Samsung goes around the world in Next Is Now product demo

Samsung is really going all-out to market and promote its latest flagship, the Galaxy S6. Their newest publicity campaign spans three countries and involves three very different kinds of personalities who will be showcasing the smartphone's best features in a live demo involving their respective fields of expertise. The events will also be live-streamed, giving users everywhere the first-hand digital experience of the Next Is Now campaign, and maybe even convincing people to actually purchase the device.

Timeful management app acquired by Google

Timeful app still hasn't found its way to Android but it can be expected soon since Google has recently purchased the auto scheduler app. Both companies announced that they are joining forces to make things easier for everyone. Timeful is joining Google and will start working on to bring the unique features of Timeful to some of the most useful Google apps today.

Android distribution for May shows Lollipop at almost 10%

Things seem to be looking up once again for the latest Android version. After a slight slowdown in the past month, Android Lollipop, which now covers 5.0 as well as 5.1, nearly doubles its numbers, cumulatively reaching almost 10 percent of the Android pie. This is definitely a good sign not only of adoption but also of helping reduce the extremely diverse Android versions in the market. That said, the major "shareholders", Jelly Bean and KitKat still hold sway, but they are all going down as well.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will probably not get Lollipop update

We knew it was too good to be true! Last December, rumors were floating around that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will receive a surprising Android 5.0 Lollipop update, despite the fact that it is almost 3 years old. However, months later, there is still no solid, technical evidence that there will ever be an update to the phablet that probably started it all. And if a Facebook post from Samsung Gulf is to be believed, it is actually never going to happen.

Ramen Sensei wants you to bring in more customers

Any mobile game with food or restaurant as theme always make me crave for that particular dish or cuisine. It all started with Diner Dash which I remember once got me playing for hours. Game was so simple but I was hooked. I even started dreaming about owning a restaurant. We've seen numerous copycats already that got you and me striving for speed, strategy, and some more virtual money or rewards. This time, it's our favorite Japanese noodles turn. Ramen Sensei will not only make you addicted to the game. It will also make you crave for ramen.

Wearality Sky offers new, limitless virtual reality experience

The virtual reality gaming experience may still be in its early stages but a lot of companies and startups are trying to enter the game. We've seen several VR headsets already from Google, Samsung, HTC, Merge Labs, and LG. Other headsets have yet to become a reality and I'm sure they will be joined by more concepts and Kickstarter projects like this one from the Wearality team.

The Enchanted Cave sequel now out for Android devices

A full-fledged mobile game version of The Enchanted Cave 2, the sequel to the best-selling game of the same name, is now available for your Android device. If you love dungeon crawlers or if you've never tried that genre yet, this is a game that you can try out as it has most of the familiar staples of the game. So whether you're a newbie or a dungeon crawling expert, this new game, the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign, is easy to learn, easy to master, but fun to play.

Susume Tactics goes from PSP to Android mobile devices

Back in 2012, Susume Tactics made its debut on Sony's PSP and was considered one of the best strategy games of its time and on the platform. Now, it is making its way to your Android mobile device, bringing you a fast-paced, real-time strategy game where the only objective you should keep in mind is that you must defend your mothership and annihilate all who want to destroy it. Whether you just need a few minutes distraction from your boring routine or you're really in it for the long haul, this game has something for you.

Quantum Bouncy Bits out to challenge your mobile gaming skills

Some mobile games are created to just help you wile your time away. But then there are those games that have been developed in order to challenge your brains, hand-eye coordination, and yes, maybe even your sanity. Quantum Bouncy Bits may fall into both categories. The arcade-like puzzle game may have mnimalist graphics, but that doesn't mean the gameplay itself is simplistic as you'll eventually find out the more you play it.
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