Samsung adds more treats for iPhone users buying after Test Drive

It looks like Samsung really is determined to bring to Android (or at least their own kind of Android) people from the other side. After letting iPhone users test drive the Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 edge+ and the Galaxy Note 5, they will be now giving away goodies worth $200 if those who participated there will decide to buy any of the Samsung devices they tried out. And this offer lasts until the first day of next year, so you still have a few months to decide.

Officially official: Samsung Gear S2 Tizen OS-powered smartwatch

We've only been waiting for this and finally, Samsung has unveiled the Gear S2. The new smartwatch is the second-gen Tizen OS-powered wearable from the South Korean giant, ready to rival the Apple Watch and the numerous Android Wear watches in the market. The device was teased less than a couple of weeks ago, with Samsung promising a more fun, personalized, and enhanced smartwatch experience.

Search the word’s definition even when offline with Dictionary WordWeb

There may be dozens to hundreds of dictionary or word search related apps on the Play Store but most of the useful ones require some premium for you to be able to access the complete database. But why pay for apps when you can enjoy free ones offline like this Dictionary from WordWeb? This English dictionary features an impressive ad-free search, related words, and thesaurus with synonyms.

Leaked photos show Moto 360 2nd gen, Moto 360 sport

Your newsfeed is probably full of the news that Android Wear will finally be available for iOS devices. You might have missed a few leaks regarding the upcoming new Motorola smartwatches which will be announced at the IFA 2015. If the leaked images from upleaks are to be believed, then the OEM is set to release a slightly different looking 2nd generation of its famous and well-received Moto 360 smartwatch, plus a previously unheard of Moto 360 sport edition.

Android Wear can now work with selected iOS devices

We’ve heard murmurings about this possibility a few months back, but now it’s official: your iOs devices will now be able to sync with Android Wear devices. This is quite a big step for the extremely competitive rivalry between Apple and Android, and it may even signal the start of cross-platform apps and features in the future. But for now, Android Wear users who have iPhones will be able to enjoy it, as well as Apple users who have or are planning to get an Android Wear smartwatch rather than the Apple Watch.

Discover Blackbird Estate in Spider: Rite of Shrouded Moon

If you’re deathly afraid of spiders, now is the time to look away. You get to be an arachnid in this brand new episode of an award-winning game. Spider: Rite of Shrouded Moon is now available for Android devices, and this time, you get to explore the mysteries of Blackbird Estate. Once again, you get to weave your magical webs around the house and find out what secrets it holds, as well as trap the insects that will get caught in your web of actual spiderwebs.

Defeat your demons (we mean actual demons) in Brave Knight Rush

If you’re the type of mobile gamer that is not afraid of fighting against demons and spiris and all kinds of scary stuff, then you’d might want to get your hands (or phones) on this new game available for Android devices. Brave Knight Rush is an action adventure game, but the best part about it, aside from fighting off the hordes of demons bent on killing you, is that you get to fight with what is probably the best weapon of all: an actual fire-breathing dragon.

Time to concentrate, block all those distracting apps and games with ClearLock

Ah yes, ClearLock is something that I really need in my life not just on my smartphone but also in my laptop so I can avoid checking out apps or programs that easily distract me during work. This productivity app prevents the user from wasting precious time from opening apps, reading articles, playing games, or checking various social media apps. ClearLock will definitely be a helpful tool because it can block all those distracting apps.

Google On companion app for OnHub router released

Trust Google to come up with products and services we sometimes don't really need or, at least, not yet. Others may not see the importance of having a smart connected home but there are those who'd like to be ahead and quickly adopt the smart home technology once readily accessible. Aside from improving Internet speed and bringing mobile connection to more people not only in the United States but also in other countries, the search giant has introduced the OnHub router less than two weeks ago. This router is a smarter and newer way to manage your Wi-Fi network and control devices at home.
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