Solve puzzles and go on an adventure in Adventure Time Puzzle Quest

Cartoon Network’s hit series Adventure Time is one of those shows that appeal to both children and adults, the latter because of its fun (sometimes psychedelic) graphics and design, as well as the surprisingly deep characterization and backstory. Well, in this new game out on Android called Adventure Time Puzzle Quest, you’ll find the design just as good, but don’t expect a complicated and convoluted backstory. In fact, this is just the usual match-3 RPG of the Puzzle Quest family, but if you’re a big fan of the series, then you’ll still enjoy this.

Pacman goes hyper in Championship Edition DX game, now on Android

Pacman will always be one of the favorite classic games for those who were old enough to enjoy the old-school beauty of this game. But as with everything else that is classic, the game itself would have to adapt to how people are playing games nowadays, and that is through their smartphones, tablets, and portable game consoles. And of course, the look and feel would have to change without sacrificing the essence of the game. Welcome, to Pacman Championship Edition DX.

Raid the dungeons, fight legendary bosses in Forsaken World

The popular MMORPG series whose gameplay video we saw last year is now finally mobile. Fans of 'Forsaken World' will be happy to know that the game is ready for Android. It's another world of epic adventure when you can see and experience fantasy, myth, and legend all together in one place. This PC game now turned into a mobile MMORPG is expected to take up most of your time. You may not want to stop playing until you finish the game and journey through the entire Forsaken World.

Plantronics rolls out BackBeat SENSE wireless Bluetooth headphones

Plantronics, one of the leaders in audio technology, has just introduced a new pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones in the form of the BackBeat SENSE. This new smart pair promises excellent audio quality and comfort even after a long period of usage. It's very lightweight you won't actually feel that you are wearing headphones during those times that you just want to listen and get lost in the music.

Mugen’s extended battery for the LG G4 gives it twice the power

Mugen has made a name for itself as a great alternative battery for the most popular smartphones. Every time an OEM will release a new flagship or a new major smartphone, you can expect that they are not far behind and will be announcing a new battery case or extended battery, made especially for whatever new device it is. This time, it’s the turn of the LG G4 to get an extended battery from Mugen, and it is something that will give your smartphone twice the power as compared to the original battery.

Episode 5 of Telltale’s Game of Thrones now out on Android

If you’re suffering through Game of Thrones withdrawal, ever since the 5th season ended last month, then you’d have to be content with playing official games based on the show and books, since the 6th season will show next year. But if you’ve been following Telltale Games’ mobile game series that is set in Game of Throne’s Westeros as well, then you’d be happy to know that the 5th episode, called A Nest of Vipers, has now come out on game consoles and on Android devices as well.

Old murder-mystery ‘Gabriel Knight: Sins of Fathers’ now on Android

'Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers' was a popular point-and-click adventure game back in the 90's. Two decades later, the title has found its way to the Android market. The game still features Gabriel Knight, a bookstore owner and author wannabe. He's investigating a series of killings in New Orleans. Knight feels the murders are connected to some sinister mysteries.

Find out where your favorite videos are streaming in JustWatch

If you follow a lot of TV shows and movies (and not on an actual TV screen or movie theater) and if you’re subscribed to a lot of video on demand services, then sometimes, it’s difficult to keep track which is showing where and when something is already available, and all those other details. So good thing there are apps to help you manage your viewing habits, and one of those has just arrived on Android and it’s simply called, JustWatch.

LINE Lite: lightweight version of the app, released in 11 countries

When you’re enjoying an app but the network infrastructure where you are is not that advanced yet, it affects the app’s performance, no matter how great it is. Popular messaging app LINE understands this very well, with its rich user multi media experience but connectivity heavy app. So now they’re releasing a LINE Lite version, initially available in 11 countries where the Internet isn’t that great, and where lower-end devices are all the rage.