Live broadcast app Periscope now available on Android

Months after it initially launched, on the iOS app obviously, the live broadcast app Periscope has now finally arrived on Android. Unlike their comeptitor Meerkat, which came to this platform stage by stage from testing to beta to full, they have released the fully functional (hopefully) version their first time around. Through the app, you can watch and record live broadcasts that you can share with the world or you can share only to those that you want to see your recorded event.

Pretty Smart Lamp shows notifications in colors, light sequence you want

I can't wait for the day when homes, gadgets, and cars are all connected. Smart home technology is still in its "infancy" but there is no doubt everything will be connected since Google could be launching Brillo as another Android OS for the Internet of Things. While we might not be able to reach that super connected future, we can still enjoy the many benefits by starting with smart devices. For the home, smart bulbs are slowly becoming popular. They're easily accessible now and more support are coming their way.

ReVault is world’s first smartwatch with wireless storage

Smartwatches certainly have potential to have more functions than just display notifications, allow WiFi calling, and act as a health and fitness tracker. A smartwatch is such a small device but it can be powerful and highly functional and that's what the team behind the ReVault is aiming: introduce a smartwatch with wearable wireless storage.

5 apps come together for Android smartphone and smartwatch mash-up

Android is probably the only platform right now where apps can come together to create a "mash-up" of sorts for your smartphone and smartwatch. A new watchface for Android Wear integrates five apps to showcase Muzei's live wallpaper capabilities, FORM's integration for both smartwatch and smartphones, and the beauty of HD Landscapes Art Source. This is actually the custom watchface for the FORM 2014 conference to be hosted by Google.

SMS+ schedules, protects, customizes messages

There are a lot of messaging apps out there that sometimes makes text or SMS messaging almost obsolete. But for those who still prefer the "old-school" way of communicating with loved ones, using your phone's default app can sometimes seem too boring. Fortunately, you always have an app to make it more exciting. One of the newest ones available for Android devices is SMS+ and it brings a whole lot of features that your smartphone's built-in app will not be able to do.

Japan’s NTT DOCOMO first to use Qualcomm’s Sense ID biometrics

We’ve seen Qualcomm’s new take on biometrics, it’s only now we realize it has a proper name – the Qualcomm Snapdragon Sense ID biometrics. It’s distinctly different from the way Apple and Samsung has envisioned biometric security for devices – that is, through a capacitive button. Qualcomm uses ultrasonic waves to read your fingerprint, and now they have one of Japan’s biggest mobile carriers, NTT DOCOMO, backing them.

Live out your secret pianist dreams with Touch Pianist – Tap in Rhythm

You probably wanted to be a renowned concert pianist when you were young, but by your fifth piano lesson, you knew that dream was never going to come true. Either you didn't have the patience and discipline, your teacher was a nightmare, or you just realized how many hours a day you would need to practice to reach that dream. But now, you can digitally live out that dream with Touch Pianist, a new game available for Android devices.

Empower Mixels to survive Nixelstorm, fight Nixels in Mixels Rush

Familiar with Mixels? The comedy animated television series on Cartoon Network which first aired early in 2014 now has a mobile game for the Android platform. Those who watch the series will find this as funny and crazy because all the Mixels are heroic, powerful, and always fun to play with. In Mixels Rush, you need to fight the Nixels. Seriously, they're too annoying so you gotta get rid of them.

Escape your curse in Nihilumbra, now available on Android

How does it feel like to be born from absolute nothingness? How would you escape from a curse that is threatening to overcome you? Which among the five colors is your favorite? Why were you named Born? These are just some of the questions that you may or may not get an answer while playing Nihilumbra, a new game available for Android devices that will take you on a weird, but definitely interesting trip across the planes of its world.