Travel into the ghost realm in Whispering Willows, now on Android 

Games that make you feel like you’re a character in a movie are always a good thing right? What about those that make you feel like you’re both watching an animated movie and participating in it as well? Awesome right? Well, that’s what Whispering Willows seems to be, as the award-winning game makes its way to your Android devices and you delve into a world of mystery, spectral beings, and a haunted mansion with too many secrets.

iBackPack does everything for you (at least digitally)

Lately, we’ve seen 50-in-1 (okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration) things like jackets, pants, necklaces, etc, as our expectations of what wearable devices should be have been constantly changing and upgrading. A new IndieGoGo project called the iBackPack looks bulky and maybe not that fashionable (which they will attempt to solve), but when you find out what it can do, you might be willing to take it anywhere you go.

Scribbled Arena is multiplayer tank PvP, with good old drawn maps

How many ways can you execute a tank head-to-head combat game? Not a whole lot, we would think. There are a lot of multiplayer tank battle games in the Google Play Store, so the key to winning the “battle” – as it were – to get noticed is in the details. Scribbled Arena, as the name of the game suggests, does this through nostalgia.

Live stream any app from your phone on Mirrativ app (beta)

The race for the best live-streaming app in the market is definitely on. From Meerkat and Twiiter-owned Periscope with their social media live broadcasts, to Twitch’s gaming livestream community, to Facebook’s celebrity livestreams. But while they can lifestream videos and games, there aren’t that many (or any at all) that can show other people in real time what you’re doing on your mobile device. Mirrativ may be that innovative livestream app to rule them all.

New ‘Apps’ results layout, colored grid hit Google mobile search

Google's search engine is number one. No questions about that but you know, even if the Internet giant's algorithm is generally reliable, we can't expect the mobile app version to yield the same relevant results all the time. It's the same with the Google Play Store. Searching for a particular app won't quickly show the title you need. For some reason, Google hasn't fully worked on that one yet but it's trying to make the Search app smarter.

Bento Launcher renamed as Scout, still in beta mode

There are numerous app launchers already on Android but we're still on the lookout for the ultimate one that beats everything else. We know that won't happen soon because every time an app is launched and more changes are introduced, people will always demand for more. Mobile users will never be content so they will ask for more or new ones. That or they are easily bored. And that is why app developers need to keep on updating, innovating, and reinventing. For some, changing a name could probably make them more interesting like this Bento being rebranded as Scout.

IK Multimedia wants you to play the piano on your Android device

If you’re a digital musician, you have probably heard of IK Multimedia’s solutions for guitarists and their Android (or iOS) devices. They made the iRig, which interfaces your guitar with your smartphone or tablet device – either for recording, effects processing, or even performances. Now they’re coming up with solutions for piano and keyboard players as well, with the iGrand Piano and the iLectric Piano apps for your Android devices.

Google devs add Runtime Permissions in time for Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Google is making some changes to setting permissions on the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Actually, it's not just some as the Internet giant said the development is one the largest changes to the current permissions model. At present, the platform follows the install time permissions model but it will soon be replaced by a new one. This will particularly target those apps running on Android Marshmallow devices and one that targets API 23.

Vine incorporates more music elements for posts in latest update

There have been several Vine superstars that have gone on to make music records. Some musicians have used the video sharing app to get more followers and sell records as well. One of the most common comments in vines is “song?” whenever they get interested with the music used. It’s easy to see that music is a big part of Vine’s social identity, so it’s about time that they added more audio-centered features. The latest update does just that.
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