Write without distractions with Monospace app (BETA mode)

When you’re writing on your smartphone or tablet, especially if it’s a long article or post, you don’t necessarily need an app that has all the bells and whistles, as sometimes it proves more distracting rather than helpful. Minimalist note apps have sprung up for those that need to just concentrate on writing. A new one, still in BETA mode, is called Monospace and from the name itself, you can expect something simple, monochromatic, and hopefully, will help you write better and faster.

Instagram now has a new quick edit screen for Android

Sometimes, when you’re traveling or at an event, or just in a real hurry, those many windows, or rather those 3 windows that you have to go through to post on Instagram may seem like an eternity. It looks like the folks over at the photo sharing giant may have heard you, as a minor but crucial change has been added. The Android app now has a new edit screen where you can do all the basic things in just one page before posting your precious picture.

Xbox One Smartglass app on Android to get screenshot feature

The good thing about owning an Xbox One AND a Windows 10 phone is that gamers are able to share their gaming screenshots to social media platforms via the Microsoft Smartglass app. But because you asked for it, Microsoft is now making that feature available on the Android version of the app (as well as on iOS). There are some initial restrictions, but it should be all good soon.

Skysphere is a DIY Android-controlled dream space

We’ve seen man caves, bachelor pads, and now, even “she sheds”. But for introverts who love a small but highly functional and comfortable place, this new “invention” by Kiwi plastic engineer and graphic designer Jono Williams may just be a dream come true. Called the Skysphere, the floating room is not just pretty and innovative, but it is also very eco-friendly and digital, as it is solar-powered and can be controlled through an Android smartphone or tablet.

Sony’s MPCL1 is a pico projector that will fit right in your pocket 

Gone are the days of lugging around with you a heavy LCD projector that takes a million years to set up and whose quality is not always that great. With the advent of pico projectors, we now have the ability to put in our bag, or in some instances, literally our pocket, a portable one that we can carry around for meetings and presentations. Sony’s latest one is is the MPCL1, and even thought it’s coming out this October, we can start getting excited about it now.

Samsung intros new Galaxy Folder clamshell phone

Perhaps as response to LG's announcement of the Gentle flip Android phone, here's Samsung with the latest Galaxy Folder clamshell phone. This is one practical smartphone because of the compact size and the cool features you usually find in a Samsung mobile device. It's not a premium model but the clamshell design makes it a trendy gadget we're all familiar with in the past.

Google teases details of new boot verification system, possible Android M feature

We have a few things we know about Android M, the mobile operating system that will come out of Google’s production line pretty soon. But what we have here are some new warning messages that Google posted on its Nexus support site, and because we haven’t seen this on the current crop of Android devices yet, something tells us we should watch out for this on the next iteration of Android.

Changes afoot in Google+ profiles, YouTube comments 

As Google continues to figure out what to do with Google+, they are slowly making changes to the “social network” and admitting that they may have made several mistakes along the way. Today, they shared some tweaks they are doing, just a few days after they announced how Google+ Photos and Google Photos will be different as well as changing the private management aspect of the former. YouTube is also undergoing a few minor changes, specifically in how creators can manage comments.

OnePlus 2 price unveiled; pop-up events worldwide on July 31

Riding on the wave of publicity (hopefully good) that they are getting due to the release of their “flagship killer”, OnePlus revealed today the pricing for their brand new OnePlus 2 in several markets, including the US and several European and Asian countries. They also announced that they will be having several pop-up events this coming July 31 in various major cities, not just in the US, but even in India, Thailand, and several more countries in Europe.
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