FCC proposal will change the Internet business landscape

The FCC is reportedly making a new proposal that practically takes the "neutral" out of Net Neutrality. According to the commission's proposed rules, Internet Service Providers will be able to give preferential treatment to certain content providers depending on rather ambiguous "commercially reasonable" terms.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown invading Android soon

Avid gamers on both PC and Android might have something to chew on very soon. XCOM has announced that its turn-based sci-fi strategy/tactics game will soon be landing on Android, having made its way to the PC, consoles, and iOS.

JDI reveals power-effecient 10.1-inch 4K2K LCD module

The age of Ultra HD displays will soon be descending upon our mobile devices and Japan Display Inc., also known as JDI, wants to be at the forefront of that change. It has just announced a new 10.-inch LCD module for tablets that not only boasts of 4K2K resolutions but also of low power consumption.
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