Angry Birds

Angry Birds possibly teams up with KISS frontman Gene Simmons

What sounds better than Angry Birds launching through the air to blow up evil green pigs? Launching Angry Birds with painted KISS faces! Alright, it's not for sure so don't get too excited - but Gene Simmons, the frontman for KISS, has supposedly spilled the beans about a KISS-Angry Birds partnership.

Rovio, creator of Angry Birds say piracy can be a good thing

Piracy is a touchy subject and has been looked down upon by many many different markets, Android included. Obviously we all know how the music industry feels on the matter, and we've seen the countless attacks and results from their approach. When it comes to Android or apps in general some might feel different. The creators of Angry Birds, Rovio had a thing or two to say regarding the matter -- and don't really think it's of much concern.

Nvidia hints at Angry Birds sequel with richer graphics

Angry Birds has become the breakout star of the mobile gaming world, thanks mostly to its simple premise and addictive gameplay (though some rather shameless marketing hasn't hurt). But next to the likes of Shadowgun, it can't help but look a little... flat. In a recent press event Nvidia's mobile content vice president Neil Trevett spent some time speculating on Rovio's cash cow, and how the developer might be leveraging more recent mobile gaming technology for better graphics and physics.

Angry Birds Seasons rolls on with Chinese New Year edition

Had enough of frustrated avians? They you'd best read the next story. The ultra-popular Angry Birds are at it again with yet another edition of Angry Birds Seasons, due in January. According to a the latest YouTube video, it's likely to commemorate the Chinese New Year. The Year of the Dragon starts on January 23rd in the western calendar, so expect the updated app to become available some time in the next few weeks.

Happy Holidays: Top apps for your new Android Smartphone

It's the holiday season and everyone should be full of good food and surrounded with friends or family. You might be having hot cocoa this Christmas morning, or maybe even some Mimosa -- either way we hope you enjoy it. Here at Android Community we decided to round up a small list of our must have top apps for that new smartphone anyone may have received for Christmas. Below are just a few of many we thought were worth mentioning. Hit that little white and green icon shaped like a shopping bag titled "Market" and get started.

Tetris owner calls Angry Birds a fad, keeps a straight face

Quick: name the number one game on Android right now. Did you guess Asteroids? Pac-Man? Perhaps Pong? Nope, it's Angry Birds, as even a casual gamer and any holiday shopper could tell you, now that its branded merchandise adorns the shelves of nearly every retailer in the US. Speaking to Industry Gamers, Henk Rogers took offense to this fact, calling out Rovio's aviary opus. "Angry Birds is cute and everybody plays it for a while but they get burned out and move on and they will play another game." Rogers aught to know: he's the manager for The Tetris Company, which he owns in partnership with the game's original creator Alexey Pajitnov.

Facebook tops Nielsen’s list of most popular Android apps

I know, I know, stop the presses: Facebook is the most popular app on Android. The statistical wizards at Nielsen reached this conclusion based on active usage, not total downloads, noting that the recently-updated Facebook app has the most penetration across all of Android's user groups after the Android Market itself. The fact is at least a little surprising, since Facebook beat out Google's entrenched apps like Search, Gmail and Google Maps, which all had slightly lower user groups in every category.

Angry Birds send Seasons greetings via the Samsung Galaxy Note

Without a doubt, Rovio's Angry Birds is the darling of the mobile gaming world. It's sold millions of downloads, made at least as much in advertising revenue, and is now a household name amongst people who couldn't pick Mario and Sonic out of a lineup. The most prudent thing that Rovio has done is release Angry Birds Seasons, periodic themes updates with brand-new levels and elements to keep the simple physics game fresh. Now they've teamed up with Samsung for a little cross-promotion of everyone's crossover device, the Samsung Galaxy Note.
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