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New generation Moto 360 sighted yet again

Trust the Chinese to give the world a peak into the yet-to-be-revealed and upcoming gadgets ahead of official launch. If not more smartphones from manufacturers or fake ones from people who have nothing in mind but to earn money, we’ll be served with more images, leaks, or early hands-on photos. And while we’ve spotted the next-gen Moto 360 a few times already, these photos posted on Weibo tell us more about the next smartwatch from Motorola.

More Android Wear smartwatches to hit the market before 2015 ends

The smartwatch era may still be in its early stages but its obvious that Google is ahead of Apple in the game--that is, if we are to look at the features and not the numbers. Android Wear as a wearable platform is quickly becoming the standard in smartwatches simply because it's Android and there are more compatibles devices that can be supported. Samsung may have the Tizen OS but once more Android Wear watches hit the market, the numbers might change.

Next-gen Moto 360 smartwatch sighted again in the wild

We’re counting on Motorola to reveal the next-generation Moto 360 at the upcoming IFA in Berlin this September. But before the official launch, we’re anticipating more rumors, leaks, and early sightings just like this one from Gerrit Gödecke who shared what he believed could be the next model. He sighted this smartwatch while riding a commuter train in Chicago.

Android Community Weekly Digest: Aug. 23, 2015

This has definitely been a big Android week with some unexpected surprises. Google finally revealed the name of the next Android release, 6.0 Marshmallow. At the same time, it released the third and last Android M preview, giving developers the green light to start porting and testing their apps and signaling its impeding launch. Google has also released a promised update to Android Wear which brings official support to interactive faces. Sadly, it's not all good news at Mountain View, as Project Ara announced a delay in its plans due to some technical problems.

Google Translate on Android Wear now available, covers 44 languages

Thank heavens for Google Translate because it allows us to "read" content in different languages and understand them after translation. According to the Internet giant, there are over 500 million users every month taking advantage of the service. And everyday, Google translates about 100 billion words all over the web. It's such an important part of our everyday lives that Google decided to bring Google Translate to Android Wear.

Google adds interactive watch faces to latest Android Wear update

Android Wear recently received a new update that brings interactive watch faces to smartwatches. Not that such feature hasn't been available through various apps but it's now native on Android Wear. This means you only need to set a new animated watch face on the settings to have a moving image on the background you can even interact with.

Next LG smartwatch visits the FCC

The LG Watch Urbane is a thing of beauty. It's not the first round smartwatch from LG. There's also the LG G Watch R which was revealed ahead of IFA last year. The Watch Urbane was the first to run the latest Android Wear and was soon made available in the country last April. We haven't heard of a follow-up until today when an LG Watch has been spotted at the FCC grounds. This could mean a new wearable from the South Korean tech company will be unveiled at the upcoming IFA 2015.

Fossil intros Intel Curie-powered Android Wear watch

Watch and fashion brands joining the wearable bandwagon is nothing new. In fact, we're anticipating more announcements will be made by the bigger names in the industry. We already know Tag Heuer, Casio, and Mondaine are prepping up their Android Wear devices for release soon while a bunch of tech companies are also working on their own smartwatch offerings. This time, American fashion brand Fossil has partnered with Intel to make a new smartwatch powered by Android Wear.

The Blue Screen of Death can be on your smartwatch (sort of)

For all of you who have used Windows at the beginning of your digital lives, nothing evokes more fear and trembling than the dreaded Blue Screen of Death. Countless horror stories of lost thesis papers, unsaved work documents, and damaged computers are due to this common but painful occurrence. Windows may have put this far away in their checkered past, but if you’re feeling nostalgic, you can have it on your Android Wear smartwatch.

Microsoft releases new productivity tools for Android Wear

Microsoft, fresh off the success of their Windows 10 launch, isn’t sitting on their laurels when it comes to their products in other platforms. They’ve announced a whole slew of productivity product updates, this time specifically for wearable and smartwatches, including some for smartwatches running on the Android Wear platform. This includes OneNote, OneDrive, and Microsoft Translator, all of which now have apps and features created especially for that gadget on your wrist.
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