various bugfixes. There's also a new, fatter bird on offer. You can download Angry Birds via the Android Market or at GetJar. [via Android Police]

Angry Birds Plush Toys now available for Purchase!

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw these was OMG, I have got to get at least one if not all of these. I happen to love the Angry Birds game like most people and happen to play it on my iPad, so I was ecstatic when I saw these.
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