YouTube 6.0 now offers live chat to phones and tablets

Live chatting during YouTube live streams will soon be widely available. Thanks to the recent app update that brings the Live Chat feature to mobile devices. The YouTube 6.0 version now allows live commenting or live chatting when videos are streaming. This isn't actually new because it's already possible on desktop. Google's migration to Hangouts has brought this change so it's really a good thing. Google has not made an official announcement but the updated version is on Google Play.

HBO GO now on Amazon Fire TV

Finally, HBO Go is now on Amazon Fire TV. People have been clamoring for the HBO Go app but it took HBO a while to bring it to the web TV platform. Other platforms already have it but it's only now Amazon Fire TV users can get to enjoy more shows from HBO. This piece of news strengthens the claim that the number of apps available on Amazon Fire TV is now up four times. HBO Go is a great addition especially now that over 1,700 titles are in HBO's archive.

Functional Android 5.0 build arrives for Samsung Galaxy S Plus

Is there any Android build out there that the venerable Samsung Galaxy S Plus can’t run? You’ll be hard pressed to find one that will not run in one form or another for one of Samsung’s first Galaxy smartphones launched in 2011 (that’s almost 3 years ago kids) and ended up officially only with Android 2.3 – this is because all of the aftermarket attention it got. Evidence of this came this week, with a highly functional build of Android 5.0 arriving for the Galaxy S Plus.

Android 5.0.1 lands on Nexus 5, T-Mobile pushes to Nexus 6 too

The circle seems to be complete and Google has finally uploaded the rather mysterious Android 5.0.1 to the Nexus 5 as well. This practically finishes the release of this rather unexpected Lollipop update, which first began with the Nexus tablets and then the Nexus smartphones, sans the Nexus 5, at least until now. In the meantime, T-Mobile has also received the update and has started pushing it to both the Nexus 5 as well as the more current Nexus 6.

War of Tanks: Clans brings you WWII battles and missions

There aren't that many people fascinated with tanks as, let's say planes, but those who are into these battle vehicles are a passionate lot. If you're one of them or maybe just curious about what makes them tick, then you should try out War of Tanks: Clans, the sequel to the popular War of Tanks game, previously available for the Android market as well.

SimplePlane lets you design and fly your own custom plane

Have you ever dreamed of designing your own plane but never really got around to studying all the math stuff involved? Did you plan to become a pilot but maybe your eyesight or lack of hand eye coordination prevent you from becoming one? You can live out your aviator dreams through a new Android game called SimplePlane, but it's anything but actually simple.

SXPD action racing game brings comicbooks to life

Most action games for mobile are designed with basic graphics in mind. Others choose to use pixelated graphics now which usually turn out to be retro cute. SXPD's graphics style is actually impressive. It's like being inside a live comicbook. You get to see action in black and white and some red only. Comic book artist Duke Mighten wrote the story and directed the comic book part while game industry legend David Perry directed the game section. Simply put, this is a comic book you can play.

Xperia E4 pictures and specs hit the web

The first images of an unreleased Sony Xperia smartphone have leaked on the internet. The device is said to be the Xperia E4 and a handful of images show some details of the smartphone. The device in the image is model number E2105, tipped to be a single SIM version of the smartphone.