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Dead Zebra Android Collectible Series 3 designs leak

Well folks, the Dead Zebra Android Collectible figures have leaked this weekend. What we have here is a picture showing what to expect from series 3 by Andrew Bell and friends. The first two series were extremely popular, sometimes selling out in a matter of minutes. Now we all know what to expect I have a feeling these will go even faster (if real). This is round three and I'm already eying that Google Inc "Nexus" collectible -- I want it now!

Google+ contest asks where your Android (toy) has been

We love our little vinyl Android desk ornaments. You've probably noticed, since we cram them into just about every review and hands-on post on Android Community - what can we say, we're fans too. Our Androids usually just hang out in a photo lightbox or hiding behind soda cans on our desks, but Google wants to know the coolest places that the little guys have been all over the world. Take a photo of your Android in a neat place, tag it with the location, and submit it to the official Google+ Android account, and your photo might be featured when the contest ends.

This toy soldier Android figure is not approved for nut cracking

If you've read an Android Community hands-on or review post in the last year or so, you've probably seen our adorable Android vinyl figures dotting the mobile landscape. We're big fans. So is toy design factory Dead Zebra, home of Andrew Bell, who's produced Google's plastic mascots ever since the original green model came out. They've gotten into the holiday spirit with a special Toy Soldier model in a limited edition.

Australia gets Androidland, we get green with envy

It's been hard to be a down under Android fan lately, what with Apple's relentless hounding of Samsung design patents bouncing up and down the judiciary ladder. But there's at least one perk: wireless carrier Telstra has created the first Android-themed retail store, Androidland in Melbourne. Naturally various Android phones and tablets are on display, but more interesting is the Android marketing that positively saturates the space. And of course, there's nary an iProduct in sight.

BobbleDroids turns your Androidify avatar into a custom bobblehead

A new breed of geeky desktop toys for Android fans has launched today and they’re called BobbleDroids. These Android bobbleheads are custom handmade based on your Androidify avatar, making them truly unique gifts this holiday season for yourself or your hardcore Android-loving friends and family. Have the coolest desk in the office and show off your Android pride with no less than a fully decked out BobbleDroid - created to your exact specifications, obeying and bobbling at your every command.