Lenovo bets big with PHAB Plus, PHAB phablets at IFA 2015

If you thought Lenovo was done with smartphones, then you might be partly right. Now it's gong for phablets next! Trying to convince the market that mobile users these days actually seldom use their smartphones to make or take calls, Lenovo's goal is to sell devices design for consuming content, particularly videos, images, and pages. For those purproses, the new Lenovo PHAB Plus and its larger but weaker cousin the Lenovo PHAB are almost perfect contenders, offering big sizes but at the same time big savings.

Lenovo YOGA Tab 3 Pro puts entertainment front and center at IFA 2015

Tablets, with their big screens and big batteries, are the ultimate portable entertainment devices. That's the spiel that Lenovo is trying to make, first with its new PHAB phablets and now to an even larger degree, its YOGA Tab tablets, now in its 3rd generation. From the handy YOGA Tab 3 8" to affordable YOGA Tab 3 10" to the high performance YOGA Tab 3 Pro, Lenovo is offering heavy media consumers, especially TV and movie bingers, some new choices for their next Android slate purchase.

Lenovo VIBE S1, P1, P1m take the IFA 2015 floor

Lenovo may be, at least unofficially, planning to assimilate its Lenovo Mobile unit into Motorola in the future, but for now, it is still pushing through with its own VIBE brand. At IFA 2015, it has revealed not just one but three smartphones, And all of them with their own story to tell. From the classy VIBE P1 to the sporty VIBE P1m to the selfie-loving VIBE S1, Lenovo is trying to cover all the bases of the smartphone world, perhaps giving Lenovo Mobile its one last grand hurrah.

Nest brings 3rd generation Learning Thermostat to the market

While a lot of the digital savvy people are preoccupied with the latest smartphones, tablets, and wearables, there are also those that care about whether their house temperature is comfortable enough so that you can enjoy playing with your smartphones, tablets, and wearables. Nest has built a name for themselves in creating the “thoughtful home” that is digitally connected and now they’re bringing to the market the 3rd generation of their famous Learning Thermostat.

Alliance for Open Media to create single format for video streaming 

When the big guns are in, you know that whatever it is they’re banding together for is something really important. The Alliance for Open Media has been formed by some of the biggest names in video streaming, namely Amazon, Cisco, Google, Intel Corporation, Microsoft, Mozilla and Netflix. Their goal is to now create a single open format that all member companies will be able to adapt for their respective services as the industry continues to grow.

Photos of reported new Moto X Force “Bounce” leaked

Something that is codenamed “Bounce” will most likely be either a very colorful and cheerful (bouncy, get it?) device or something that will most likely survive a fall because it will bounce. So when rumors started swirling that a new Motorola device, with rumored name Moto X Force and rumored nickname Bounce, was coming to town, then we automatically assume it is a device meant for the rugged outdoors. Now photos from upleak give us a clear view of the supposed new device but doesn’t really tell as much.

Samsung announces SLEEPsense sleep tracker

The Internet of Things(IoT) has just begun--it's happening slowly but surely. We've been seeing a number of products and services introduced left and and at this year's IFA, expect more IoT products to be unveiled. One of the forerunners is Samsung with the launch of SLEEPsense--a flat circular device that tracks a person's sleep patterns, hours, and movements.

Instagram gets more ‘direct’ features, threaded messages and sharing

In 2013, the Instagram app got private messaging in the form of the “Direct” feature. To give ample flourish to an already eventful past few weeks for the ubiquitous photo sharing app – a period of time where the Instagram team threw out the iconic “square only” requirement for photos and accepted landscape and full portrait images – we get more subtle features that make private messaging on the app much more meaningful. These features include threaded messages, group messages, and sending pictures from your feed directly to private messaging.

Gigaset enters smartphone market with sleek devices, modern specs

Smaller gadget manufacturers have gotten the right amount of inspiration when they look at what Xiaomi, OPPO, ZTE, and OnePlus – among a lot of other Asia-based companies who have started competing with the more established brands – have done. They took the game to the bigger brands by aggressive pricing and specs that allow their devices to do what most of the other premium gadgets can. So a new player, in the shape of Germany-based Gigaset, is coming into the market, and it’s bringing with the same aggressive playset – devices with great design and specs at an aggressive (affordable) price point.
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