Slayin for Android is an endless RPG to test your gaming skills

For a game to be successful these days, you would think that it would take some kick-ass graphics and complicated gameplay. But really, sometimes it just takes a simple gaming proposition – you play as a hero, you go defeat the baddies. Over and over again. Well, that last point is an addition to a simple formula by a game called “Slayin” – once only for iOS but now on Android. It’s an endless RPG.

Springening comes to Plants vs Zombies 2 (and brought discounts!)

Spring may be the favorite season for a lot of people because of all the flowers blooming and the sun shining not so brightly. But over on Plants vs Zombies land, it is a time for decaying flesh (but well, there's always that when zombies are around) and flowers forcibly torn from their roots. It's time once again for Springening to come to Plants vs Zombies 2, and they even brought discounts with them.

Space Bounties Inc lets you capture space roving criminals

In a place like space, galactic leaders cannot afford to have space criminals like pirates, warlords and even wayward laser beams run amok. That is why they need the services of space bounty hunters to keep these creatures in check. Enter Space Bounties Inc and your team of agents, and the problem is solved for the universe in this new Android game. As they say, "No bounty mission is too small and no bounty mission is too dangerous!"

Office 365 now offers mobile device management

The bigger your organization grows, the more people are added and the more devices are given access, whether within your physical office or for those working off-site. Protecting your company data while giving employees the freedom to work on whatever device is convenient for them (and where they want to work) is a delicate balancing act. Microsoft is now bringing mobile device management (MDM) capabilities for Office 365 business, enterprise, EDU and government plans.

AnTuTu names Top10 Performance Smartphones for Q1 of 2015

It's April 1. Nope. No April Fool's Day joke from us. We were just reminded that the first quarter of the year is over. This means performance and financial reports will be released in the next few weeks or days. As expected, software benchmarking tool AnTutu was quick to release the best performance report for Android smartphones.

LG G Flex2 undergoes extreme endurance test and (mostly) survives

Some tech websites simply love to run (torture) endurance tests on all the latest gadgets not because they have money to burn, but of course to test out the durability of devices for us consumers that can't afford to attempt to destroy smartphones or tablets. Although of course the tests they put on the devices are extreme, it may mimic the real-life situations that these gadgets may undergo once they are in our care. Full Mag this time chose to do endurance tests on the new LG G Flex2.

Google launches Cloud Console app (beta) for developers on the go

If you're an app or program developer and you're traveling somewhere where you don't have access to your desktop, you can have some anxious moments, particularly when something has gone wrong and you need to fix something quickly. If you're hosting your project on Google's Cloud Platform, you now have a mobile solution for that. The tech giant has launched the beta version of the Cloud Console app, which lets you manage said projects even while you're on the go.
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