Tag, password protect your photos with Focus gallery app

While Google Photos was adjudged to be one of the, if not the best cloud photo organizers available in the market, that won’t stop developers from coming up with apps that will challenge that position. And yes, they probably can’t beat a giant like Google, but they can provide an alternative to those who don’t want to store their photos with them. Focus is one of those apps attempting to do so, and they will try to win you over with tags, passwords, and all the details you’d like to know about your photo.

Google Auto LLC to make more self-driving cars

No official or major announcement yet and the Internet giant won't comment on related inquiries but Google is believed to be working on its own automotive company. We don't know if the company will start making cars but the Guardian said that an auto company is being set up according to some documents.

Control your Android device via Windows 10’s Cortana

It’s just been a few days since Microsoft’s Windows 10 officially launched into the world and already, we have developers integrating Cortana – Windows 10’s voice assistant – with Android. The hardcore Android tweakers will already know all about Tasker – that app that gives you seemingly unlimited automation option son your Android device. This tweak allows Cortana to play nice with AutoVoice, a Tasker plugin, so that you can give voice commands to your Android device while using your Windows 10 laptop or desktop.

Xiaomi regains top smartphone position in China; Huawei a close 2nd 

The Chinese smartphone market is truly a different animal from almost the rest of the world as their local OEMs dominate both sales and shipments. According to figures by Canalys, Xiaomi has regained the top ranking, taking over from Apple which was first the previous quarter. In fact, one of three phones shipped in China were either from Huwaei or from Xiaomi, which is now in second place. Apple falls to 3rd, while Samsung and Vivo round up the top five.

OnePlus’ Carl Pei confirms another smartphone coming this year

OnePlus just recently released their second ever smartphone, the OnePlus 2, and while not everyone is completely happy with it, we have to admit that marketing-wise, this relatively new brand has been doing a pretty good job of creating noise for its two products. In a new interview with USA Today, co-founder Carl Pei revealed that this will soon be three products, as they are planning to release another one later this year, and this time, it might be a mid-range device.

Access your smartphone’s voice command system with Satechi button

We cannot avoid but use our smartphones when driving, no matter how many PSAs we see warning us about the dangers of doing so. That’s why various brands are coming up with wearables and gadgets that can help reduce the chance of accidents, but at the same time, letting you have easy access to your device even when you’re doing driving or riding a bike. The Satechi Bluetooth Home Button connects to your smartphone’s voice command system with just the press of a button.

New Huawei Honor phone visits TENAA

A new Huawei Honor is coming although it has remained a mystery until some new device was sighted at TENAA getting several approvals. This only means one thing: a new Honor smartphone will soon be announced and made available not only for China but also for other emerging markets.

Latest Android distribution a healthy Lollipop at 18.1%

After mysteriously skipping a month, Google has finally released the figures for the distribution of Android versions across the market. Considering it practically covers the period from June 1 all the way to August 3, it's not surprising to see some rather significant jumps in the numbers. It is encouraging to see that Android Lollipop now totals slightly more than 18 percent, demonstrating the strong adoption of the latest Android release. At the same time, downward trends in other version inspire hope in an eventual consolidation of the fragment Android scene.
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