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Angry Birds Seasons gets an Irish update

Mobile game developer ROVIO has released an update to it's epically successful Angry Birds: Seasons game.  The update, which now includes an Irish vibe to it, comes with 15 new levels of clovers and 2 new golden eggs and a St. Paddy's Day Surprise and lucky pots 'o gold everywhere. Users can even send Happy St. Patrick's Day cards to their friends from within the game!

Angry Birds “Go Green, Get Lucky” Release Date Set [Seasons Update]

Angry Birds newest addition to the family of pig-smashing levels called "Go Green, Get Lucky," aka the Saint Patrick's Day expansion to Angry Birds: Seasons, has been set for this Friday, the 11th of March, 2011. Thats basically one day from now! Oh man you can bet we'll be downloading and furiously whipping through these 15 new levels - you can bet, you can bet! All green, all gold, so many leprechaun hats!

Angry Birds “Go Green, Get Lucky” St. Patricks Day levels previewed [Video]

Rovio has revealed its latest addition for Angry Birds Seasons, a special St. Patricks day bundle of levels for the pig-busting title. "Go Green, Get Lucky" will be released imminently for Android gamers (as well as those playing it on iOS devices, with Palm and Nokia following on afterwards). Beyond the color-scheme and some big, traditionally Irish hats, the St. Patricks day update is pretty much in keeping with everything we've seen from Angry Birds before. That means towering stacks of pigs, various feathered weapons and the sort of addictive gameplay that makes you miss your stop on the bus. Angry Birds Seasons is a free download for Android handsets. More details on the new levels in the video below. [youtube oC9SzwBX_DU]

Angry Birds downloaded 30M times on Android

Rovio is the dev firm behind the game phenomenon known as Angry Birds. This game is raking in the dough for the company and according to Rovio Angry Birds is all kinds of popular for Android users. Rovio reports that the game has been downloaded over 30 million times.

Google says Fragmentation? We’ll take care of it

Android and its fragmentation has long been the discussion of many of its competitors as well as our own users. As much as we'd all like to agree, or disagree, there is some fragmentation that we all can at least agree on. With so many types, models, screen sizes, and CPU speeds being some large ones. Personally this has never been a large issue for me as most games and apps have always worked just about perfect. You can read about Angry Birds creators Rovio on Fragmentation. On Thursday Google came out with some information that will soon change all of that. The Fragments API.

Angry Birds St Patricks Day Expansion Coming Next and VERY Soon

Over at San Francisco's Game Developers Conference, Rovio's Mighty Eagle Peter Vesterbacka has announced the next expansion for the Angry Birds Seasons line. In a move that will certainly surprise noone familiar with the matter, the next expansion is said to be a Saint Patrick's Day set of green levels. This comes right after this year's Valentine's Day Expansion, last year's Advent Calendar Christmas Expansion, and last year's Halloween Expansion (which was originally its own game.)

Angry Birds keeps rolling with new content in March

Rovio Mobile has tweeted that Angry Birds will receive new levels to Angry Birds and and will likely include some Spring themes in Angry Birds Seasons this March. The news of new levels follows up on news that Angry Birds will launch a custom RIO level, based on the Fox animated feature RIO, and will be making it's way to other gaming platforms including PC and the PS3. Angry Birds Seasons, the Holiday themed follow-up to the popular app, released a 25 level set for winter during the holidays to go with it's 45 level Halloween theme, as well as a Valentine pack that was released for lovers everywhere earlier this month. And with our weather now moving towards an early Spring, will we likely see some themes celebrating Easter, Saint Patrick's Day, and maybe even March Madness?

Angry Birds Nailed by The Oatmeal

Do you know about The Oatmeal? They're a pretty awesome group of folks who make illustrations and have an awesome, awesome blog. Occasionally they post something rather relevant to Android, like this Angry Birds infographic, and we just cannot resist. Take a peek at the first bit here, then go down the scale to the least likable birds in the pack. Can you guess which ones they are?

Angry Birds Protested by Other Cartoon Pigs and Birds

Everyone from Daffy to Rocksteady have come together to bring you this public service announcement. This message is a very serious one, with every celebrity bird and pig speaking out against what they're calling the "Angry Birds War." This is a war where noone is safe, pig or bird, and where birds and pigs deaths number in at over 1 billion, "that number nearly doubling if you count every blue bird as four birds" (that's right!)

Android to get Pay Version of Angry Birds within a month

Responding to a "tweet" from a fan about when a pay version of Angry Birds with no ads would be available on the Android Platform, @RobioMobile stated that they are putting the finishing touches on the popular mobile app game and it should be ready for Android within a month. It looks as if Rovio is working to time the new Android ad-free version with Angry Birds Rio, based the upcoming animated feature by Fox, which will be out March 22nd. That's certainly good news for Angry Birds fans who need to destroy pigs wherever they go.
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