Angry Birds

Angry Birds send Seasons greetings via the Samsung Galaxy Note

Without a doubt, Rovio's Angry Birds is the darling of the mobile gaming world. It's sold millions of downloads, made at least as much in advertising revenue, and is now a household name amongst people who couldn't pick Mario and Sonic out of a lineup. The most prudent thing that Rovio has done is release Angry Birds Seasons, periodic themes updates with brand-new levels and elements to keep the simple physics game fresh. Now they've teamed up with Samsung for a little cross-promotion of everyone's crossover device, the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Angry Birds Seasons updates for “Ham’o’ween”

It was a dark and stormy night, that most wicked evening of All Hallows Eve, when a vengeful cry was heard across the land. It sounded like "Sqwaakk!"  That's right, fans of suicidal avian destruction, the latest version of Angry Birds Seasons is available now. "Ham'o'ween!" pits the Birds against their old enemies in 45 new levels of physics-based carnage.

Games for Google+: Angry Birds and more coming soon

Whoa, out of no where today Google has just announced Games for Google+ and already the first to tip the chart is the all mighty Angry Birds. This is one of the next big steps for Google to integrate another level of socialization into Google+ to better compete with the likes of Facebook. From Angry Birds, Decks of Cards, Diamand Dash and more. These will all be available soon for Google+.

Nook Color gets exclusive Angry Birds character in store and Magic Places enhanced play

The Nook Color Android-powered eReader didn’t start out to become an Android tablet. However, it didn’t take long for users of the Color to start hacking the device to get all sorts of features that Barnes & Noble didn’t expect. That led to B&N offering new official support for email and games like Angry Birds. Nook Color users are now able to get a new exclusive character in stores and get "Magic Places" enhanced game play as well.

Angry Birds Seasons Next Update Dubbed Summer Pignic

As the title suggests, there will be another update to the brightest of all Angry Birds games, Angry Birds Seasons. This is a slight departure from the usual update string coming from said game as in the past they've mostly been official holidays, (or veiled references to those holidays, as it were,) this update being simply a lovely afternoon event in the sun. This update is sure to bring a couple new building bits, some new bonus points here and there, and of course some new hats for the piggies!

Angry Birds Mine and Dine [Full Spoiler]

As you may have already heard, guessed, or found out for yourself via paying very close attention to the newest apps on the market list, the original Angry Birds has been updated with 15 new pig-ridden levels for your full enjoyment! This whole new scenario is set underground, where the pigs have taken it upon themselves to continue to hide away your bird eggs, seeking to tower themselves below some rather precariously hanging stalagtites - that's the kind hanging from above! See below for a FULL SPOILER of this newest set of Angry action.

Angry Birds gets Mine and Dine Update With 15 More Levels

With so many versions of Angry Birds in the Android Market all getting updated occasionally it can be a little hard to keep up, but luckily for you guys I have you all covered. I've seen this news plastered all over android sites today, some link to Rio and others to Seasons but they are wrong. The Original Angry Birds has just been updated with a new map pack called "Mine and Dine" and it is available in the market now. Get it by clicking here.

Angry Birds RIO Carnival Upheaval [Full Spoiler]

Ding ding ding SQUAWK, you know what that means, time for an Angry Birds update - today's update is to the movie tie-in game Angry Birds RIO, the expansion another chapter from the movie in what they're calling Carnival Upheaval. What you'll be finding here is a new bird, (one half of the two blue bird shooter you were using before,) this new bird floating normally through the sky with a several hit combo when activated. An oddball bit of fodder to be sure. Also look for this set of levels to be the most epileptic of all the levels, more seizure inducing than any level before!

Angry Birds Rio Update Teased, Carnival Levels On The Way

Our friends at Rovio just teased us all with some new and upcoming Episodes for the highly popular Angry Birds Rio. The newest update coming soon is called Carnival and even though the teaser says out "now" it's not out yet but will be coming soon. From the look of things the Rovio train full of Angry Birds wont be slowing down any time soon, they've been updating all 3 major version on a fairly regular basis now. Is anyone ready to play something else yet?

Tired of Books? Angry Birds Running on New NOOK

Well is there no end to the madness devs can create? Barnes and Noble's newest NOOK has may be running Android, but it is harder to recognize under its e-ink display. Turns out that e-ink is no obstacle to the phenomenon that is Angry Birds. It doesn't exactly run well, making the screen very cranky, but it goes to show what you can do with root access and a little determination.
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