Angry Birds

Angry Birds Protested by Other Cartoon Pigs and Birds

Everyone from Daffy to Rocksteady have come together to bring you this public service announcement. This message is a very serious one, with every celebrity bird and pig speaking out against what they're calling the "Angry Birds War." This is a war where noone is safe, pig or bird, and where birds and pigs deaths number in at over 1 billion, "that number nearly doubling if you count every blue bird as four birds" (that's right!)

Android to get Pay Version of Angry Birds within a month

Responding to a "tweet" from a fan about when a pay version of Angry Birds with no ads would be available on the Android Platform, @RobioMobile stated that they are putting the finishing touches on the popular mobile app game and it should be ready for Android within a month. It looks as if Rovio is working to time the new Android ad-free version with Angry Birds Rio, based the upcoming animated feature by Fox, which will be out March 22nd. That's certainly good news for Angry Birds fans who need to destroy pigs wherever they go.

Angry Birds Hogs and Kisses [FULL SPOILER] [Including FB Levels]

The time has come, ladies and gentlepigs, for the newest installment of Angry Birds, that being the Valentine's day expansion for Angry Birds Seasons. This expansion features 54 new levels and a theft of girlfriend egg theme. Also included in this expansion is a link to an Angry Birds Seasons Facebook app that'll let you create your own Angry Birds Valentine's Day cards and post them on your friends walls. Below you'll see a full spoiler guide, each and every one of the levels you'll be encountering on your way to full hearts - PLUS see how to grab three bonus Facebook levels.

Angry Birds Superbowl Code Revealed [SPOILER GUIDE]

Angry Birds has been fluttering up a storm as of late with several stories including the release of 30 more levels in their standard game, a possibly leaked announcement about their upcoming Valentine's Day addition to Angry Birds Seasons, and a big gigantic bit of news regarding the movie RIO. Starting yesterday, on Superbowl Sunday 2011, the film RIO began cross-promoting with the Angry Birds brand. They plan on creating an Angry Birds "RIO" version of the game and RIO will be featuring Angry Birds on their advertising paraphernalia. And yesterday they released a secret code (that didn't turn out to be a code at all) for fans to grab themselves a brand new secret level of the game! WARNING: if you'd like to find the secret for yourself, do NOT read beyond this paragraph.

Angry Birds [SPOILER ALERT] Preview of Secret Superbowl Level!

Tomorrow during the Superbowl, something completely amazing is going to happen. This game, Superbowl XLV, one of the biggest and most watched sports games of the year, this year hosting one of the oldest rivalries in the sport, the Pittsburgh Steelers verses the Green Bay Packers, will have a secret code in it. This code will pop up on your television screen during a preview for the 3D animation animal movie "RIO," coming to a theater near you soon. What will this code reveal? A super secret Angry Birds level. What have we got for you here and now? An early glimpse of that level. Look below for a big fat spoiler.

Angry Birds Update Today with 30 Extra Levels, Access to your SMS

The folks at Rovio Mobile Limited have granted this earth a brand new world of Angry Birds today - and it's not the Valentine's Day edition. Ham Em' High is a western themed AB world with 30 extra levels, a few new bonus items and - new to the whole game, a graphics toggle for lower end devices. No more need for Angry Birds Lite. Only thing this expansion doesn't have is a good reason for asking for permission to use your sms - WHOA WHAT?!

Angry Birds Valentines Expansion Called “Hogs and Kisses”

If you're a fan of Angry Birds, and you know we are when we're not feeling cynical, you're pretty pumped up about the oncoming expansion to be released on Valentine's Day. Very little has been known about this project, which up until this moment has been called "Pink." What we know now, thanks to out best buddy Ina Fried, is that this Angry Birds expansion is called "Hogs and Kisses," comes in HD for iPad (and hopefully something similar for Honeycomb,) as well as its standard Android and iPhone/iPod Touch versions, and apparently it'll be out sooner than expected - next week soon!

Angry Birds RIO Coming Soon! [With Movie Tie-In!]

So GET THIS - the next version of Angry Birds is still most likely going to be the Valentines Edition since that day lies behind the projected release of this one, but this one seems a bit more exciting: Angry Birds RIO. Do you know what RIO is? It's an animated movie along the lines of ICE AGE. Does this mean there will be some Angry Birds in the movie? Let's ask Peter Vesterbacka, aka Mighty Eagle at Rovio.

Angry Birds: Tired and Boring

First of all, no, "tired and boring" is not the name of the next expansion. Let's talk for a moment about Angry Birds, the franchise. It's a game that's available for Android, iOS, soon to come to a plethora of different platforms, and it's a board game. And they have toys made of the characters, they plan on making a television show out of it, and they want to make a movie. And there's cakes. So many cakes made of Angry Birds and their pig adversaries. The cake you see below this paragraph is the death cake. A nice lady from a different state made this cake for a very good purpose (to eat it,) but it marks the end. Angry Birds has run its course, and we're right here calling it dead in the water.
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